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Ronan Farrow is a contributing writer to the New Yorker and a renowned investigative reporter, who is also a producer of documentaries for HBO.

He made his name when the stories he penned for The New Yorker alleged sexual assault indiscretions by Harvey Weinstein the movie producer.

He was also the first to break stories about CBS executives and their misconduct allegations that also involved Leslie Moonves the CEO.

Farrow also reported on the payments made by the parent company to the National Enquirer that allegedly tried to suppress stories about Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign in 2016.
He would go on to win a public service Pulitzer Prize for his work on Einstein in addition to the George Polk Award, and the National Magazine Award among many others.

Aside from his work with The New Yorker, he has also been an investigative reporter and anchor at NBC News and MSNBC. He would then publish his debut work “War on Peace” in 2018 and launched his writing career to critical acclaim.
A multi-talented person with humanitarian interests, Ronan Farrow advocated for children’s rights across the world while working as a spokesman for UNICEF.

He is also the host of the “Catch and Kill Podcast,” which has been made into an HBO documentary series and has amassed more than 9 million downloads.

Earlier on, Farrow attended the Yale Law School and was admitted to the Bar in New York. He has also graduated from Oxford University with a political science doctorate as a Rhodes Scholar.
Before he became a journalist, he was a state department official deployed in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He is now a well-known human rights activist, author, and journalist who is one of the biggest names in the fields of social justice and journalism.

He has also said that his family life and upbringing have to some extent made him into the humanitarian that he is today.

Ronan Farrow was born in New York City in 1987 to famous filmmaker Woody Allen and Mia Farrow the talented actress. Unfortunately, he was just eight years old when his parents divorced resulting in a highly publicized custody battle.
Still, his early years were in a creative and literary environment given that his father and mother were some of the best in their respective fields.

As a precocious child, he was just 11 when he was admitted to Bard College where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, graduating magna cum laude.

While he was living in Manhattan on the Lower East Side, Ronan Farrow began to publicly identify as a member of the LGBT community.

While he only came out in the late 2010s, he had begun dating Jon Lovett the former presidential speechwriter and dating podcast host.

In 2019, Farrow penned a proposal to John in the manuscript for his novel “Catch and Kill” and the two would become engaged in the same year. In 2019, the couple purchased a home in Los Angeles but they reported that they had separated in 2023.
He would once again get into the news when he announced that he was estranged from Woody Allen his father.

The two had seen their relationship deteriorate after his father married the adopted daughter of Andre Previn and his mother Mia Farrow Soon Yi Previn.

Despite several controversies, Ronan Farrow has had a remarkable life. His work for justice and human rights, affiliation with big names, and his early life experiences are what have made him into the colossus that he is today.
As for his authorship accolades, we can also throw in his talent in investigative journalism and passion for social justice which have won him a Pulitzer.

He continues to fight for marginalized groups and uncover hidden stories which has made him a huge inspiration to a lot of people across the world.

Ronan Farrow’s novel “Catch and Kill” is a work set in 2017 in which the author conducted what was a typical network television investigation.

This resulted in a story that had for years only been whispered about. One of the most powerful producers in Hollywood was a predator protected by a conspiracy of silence, wealth, and fear.
As Ronan got closer to learning the truth, some shadowy people from elite war-hardened spies to high-priced lawyers launched a massive campaign of intimidation and threatened to end his career.
He finally noticed that his every move was followed in addition to an account of abuse in his family getting weaponized.

Meanwhile, Ronan and his producer were facing a lot of resistance as several clues revealed coverups and corruption from Washington to Hollywood and beyond.

This is the untold story of intimidation and surveillance deployed by connected and wealthy men to silence victims of abuse and evade accountability. It is also a story about people who risked everything to spark a global movement and expose the truth.
Both a meticulous work of investigative journalism and a spy thriller, “Catch, and Kill” tells devastating new stories about the abuse of power and shines a light on investigations that expose the corruption and evil in high places.
In a dramatic account of espionage and violence, Ronan Farrow the investigative reporter exposes a cabal of powerful interests and serial abusers determined to cover up the truth no matter the cost.

“War on Peace” by Ronan Farrow is a work in which American diplomacy finds itself under siege, Most State Departments sit empty in the US while abroad it is up to the military-industrial complex to do the work once assigned to the peacemakers.
The United States is becoming a nation that shoots at any sign of trouble and then tries to mitigate any mistakes made later.

In an astonishing story ranging from North Korea, Washington, D.C., Pakistan, and Afghanistan since the events of 9/11, former diplomat and acclaimed journalist shines a light on one of the most poorly understood but most consequential changes in the US.
Having worked in the State Department, Farrow provides an insider’s look at some significant movers and shakers of traditional statecraft.

One of these is Richard Holbrooke who managed to bring peace to Bosnia and lost his life doing the same in Afghanistan. His story is richly informed by interviews with a warlord, policymakers, and whistleblowers from Hillary Clinton to Henry Kissinger.
According to Farrow, American diplomacy declined following decades of outright malice, short-sightedness, and political cowardice.

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