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Publication Order of My Call Books

My Call (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Call II: Mr. Bones Revenge (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Call III: The Spirit Of Hell Unleashed (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Call IV: The Origin of Mr. Bones (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Be Careful What You Ask For Books

The Master Deceiver Be Careful What You Ask For (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Having the Best (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ronald Gray is an American author of fiction.

His works have been turned into shorts and films. He was a writer on the 2014 short “My Call” as well as a 2016 My Call trilogy short and a book series based on My Call in 2017. He was a writer of the 2017 film The Job Interview.

Gray was born in D.C. on August 13, 1963. He would go to high school in the state of Maryland and then enroll in the military. After a brief period of time, he would end up moving back to Maryland after living other places and states.

The author enjoys reading, as well as travel and lifting weights. Gray says that he discovered writing and it quickly became both his passion and his blessing. He recounts that he looks forward every day to doing it. This passion and devotion to the art form would end up inspiring him to form his own publishing company.

Ronald Gray is the creator as well as the author of the My Call fictional series of novels. The debut book in this series came out in 2013. It is titled My Call. The second book in this series is Mr. Bones Revenge. There is a third and a fourth book in this series and if you are looking for something interesting to pick up, then check the debut in this one out and see if you like it!

My Call was the author’s first book in print. He has also written a few other novels, including The Master Deceiver and Having the Best. He has followed that book up with more in the series and books that stand on their own and will not stop anytime soon! My Provider Productions is working on turning the salacious novel ‘The Master Deceiver’ into a film.

He says that although some authors choose to write stories that have sprung from the imagination, he works a different way. Gray writes about many of the very same experiences that he has lived through in his life. He has put some of them into his work. He says that he knows the feeling of doing supernatural things to fight the close dark forces and what it is like to walk in God’s “awesome power”.

The author also recounts that he has seen things that have been called ‘impossible’ happen and become possible instantly. Some people might even refer to these types of things as miracles. Gray says that through this inspiration and being a witness to miraculous events, he tries to be the person that he believes that God has actively called upon him to try and be. He calls God “King Jesus”.

Gray has plenty of great books with spiritual and great emotional content that never disappoints. Pick up one of the many engaging novels by this author and get great stories with characters and plots that make you want to read to the very last page.

My Call is the first book to come out in the series by the same name. In this debut of the series, readers get the chance to meet the main characters of Sheila and David O’Neil for the first time. The two are married and are parents as well. They have two daughters and they are ages six and ages seven years old.

Sheila would love to have more children, but now she finds out that she cannot medically do so. She is even more confused when her local Pastor says that she is currently pregnant and will have a son. The words may turn out yet to be prophetic, but does this religious man know more than the doctors or is he just pulling her leg?

She is told that her son will be chosen to be special. God wants him to be an evangelist and his given him the gifts of spirituality to go and have the power to do so. This includes healing, faith, and the power to work miracles. Things are not all good, however. It turns out that if God exists, so does Satan, and the two powers are both hard at work.

God has chosen Sheila’s child to be his messenger, but Satan has also put a contract on the boy. He is able to work his powers on this plane through Mr. Bones, a voodoo doctor that has the power spiritually to be able to do nearly anything that he would like thanks to his alliance with the dark prince. Now his mission is clear– he has got to find this chosen boy and destroy him.

The boy’s name is Ronald Emmanuel, and he always tries to do what is the correct and morally right thing in life. He gives his life over to God and then finds out that he has fallen for a woman that is named Diana. She is not only beautiful but loves God too.

When Ron starts conspiring with an old friend to try and protect him, it could change everything. Keith loves Stacy, his stunning girlfriend. The two pals join up and get involved in all sorts of things, like robbing, murdering, and getting involved in running drugs as well.

This holy prophecy will come true but require a price. Mr. Bones is persistent and wants to make certain that it will be paid. He sends temptations over to Ron that include pricey cars, money, and pretty women. Keith and Ron are going through a lifestyle that only the rich and powerful enjoy. But will it all come to the friends at a price?

With tons of drama and lots to consider, read to the last page to find out what happens!

My Call II is the second book in this series and continues the epic journey of man and God. Sometimes the things that we all want in life are those same things that have the potential to destroy you.

Ron may get what he wants, but will he pay dearly for it? This time, he will be tested on a spiritual quest like no other.

What will happen? Check this dynamic second installment of the My Call series by Ronald H. Gray and catch all of the action!

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