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Publication Order of Rose Harbor Books

The Inn at Rose Harbor (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose Harbor in Bloom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Letters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling for Her (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silver Linings (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Tomorrows (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Rose Harbor Short Stories Books

When First They Met (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost and Found in Cedar Cove (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rose Harbor is a series of romance novels written by Debbie Macomber. The books take readers to Cedar Cover where the guests of Rose Harbor inn struggle to heal from the emotional and spiritual wounds that haunt them.

+The Story
Debbie Macomber primarily writes women’s fiction. Her books tend to lean towards the romance genre but the author primarily refers to herself as a writer of women’s fiction. Macomber’s books are uplifting stories about family, friendships, and love.

Cedar Cove was one of Debbie Macomber’s most popular series. So the author attracted quite a lot of excitement when she revealed that ‘Rose Harbor’, a newer series, would take readers back to Cedar Cover.

The reviews for the series were not wholly positive when it finally came out, with some audiences complaining that the books became too formulaic.

The Rose Harbor series primarily follows the exploits of Jo Marie. Jo was a successful career woman living a great life in the city. Then her husband died and everything changed. Unable to cope with the ghosts of her past, Jo moved to Cedar Cove.

There she hoped to start over. From the moment she laid eyes on the Rose Harbor Inn, Jo knew that it held the opportunity she had been looking for to find peace. So the widow acquired it, refurbished it into the bed and breakfast of her dreams and set about carving out a new life for herself.

‘The Inn at Rose Harbor’, the first book in the Rose Harbor series highlights the struggles of Joshua and Abby, a man contemplating the notion of caring for a sick stepfather he dislikes, and a woman who must face the consequences of the tragedy from which she fled years ago.

Neither Joshua nor Abby know one another and their lives might have never connected if they hadn’t both chosen to find refuge at the Rose Harbor Inn. Every Rose Harbor story tends to follow this pattern.

Each new book takes readers to the Rose Harbor Inn. Readers are given a glimpse into Jo Marie’s life as she welcomes new guests to her Inn. The guests in question, though seemingly ordinary, have dark secrets they harbor; aches and pains that have kept them from pursuing a fruitful life.

Over the course of each Rose Harbor novel, these guests attempt to find healing and peace. Their stories are explored in tandem with Jo’s own struggles as a widow trying to figure out her place in life following the death of a man to whom she was attached for so long.

The average Rose Harbor book typically tackles three or more plots at any given time. Some of Debbie Macomber’s readers have commended her for her ability to successfully juggle so many stories.

They believe she does an amazing job of introducing numerous characters, delving into each of their backstories, scrutinizing their personal problems and eventually delivering them from their troubles.

Some audiences have been known to complain about this same aspect of the Rose Harbor books. They believe that each book has too many characters for Debbie to effectively juggle.

And while her books are not complete messes, they tend to only provide a superficial analysis and exploration of the characters and stories at their center.

Like most of her other work, Debbie Macomber uses the Rose Harbor series to deliver a message of hope. She always tackles dark subjects. Her protagonists are deeply wounded individuals that are fighting with horrible problems.

Macomber sees fit to wound them because it allows her to more effectively present her themes of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. The author admits that many of the scenarios she presents are idealistic.

But Macomber believes that her attitude is fitting for her books because she wants her readers to feel good whenever they finish a Rose Harbor book. She wants them to be uplifted and to know that, no matter how far they have fallen, they can have hope that they will rise once more.

Macomber is a Christian. As such, there are elements of Christianity in her work. Though, the Rose Harbor books are by no means Christian stories. Macomber isn’t a preacher. She doesn’t attempt to beat her fans over the head with a biblical message. That being said, the idea of God is never far from the stories she writes.

+The Author
Debbie Macomber is an American author that has sold hundreds of millions of copies of her books. Macomber has always wanted to write. However, she was only compelled to turn that desire into action when her cousin was diagnosed with leukemia.

The occurrence forced Macomber to realize that she could not afford to put her dreams off, not when the future was so uncertain. Even with a family of four children to care for, Macomber eventually found the strength to write.

+The Inn at Rose Harbor
Jo Marie did not know what to expect when she came to Cedar Cove. She knew she desired peace. But then she saw the Rose Harbor Inn and decided that she had to have it. A widow with a desire to start over, Jo knew that Rose Harbor would give her the one chance she needed to start over.

When Joshua Weaver and Abby Kinkaid walk through her doors, her very first guests, she does not know how deeply they have been hurt or the difficult journies that await them or even the fact that she might have the power to help them.

+Rose Harbor in Bloom
Things are looking good for the Rose Harbor Inn, so much so that Jo Marie now wants to install a garden to honor her dead husband, a task that requires her to elicit the help of Mark Taylor, a handyman who drives her crazy but around whom she also feels really comfortable.

While Jo gets her new garden in order, her new guests attempt to find some peace in their lives.

Annie Newton came to Cedar Cove to help plan her grandparents’ anniversary party. But the elderly couple doesn’t really get along these days. And Annie is too busy dealing with her failed engagement to help them.

Then there is Mary Smith, a successful businesswoman whose recent diagnosis has brought her to Cedar Cove to made amends.

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