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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

TheWindows of Heaven (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Place Apart (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touching Winter (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leaving the Country of Sin (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Description & Setting (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Warden: Prison Life and Death From The Inside Out (With: Jim Willett) (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sundays with Ron Rozelle (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Road to Enterprise (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Boys and Girls Are in There (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exiled (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ron Rozelle is a renowned American novelist of memoirs, fiction, and nonfiction novels. He is particularly famous for writing books such as Into That Good Night, Description & Setting, A Place Apart, Touching Winter, The Windows of Heaven, etc. Rozelle is a PEN Prize finalist and the winner of the Stephen Austin Father of Texas Award. He has also won the Image Magazine Creative Prize and has been nominated for the Carr P. Collins award by the Texas Institute of Letters. Rozelle’s book, Into That Good Night, was selected by the San Antonio Press as the 2nd best nonfiction work of the year 1998. In addition to writing novels and memoirs, Rozelle is employed as a teacher of creative writing at a college located on the gulf coast of Texas. He has previously taught classes of writing workshops at a number of universities and conferences

Rozelle was invited as the memoir teacher at Mississippi College’s Newman National Conference on two occasions. The articles penned by him have featured in a variety of publications throughout the world. Rozelle was declared as the Author of the Month by Barnes and Noble in the Dallas and Houston markets. He is also a popular name to feature in San Antonio’s Texas Folklife Festival and Austin’s Texas Book Festival every year. As of today, Rozelle is employed at the Clute based Brazoswood High School as a creative writing teacher. He is happily married and resides with his beautiful wife named Karen and lovely daughters and grandchildren in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Karen is a retired 3rd-grade teacher. She supports Rozelle in all his endeavors, and always comes forward to provide a helping hand to him whenever he needs it. Both Rozelle and Karen are fond of cats and they look after several elderly cats in their house. Besides his writing and teaching commitments, Rozelle manages to take out some time to write a weekly column in a local newspaper called The Facts for the Brazoria County. He is even associated with the Image Magazine and performs the duty of its editor. Rozelle completed his graduation in 1977 from the Sam Houston State University. In 2017, the Education Department at SHSU named him the Year’s Distinguished Secondary Educator. In 2007, the Texas Insititute of Letters had inducted Rozelle into its list of prominent personalities.

Currently, Rozelle is looking forward to his next writing workshop of memoirs at the BCFAS. Such workshops are designed for all those who want to share their journey’s events and want their stories to be published for others to read or keep them for their grandchildren. Author Rozelle claims that his workshops are always filled with joy and inspiration for new writers. The instructions are often clear-cut and stress-free. Rozelle has been always at the forefront when it comes to motivating the aspiring authors. He always advises them to write as much as they can and then write again so as to improve their writing skills.

Rozelle is quite content with the fame and popularity he has achieved so far in his teaching and writing careers. He wishes to keep up with the fame for many more years to come and entertain his fans with exciting novels and memoirs for as long as he can. He is grateful for all the excellent reviews and comments provided by genuine critics, fellow writers, and readers from all over the world. Currently, Rozelle is at work on his next novel and is expected to publish it in the coming months. Until then, it is expected that the readers will continue to read his already released books and shower words of praise on them so that Rozelle’s work can reach out to a wide range of readers across the globe.

A popular book written by author Ron Rozelle is entitled ‘The Windows of Heaven’. It was released by the Texas Review Press in 2000. This book’s story is set in Galveston in the 1900s. The central characters mentioned by Rozelle in this book include Sister Zilphia, Sal, and several others. Sal is depicted as a girl who is cleverer and wiser for her age. She holds a lot of hope for her father as well for the world. Sister Zilphia is a nun who helps in the day to day activities of St Mary’s Orphanage. The orphanage is comprised of two buildings, which are separated by fragile sand dunes. Likewise, Sister Zilphia is also separated from the world by the brittle faith that is forced to consider at the orphanage. Her faith seems to have never been tested in a true sense.

In addition to telling the stories of these two characters, Rozelle has also told the story of Galveston. He has mentioned that the harbors of this city are filled with numerous ships from across the globe. There are homes and brothels built in the Victorian era, along with grand pavilions, stately mansions, etc. All these are faced with the darkest night when a devastating storm brings disaster in the entire city. The story then follows the fates of Sister Zilphia, Sal and Galveston. This book follows the story of courage, sacrifice, heroes, villains, and people who desperately try to survive.

Another exciting novel penned by Rozelle is known as ‘A Place Apart’. It was also published by Texas Review Press in 2001. Rozelle has done the setting of this book in Ohio and has again described a rich cast of characters and who counter unique situations. Initially, Sam is introduced as an underachiever. He is seen as a reclusive man who has a long record of failed aspirations and marriages. A time comes when Sam is required to face the imminent prospects of professional outplacement, middle age, and the unwanted responsibilities towards his son and his father in a short duration of time. Sam’s father and son are the 2 men he has always tried to face because of his failures. He has careful and long efforts to distance himself from both of them. This witty, beautiful, and wry novel is filled with sharp dialogue and vivid description. It showcases the dilemmas faced by numerous people on a daily basis. Author Rozelle has finely honed the novel by making it sing a recognizable, haunting song even after the readers have finished reading the end.

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