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The Roommates series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, new adult, and young adult stories. It is written by a NY Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling American writer named Kendall Ryan. Kendall began writing the series in 2017 and published the first four books and one novella in the same year. Every book of this series revolves around a different set of primary characters. The stories depict the romantic interests of the main characters and the ups and downs that they face in their lives while trying to make their lovers their own forever.

Some of the important lead characters created by Kendall Ryan for this series include Cannon Roth, Smith Hamilton, Paige, Evie Reed, Max Alexander, Allie, Maggie, Cullen, and several others. The plots of the novels are set in a number of different locations, including Paris, France, and Chicago, Illinois. Each and every book of this exciting new adult series has achieved success wherever it has been released. The individual successes of the books have helped the whole series to become an overall success. It has also helped Kendall Ryan to become much more successful and achieve more fame as a writer of romance and contemporary stories.

The debut book of the Roommates series written by author Kendall Ryan is entitled ‘The Room Mate’. It was released in 2017 as an ebook. This novel is narrated from the point of view of Paige. Initially, it is shown that Cannon Roth is the brother of Paige’s best friend. The last time she had seen him, he appeared to be a geek with braces and not at all handsome. Later, Cannon comes to share the spare room in the house that Paige lives in and she gets a reality check by seeing the now changed man. He has grown 24 years old and developed a masculine, broad-shouldered body. Paige finds him very sexy and couldn’t believe that he is the same guy that she thought did not possess any traits of a sexy man. She feels the desire to climb up his body like they used to enjoy the jungle gyms when they were small.

Cannon Roth’s 6-foot something height, lean muscles, deep voice make, and full-wide lips make Paige tempted enough to indulge in a sensuous romance with the man. But, Cannon has recently come out of a tough breakup and doesn’t wish to indulge in any entanglements. Paige tries to hold herself and her feelings for as long as she can. Then, on the third night, after they met again, both of them become too much drunk and Cannon speaks out the biggest secret of his life under the influence of alcohol. He tells Paige that he is unable to perform satisfactory sex with his partner and feels he is cursed. But, Paige thinks that it is bullshit. She is not ready to believe that a man with his body and height is not good in bed. She believes that any woman will fall in love with him instantly and experience the best sex of her life.

In order to prove Cannon wrong, Paige decides to spend a night with him in bed. She hopes to rack up several orgasms during the process so that she can prove Cannon how good he is in bed. Once the night begins, Paige doesn’t want to lose the bet against Cannon and if that happens and she ends up falling in love with the handsome Cannon Roth, it is going to be the biggest mistake of her life. The second volume of this series is known as ‘The Play Mate’. It was also published as an ebook in 2017. This book features the lead characters in the form of Evie Reed and Smith Hamilton. The book opens by introducing Smith Hamilton as a man who has everything in life. He is good-looking, smart, and is well loaded. But, he is not interested in messing it up by indulging with someone, especially the sexy little sister of his best friend. So, Smith keeps Evie Reed at arm’s length. She used to be a pesky little girl at one time, but now she is all grown up into a sexy bombshell.

Evie pushes Smtih’s self-control to its extreme limit and finally forces the handsome hunk to share a night of passion with her. She is a blessed lady with a caring family, good education, a job with a handsome pay as the social media manager of the lingerie company owned by her family. But, she wishes to have more in life, and having Smith Hamilton in her sight, Evie thinks he is the perfect man to fulfill all her desires. Evie has a huge crush on him and it has increased to a great extent by sleeping with him once. She wants to share a bed with Smith again to make him understand that she always wants him to see her in an adult way. But, her plan turns into a disaster after which the two are left to decide whether they want to ignore the sparkling attraction between them or risk everything by becoming playmates.

Kendall Ryan is a proud American author of romance, contemporary, and new adult novels. She is known to have written a few widely successful novel series that includes the Imperfect Love series. Filthy Beautiful Lies series, and the Room Mates series. Kendall’s books have been listed in the Wall Journal, USA Today, and NY Times bestselling list on multiple occasions. In all, she has over 2 dozen titles to her named and most of them are self-published bestsellers. Many literary magazines have described Kendall’s books as electrifying, beautiful love stories that are capable of making even the pessimistic people believe in happy endings. There are more than two million copies of her books sold in the market worldwide.

Kendall Ryan was born in South Carolina on August 15, 1981. She has resided in different places while growing up, including Idaho, California, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Guam, and Illinois. Kendall completed her graduation from the University of Western Michigan and obtained a degree in Marketing. It was in 2011 that she found her literary agent and was about to submit her first manuscript when she came to know about the rising success of the new self-publishing platform on Amazon. So, she decided to try her hand at it like many other indie authors. In 2012, Kendall resigned from her corporate job to settle down as a full-time writer. Since then, she has appeared on the bestseller lists of various literary agencies more than 3 dozen times. Currently, Kendall resides in Texas with her sweet family and is focused on bringing out her next novel. She is also involved in humanitarian work and makes genuine contributions toward the betterment of orphans and disadvantaged children.

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