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Romy Hausmann is a mystery fiction novelist who was born in 1981 in the former German Federal Republic (GFR).

When she was twenty-four, she found a job in Munich working for a film production company as a chief editor.

After she had her first child, she decided that she would be better off working as a freelancer. It was while she was working from home that she penned her debut “Dear Child,” which became a massive hit that she was encouraged to pen more titles.

For more than a decade, Romy Hausmann used to write stories just for herself and not for money or to meet anyone else’s expectations. She believes that this has been her biggest advantage as she was always true to herself.
According to Hausmann, this has been critical in accepting that she will need to continue writing as she has always been even if many of her works are polarizing.

She is a multi-talented person whose creative talents extend far beyond writing just novels. Previously, she had a very good career as an editor of films and this is clear in her novels most of which are visually powerful.
However, her biggest achievement as an author is that as a German author, she has achieved a lot of success, with her novels getting published all over Europe and North America.

She has often asserted that when she started writing, she never dreamed that people from all over the world would one day read her novels, and still feels as if she is dreaming.

Hausmann currently makes her home in the woods near the city of Stuttgart.

Outside of her writing, Romy Hausmann is a huge fan of ancient movies as she believes that they are much better told than anything we have today, even though the technical means available then were very limited.

Hausmann believes many of these old movies provide time for character development and psychological depth, without depending on special effects, which allows the audience to come up with their own analysis and conclusions.
For the most part, she has always been a person who hated having the movie explained to her, as she likes a challenge and this applies to her stories too.

In this regard, she loves to try not to write stereotyped characters, as she believes developing an interesting character often packs a lot more punch than the pint of blood all over the floor on page 75.

Romy Hausmann’s novel “Dear Child” is a gripping and shocking story of captivity and abduction that goes beyond that, to take a look at the effect of trauma on victims and their families.

At the opening of the novel, a young woman is hit by a car and taken to hospital so that her injuries will be taken care of. She is taken to the hospital by Hannah a strange child who claims that she is her child and that her mother is named Lena.
Could this be the same Lena Beck that has not been seen for thirteen years?

Full of hope, the missing woman’s father Matthias, and Karin her mother rush to the hospital to identify the injured woman. But they are disappointed when they find that the injured woman is Jasmin Grass and not Lena.

Jasmin has been missing for a few months and has a chilling story she tells the police. The evidence she provides leads law enforcement deep into the woods where they find a remote cabin and Jonathan, a deeply traumatized child and another dead body.
But the question remains Why does the child claim she is the child of Lena and why does she claim that Jamin is Lena?

Told in alternate storylines by Matthias, Jasmin/Lena, and Hannah it is a twisty work that will have you on the edge of your seat.

“Sleepless” by Romy Hausmann is a work that has three distinct threads that initially do not seem to intersect. One features a series of letters whose author is unknown while two feature crimes.
In the main thread of the novel, Nadja Kulka a young Polish woman finds herself at the center of a bizarre game, as she tries to help a friend conceal a crime.

She had been abused as a kid and when she was in her teens, she was sent to prison after she killed her mother.

Following her release from jail, her new lawyer did his best to secure her a job in a Berlin-based law firm, where no one was aware of her dark history.

Even though no one knows her in Berlin, she is easily manipulated, socially awkward, and anxious because of her past trauma.

In the other thread of the novel, a young woman is found dead in the woods and it is discovered that she had been having an affair. As the story progresses, this threat will slot into Nadja’s story and make the letters very relevant to everything else.
Hausmann shows herself a brilliant plotter as she builds up a twisted and dark story that makes for a very compelling read.

Romy Hausmann’s novel “Perfect Day” is another brilliant work that shows why Romy has fast become one of the most popular authors from Germany.
At the opening of the story, there is a knock on the door where the residents had been expecting the Pizza delivery guy.

But it is not the pizza delivery but a SWAT team that storms the home and puts Ann’s father in handcuffs under suspicion of being a serial killer who murdered 10 children nicknamed “the Red Ribbon Murderer.”

For more than a decade, girls have been going missing only to be found murdered in the forest days later. When the story gets out, Ann is devastated and has to stop going to college as the journalistic crowd has been nasty.

They want news about her father and from her and have been asking how she never noticed that her father was a monster. However, she remains firm in her belief that her father is innocent as he has always been caring and loving toward her.
She decides to investigate to find the killer and finds herself in the deep when another child goes missing and she goes on a quest to catch the killer in the act of murder.

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