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Publication Order of Roommate Duet Books

Roommate (Series by Kennedy Fox)
Writing duo Lyra Parish and Brooke Cumberland, under the pen name Kennedy Fox, pen the “Roommate” series of duet romance novels.

The series is made up of duets that star a couple having their duet. And while each duet can stand alone, but for the best reading experience, they should be read in order.

“Baby Mine” is the first novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2019. Hunter saw Lennon first. Feisty, blonde, and gorgeous. He was captivated. However it didn’t matter because when she steps out of his best friend’s bedroom half naked, he knows that he has lost his chance.

Now they are roommates and always fighting about their living arrangements. Even though they argue about everything, Hunter cannot quit thinking about her in all of the wrong ways. He should just move out so that he can finally get over her, however the selfish part of him cannot just let her go. When tragedy strikes, they are left to deal with it together. He pulls her closer, instead of pushing her away.

Right when they come to terms with their new reality, she reveals a life changing event which affects them both. And he is left to make the toughest choice of his life: risk it all by telling her his feelings or just stay friends.

Readers found their emotions were all over the place, from the sizzling moment Hunter and Lennon meet, to their fights, and to their heart crushing moment which brings them together.

“Baby Yours” is the second novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2019. The worst day of her life was the day her boyfriend died. While she grieves her loss, Lennon learns that she is pregnant with his child. As if her world wasn’t already crashing down, now it is burning up in flames.

Her religious parents won’t ever accept a pregnancy out of wedlock, and telling them means she risks losing them fully. In order to avoid disappointing her family, Hunter offers to be her fake husband. The lines get so blurred that neither one of them wants to admit that they aren’t pretending any more.

The guilt of what they are doing eats away at her while she struggles to deal with her emotions. Right when she comes to terms with their new situation, she learns that Hunter has been keeping secrets. And she is left to make the toughest choice of her life: walk away from him or follow her heart.

“Truly Mine” is the third novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2019. The night they met, Mason wanted to know the brunette bombshell’s deepest secrets. Sophie was pure temptation, and Mason was mesmerized by her soulful bedroom eyes.

As one drink led to another, he craved more of her taunting lips and playful banter. Resisting her was not an option, and they soon became a desperate mess of hot kisses and tangled limbs. Once it became more obvious that meeting her was not some coincidence, it all changed.

After years of keeping her at a distance, all Mason wants to do is pull her close while a threat emerges in her life. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and show her that he’s the good guy. However one night takes a tragic turn for the worse when Mason and her boyfriend begin throwing punches. It all ends when he gets arrested for his murder.

“Truly Yours” is the fourth novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2019. Sophie knew within just moments of meeting Mason Holt that he’d change her life forever. But she did not realize quite how much.

While her world spirals out of control, he continues taking care of her and protecting her. Only being friends is all that he has been able to offer, however when one life changing event happens, their relationship blossoms into something so much more.

When Sophie thinks that they can finally be together, somebody threatens to tear them both apart. She is not the same girl that Mason met years prior, however she is determined to fight for what she has always wanted. Him.

“Always Mine” is the fifth novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2019. Beer, college parties, and one night stands. Liam’s life in a nutshell. Now, he hunts criminals. Women and drinking are included still, however he cannot seem to forget the underage girl that almost gave her virginity to him. He kicked her out, stopping it before it could happen.

Years later, they are reunited. Maddie is no longer underage but still just as off limits. After he ignored her relentless advances, she wears him down. He just has so much willpower while she is around, which is all the damn time now that they have become roommates. Right as Liam’s restraint begins crumbling, his poor choices catch up with him finally, putting them both in danger.

There is no easy way to explain why he would betray her, however he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if this means breaking her heart.

“Always Yours” is the sixth novel in the “Roommate” series and was released in 2020. Leotards, rehearsals, and textbooks, that was Maddie’s life. Dancing is all she’s ever known and Liam admits his real feelings, and she is thrown into a world she knows nothing about. Betrayal and secrets have proven that Liam is not the guy she believed he was. Even though she is struggling with the truth, deep down she would still do anything for him.

Saving their relationship is his top priority, however protecting him is hers. Power and corruption are their game and Liam is just a pawn. Playing by the rules isn’t gonna end well, however Maddie cannot allow him to fight them by himself.

Maddie and Liam’s happily ever after is just around the corner, however then it crashes and burns, threatening to destroy them. Giving up on the love of her life is not an option, however Maddie may not be able to save Liam.

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