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Publication Order of Marty Nickerson Books

Absolute Certainty (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Temporary Sanity (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maximum Security (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Testimony (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rose Connors is an American author that writes legal dramas.

Rose Connors comes from Philadelphia. She specifically grew up in the Kensington Section. The author’s love for legal fiction was more than likely driven by her own experience in the arena, Rose having earned a Law Degree in 1984 from Duke University.

This was on top of the degree in American History that she got from St. Mary’s College in the late 1970s. A wife and mother of two children, the author spent almost two decades practicing law before finally going into the publishing arena and writing ‘Absolute Certainty’.

Released in 2002, the novel introduced readers to Martha Nickerson, a stubborn assistant district attorney who puts her career on the line when she decides to investigate the death of a college student who was murdered in a manner that was only previously utilized by a man that Martha successful convicted of murder.

Rose Connors has always flown under the radar for many readers. The author’s online presence is rather small and one is unlikely to find her name mentioned in the majority of debates and conversations regarding literary legal authors.

+Absolutely Certainty
Martha Nickerson loves her job and the lawyer does it pretty well. Operating as the assistant district attorney for Barnstable County in Massachusetts, Martha has never doubted her calling in life.

She believes it is her responsibility to speak for the victims of crimes and to help their families achieve a semblance of justice. And to Martha, the legal system has always been the best means through which these objectives could be achieved.

As such, Martha does not hesitate to bring the hammer down on Manuel Rodriguez. Manuel brutally murdered a college student, or so everyone says. The victim in question was a young man who had a potentially great life ahead of him.

Martha has a teenage son of her own so she understands the pain of the victim’s parents and she makes it her mission to see Manuel punished harshly for his crimes. Fortunately for Martha, her case couldn’t get any better.

Manuel is represented by Harry Madigan, a public defender that sees it as his duty to protect the county’s underdogs from people like Martha. However, even Harry knows that Manuel will be convicted.

So no one really bats an eye when Martha’s perception of justice prevails and Manuel is found guilty. Martha would have loved to put the case in the past. Manuel was behind bars and there was no reason for her to dwell on the boy’s fate.

But then another college student was murdered and the means of his death closely matched the manner in which Manuel’s first victim was killed. Now Martha is in a bind. She’s starting to wonder whether her office prosecuted the wrong man.

Because her actions have always been driven by a need to deliver justice, Martha would like nothing better than to reopen the case. However, Geraldine Schilling, her boss, won’t let her. As far as Geraldine is concerned, her prosecutors did their job and got her an amazing conviction.

And considering her plans to become the first female District Attorney in the County, Geraldine has no intention of rocking the boat. But Martha cannot afford to worry about political moves and machinations, not when a serial killer might be on the loose.

In order to prevent another murder, Martha must decide whether or not she is ready to put her career on the line. Her country’s system has served Martha well in the past. But she must now put her own instincts and sense of justice ahead of her responsibilities to the legal system.

Absolute Certainty is the first novel in the Marty Nickerson series. The book introduces readers to a self-righteous district attorney who has a seemingly perfect case on her hands. But when she gets her target convicted of murder and another death occurs, even after the killer has been put behind bars, Martha must question whether or not she might have prosecuted the wrong man.

Because Rose Connors, the author, is a lawyer, her first novel spends quite a lot of time delving into the minutiae of the law. Some readers have been known to criticize the author for essentially talking down to them while others appreciate the time Connors takes to educate them on the law.

While a lot of this novel is spent following Martha around as she prosecutes a potential killer and investigates a murder, a few pages take the time to explore the heroine’s personal life, in particular, her relationship with her ex-husband and her teenage son.

Harry Madigan gets a lot of attention as well.

+Temporary Sanity
Martha Nickerson was a prosecutor in Cape Cod. But now she’s a defense attorney and she has been tasked with defending Buck Hammond. Buck killed someone. Defending him wouldn’t be so difficult if television cameras hadn’t caught him performing the act.

Martha would rather plead insanity and hope for the best but Buck refuses to take that route. That leaves Martha and her partner Harry Madigan in a pickle. Their attempts to raise a viable defense for Buck are further complicated when an officer of the court seemingly attacks a woman who staggers, bleeding, into Martha and Harry’s office.

From what Marty and Harry can tell, the officer of the court in question is already dead. Now they have two cases on their hands and none of them have any easy answers.

Temporary Insanity is the second novel in the Martha Nickerson series by Rose Connors. The book picks up where the first one left off. Martha was a prosecutor. But her relationship with her boss soured so she left to work with Harry Madigan, her lover, and a defense attorney.

Temporary Insanity finds Martha dealing with her first two seemingly impossible cases. A woman turns up at the firm, bleeding. Her husband is dead and everyone suspects her of the murder.

While Martha tries to make sense of her case, she must also contend with the matter of Buck, a man that killed the individual who molested his seven-year-old son. Buck’s crime was caught by television cameras and neither Martha nor Harry know how to keep him out of prison.

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    I’m about 2/3 of the way through Absolute Certainty & had to stop to research Ms Connors. I am sad that she wrote only 3 other books & am very very sad that she passed about a month ago! Read Absolute Certainty & I’m sure you will want to read the other three!


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