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You Too?: 25 Voices Share Their #MeToo Stories(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Ronni Davis grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she tried her best to fit in and failed miserably. She graduated from The Ohio State University, where she got her BA in Psychology. After this, she taught yoga, she worked in insurance, and became a cat mom.

During the day, she copy edits all kinds of things, from billboards to TV commercials. At night, she writes contemporary teen novels that are about brown girls who fall in love.

She lives in Chicago, Illinois (a city that she has a love/ hate relationship with) with her son Aidan and her husband Adam.

When Ronni is not busy writing, she can be found planning her next trip to Disney World, playing the Sims, or eating far too much candy. She also likes to take naps, get pedicures and manicures, and get massages.

She enjoys playing The Sims 4 because she can still tell stories and still can create new things within the game. The game is something she can do for her, and if she uploads to her gallery, the people that see it want to see it. She plays, at times, for about twelve hours at a time. Then she spends the next day trying to get over her “Sims hangover”.

One of Ronni’s favorite tropes in the books she reads is teens that are locked in institutions against their will. In love stories, she likes the fake romance that turns into a real love trope. She also likes the boy surfacing from the past and the poor girl and rich boy tropes. This last is probably because she did not grow up in the best socioeconomic situation when she was a kid.

Ronni does not like road trip stories, which is due in part because it is not something she is able to relate to. Her mother was overprotective toward her when she was growing up. Getting her license and a car proved to be problematic for her, too.

Ronni has a super nose that is able to sniff anything out, good or bad which is both a blessing and a curse. Her fingernails grow very quickly. She does not like loud noises (particularly people yelling), typing on membrane keyboards, and the sound of people chewing, and footsteps.

She does not like to play as the Sim she made of herself because she finds it to be too weird looking. Her favorite colors are purple and pink, and she loves notebooks, pens, and stationery. All of the major cities that she has lived in or close to start with the letter C.

She has a canon “Star Wars” character named after her, it is in “Lost Stars” by Claudia Gray. She is also obsessed with bananas but does not really like to eat them. Ronni also likes to sleep with the teddy bear that she was given when she was only a year old. Every single year, she goes to Disney World. Ronni enjoys love stories that have a bunch of kissing in them.

Ronni’s influences include Jaime Reed, Nicola Yoon, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Niven, and Sarah Dessen.

In her family, December is a major month. There is Christmas, and her birthday is on the twentieth. Then her son’s birthday is on the thirtieth and New Year’s Eve, of course.

While Ronni writes, she has to have tea, a playlist of songs to listen to, and she must know the names of her characters. This is due to her belief that names have a special meaning for them. She also likes to have their personal growth and personality to be reflected in their name. Even how they move through the world and what they look like.

Early on, she had a book with a blond hair, blue eyed lead character and queried for six months before she got an agent. This book did not sell.

Now, she tries to write about things like racism, even if they are not the major issues of the novel.

Some obstacles she felt while trying to get her book published involve ones that she herself set up. They involve her wondering if people would even listen to the story that she was trying to tell. Ronni also wondered if her writing sucked and it wasn’t about anybody trying to keep her down but she just was not a good writer.

Her debut novel, “When the Stars Lead to You” was released in the year 2019 and is for young adults and is published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers. This is something that she has been working on for ten years, and she tried her best to embrace all of it, even the hard parts. She did this because she knows that she will never again be a debut author after this time.

“When the Stars Lead to You” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2019. Devon, eighteen years old, wants two things. The boy that she fell in love with the previous summer and the stars. When Ashton breaks Devon’s heart to end the most magical and romantic summer ever, she believes her heart is never going to heal again. Over the next year, Devon finds that she is putting all of the broken pieces back together.

It is now senior year and she wants to enjoy each moment of it all, while she prepares for a future involving studying galaxies. Then, Ashton shows up on the first day of school. Will she be able to forgive him and open up her heart to him again? Or will they be doomed to repeat history?

Ronni Davis gives a new take on the archetypal novel of first love by tackling the impact of things like class wars, mental health, and race. The book is a moving love story and is timely considering the pervasiveness of the mental health crises. The bits on astronomy never interrupt the story’s narrative and only serve to show Devon’s obsession with the scientific field. Some readers liked how hard hitting the book was, finding it held their attention and had them hooked the entire way through.

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