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Publication Order of Vera Kelly Books

Who Is Vera Kelly? (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vera Kelly Is Not a Mystery (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost and Found (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Rosalie Knecht

Rosalie Knecht is a fiction author best known for her fiction novels, Who Is Vera Kelly? The talented author also translated César Aira’s The Seamstress and the Wind while working in Argentina as an English teacher. Born in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Knecht attended Oberlin College before going to City University in New York. She currently lives in NY, working as a social worker, translator, and writer. She enjoys helping those who need her by day and doing her writing on weekends.

Who Is Vera Kelly?

Who is Vera Kelly comes first in the Vera Kelly series. The story interweaves the present and past, in the process, lets us on in Vera Kelly’s life. Vera’s youth was troubled thanks to her complicated relationship with her mother. After a stint in juvie and a few bad choices, Vera goes through a sexual awakening. She struggles to blend with the gay scene in Greenwich and working night shifts in a radio station when something unexpected happens. Someone notices her sharp tongue, quick wits, and outstanding technical skills and recommends her for a job with the CIA. Is this the big break this young lady had been waiting for?

Before she can get used to the new changes in her life, Vera finds herself in Argentina wiretapping the vice president’s office. Vera is to pose as a student and help diffuse KGB’s influence in her university, a job she does very well. However, along the way, things start going haywire. There is a military coup, betrayal, and a failed attempt to escape Argentina with the help of the same students Vera was spying on. This being Vera’s maiden mission, you will be right there with her through the anticipation and nerves. Your heart will beat fast when things start going wrong, and you cannot help but anxiously keep reading to see what happens next.

This is a perfect read for anyone who loves women-driven spy stories. The story is told through two plotlines, and both are well-thought-out. Vera is such a relatable character, and you will enjoy seeing her come out of the cage and grow as a CIA agent. While this story doesn’t jump into the action from the first page, it remains captivating throughout. The author allows you to know the characters first before things take an exhilarating turn. Vera comes face to face with betrayal and quickly learns that war results in strange bedfellows. Will this smart-talking young lady get out of this in one piece? What led to the betrayal, and how does this reflect on her resume?

Who Is Vera Kelly? is an exhilarating coming of age story. The book introduces a smart-ass female spy who is in every way a product of the 21st century. This is a partial character study, historical fiction, and a spy thriller with a main character you will love the first time you meet her. The writing is done so well you will start seeing life through Vera’s eyes. What is a girl to do when caught up in the middle of a war she knows little about? Read this book for this and more. In the end, you will be left anticipating reading more about Vera and her adventures working with the CIA. Because the story is character-driven, it is hard not to get emotionally invested in the characters’ lives.

Vera Kelly Is Not A Mystery

Vera Kelly Is Not A Mystery comes second in the Vera Kelly series. The year is 1967, and Kelly is already back in the US. She did not like how the CIA left her in Argentina, and she had to struggle to find a way home in the middle of a coup. She gets a job as a film director only to lose her job when it is discovered that she is a lesbian. On the day she losses her job, Kelly’s girlfriend also leaves her. To say that this young woman is devastated is an understatement. However, she quickly dusts herself and goes in search of a new job. Kelly decides to start a business as a private investigator. Thanks to the CIA, Kelly is sure that she will make it in her new job with her surveillance and counterintelligence skills.

A child is missing, and Kelly is hired to find him. The Dominican immigrant disappeared when his guardian died, and no one had heard from him ever since. Follow Kelly as she works to chase the lost boy through foster care. This awakens the dark memories of her past and also attracts characters from the Cold War. Over time, it becomes clear why some people are so invested in the case. Is there something they are trying to hide from Kelly? Kelly will be looking over her shoulders throughout the chase because there is no telling when the bad guys will catch up with her. She is so invested in this case that she almost misses a new romance and a chance to a special connection. Does Kelly manage to find the missing boy?

With her deep moral fiber, sparkling wit, and dry humor, Kelly gets even more likable. She is not your regular PI who spends time beating up the bad guys or blasting villains. Instead, Kelly is a methodical investigator who uses her wit to uncover the truth and get what she wants. She will struggle to solve this case and follow her heart but Kelly no quitter. The suspense in this book escalates fast, and some unforeseen twists will come to break your heart. However, with the budding young romance between Kelly and her partner, it is clear that better things are still to come.

Vera Kelly Is Not A Mystery is one excellent spy story with a great flow, enough action, and well-developed characters. The story spans over 8 months, and during this period, a lot happens in the protagonist’s life. Life in the 1960s is depicted well, and through Kelly’s experiences, it is easy to see how difficult life was for women like her. Kelly will stay in your mind after you are done with this story, and you cannot help but wonder what she will be up to next.

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