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Previously a journalist and long-time broadcaster, the Canadian novelist Ron Corbett is very much a writer of his background and environment, having produced a backlog of work devoted to his many interests and passions, something which has clearly evoked feelings with a wider audience, which is largely evident in the success that he’s currently enjoying today. Winning various awards and prizes for his work, he’s managed to amass a following over the years, with many readers from all across the world finding something within his books, along with the critics and his fellow writers singing his many praises. Working on the radio as well as in print, he is no stranger to large audiences, something which has enabled and allowed him to cater his work to a particular demographic. Writing in a manner that is both easy to relate to, whilst also remaining true to his own particularly idiosyncratic outlook on life, he’s managed to tap into something that is unique and real on both a personal and intimate level, whilst also resonating with readers from all across the globe. With an international as well as a national following, he’s also created characters in his more recent work that are entirely fictional, yet resonate something real, giving something of his own perspective, whilst also remaining an entity unto themselves. During his time as a journalist he would also develop a style of reporting whereby he would be able to convey long interesting stories for readers, whilst also infusing it with some of his own personality, something which would clearly shine through on the page. Knowing and understanding his audience as well as his material, he gradually began to discover exactly what it was that they were looking for within his work. This would develop in the years to follow, as he would be marked out as a definite writer to watch, ensuring that he would become one of the biggest names working to this very day.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Canada, specifically in Ottawa, Ron Corbett would grow up with a lifelong affinity for the area, as he would travel to Algonquin Park on numerous occasion. This would come to shape a lot of his writing to follow too, as he would display a clear love of the area on the page, allowing him to gain a lot of material too. Pursuing a career in journalism, he would continue to come back to his love of fishing and camping in the area of Ottawa as a boy with his father. This is a tradition that he continues as a father himself with his own four children, as he continues to write full-time, something which will carry on for many years to come.

Writing Career

Bringing out the book ‘The Last Guide: A Story of Fish and Love’ in 2001, he would make his debut into long-form format in 2001. This would later be backed up with his first fully fictional release in 2017 with the publication of ‘Ragged Lake’, which would also be the first in his ongoing series of ‘Frank Yakabuski Mystery’ series. Teaching journalism at university, including the Carleton University whereby he teaches magazine writing, he has won numerous awards over the course of his career, which includes two National Newspaper Awards. All of this has lead to him becoming one of the most prominent writers currently working within his field at this time, something which shall continue for a long time yet.

Ragged Lake

Originally published in 2017, this would be the first in the ‘Frank Yakabuski Mystery’ series of novels, as well as being the debut fictional novel from Ron Corbett as an author. Released through the ‘ECW Press’ publishing outlet, it would first arrive on the 3rd of October, as it would establish the world and the character of its eponymous protagonist for the first time. Setting up the series that would follow, it introduces its lead protagonist for the first time, as well as give him a case to solve as well.

Using a lot of Ron Corbett’s original passions as a writer, this really makes the most of it subject matter and material. With a strong central protagonist, it really allows him to come to life for the reader, as Frank feels entirely real on the page, giving a clear insight into his mindset and character. The surrounding environment and landscape is also something brilliantly realized, as it is definitely something that Corbett holds in high esteem given his lifelong affinity for the area.

Coming off the back of another case whereby he successfully took down a criminal biker gang, the Army vet Detective Frank Yakabuski has a new case to solve. A tree maker has discovered the bodies of family whilst working in the northern divide, as they have been left in a squatter’s cabin, simply discarded almost. Taking over the local fishing lodge Frank gathers a small task force using local resources, as he aims to get to the bottom of the case by any means necessary. Will he find the killer? Can he discover the truth? What really happened by the ragged lake?

The Last Guide: A Story of Fish and Love

Initially published in 2001, this was one of the earliest novels to be released by Ron Corbett as an author. Whilst it’s not fictional, it still tells a story of one of Algonquin Park’s most prominent residents and fishing tour guides. Capturing Corbett’s love of fishing and the area itself, it’s a definite must for any fans of the author.

Featuring the story of Frank Kuiack, it tells of his time as essentially being the last guide working within Algonquin Park. Capturing a time that has almost passed, it manages to evoke a whole world of knowledge from a bygone era, as it tells the story of his life, loves and, perhaps most importantly; fishing. Really drawing up the landscape of the Algonquin lake, it shows a way of life and a wealth of knowledge that is slowly disappearing, all through the prism of its leading character. Where will he head next? Will this way of life survive? What will become of the last guide in a story of fish and love?

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    Got your trilogy (Yak)for Christmas, just finished reading them. Really liked your mixture of names and places almost came to believe they really existed.
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    Just learned of you and your books. Will be soon reading ” The Sweet Goodbye ” and expect to be looking
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