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Rose McGowan is an American author, actress, and a proud agent of change. She has held many hats during her entertainment industry career throughout the years. She has been an entrepreneur, music artist, a director, an icon, a feminist, an activist, actress, and whistle blower.

Rose was born on September 5, 1973 in a region of Tuscany, Italy. Her middle name is Arianna. She was born to her father Daniel and her mother Terri. Her father was an artist and her mother was a writer. Rose has two half siblings as well.

Her parents belonged to a chapter in Italy of the Children of God, which he ran. They were members until 1978, and Rose spent her childhood either in the communes or going through Europe and traveling with her parents.

Rose became a child model through her father’s contacts in Italy in the art world. She appeared in Vogue Bambini and other magazines distributed in Italy. When Rose was 10 years of age, her parents decided to come back to the United States, and moved to the state of Oregon to live.

Rose’s childhood and her time growing up as a teenager simply was not the average. She ran away from home as a teen and lived in Portland for a while, making friends with some of the city’s drag queens. Her parents eventually chose to divorce, and Rose choose to move and live with her father in Seattle. There she went to high school and got herself a job working at McDonald’s. She emancipated herself at the age of fifteen years old and decided to move to Los Angeles.

As an actress, she first made her debut in the movie Encino Man, released in 1992. She would go on to get more recognition from audiences thanks to her appearance in The Doom Generation. It was the spoof horror movie Scream, a hit with audiences, that would make her known mainstream. She went on to be in several more films, such as Going All the Way, the 1998 movie Devil in the Flesh, and Jawbreaker in 1999.

She has appeared on many magazine covers, including GQ, Interview, Maxim, and Rolling Stone. McGowan was also recognized in 2017 by Time magazine to be a Silence Breaker for her work on speaking out about harassment and sexual assault. Silence Breakers were the ‘Person of the Year’.

Rose is now known for being the individual unafraid to put a spotlight on the injustice and inequality that has been going on in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. She has been an integral part of the Me Too movement and used her voice to encourage others to join the fight to take on the status quo. Her views have been covered in a four part documentary series in 2018 which was called Citizen Rose.

Rose McGowan is the leader of a movement that had intentions to allow people to break their silence. She has created a platform for social justice with Rose’s Army, and the hash tag #ROSEARMY has been a way for individuals to find their voices and take on the world. She is one of the main figures that has encouraged ways of different thinking and that it is time for the world to be better.

Rose has had a strong history of roles in films and television. As partially mentioned before, she appeared in the movies Scream, Grindhouse, Planet Terror, and more. McGowan also joined the cast of the popular supernatural television show Charmed as the young Paige Matthews. The show is about a group of sisters that have magical powers. The show starred female leads and is one of the longest running shows led by female characters in the history of television.

Rose has not also been in movies and television but directed her own work. Dawn was her directing debut and it did quite well. It showed at the Sundance Film Festival where the acclaimed short film was nominated to receive the Grand Jury Prize in 2014.

Rose did not have an average up bringing as a child. She was born in a cult as a young child and had to work her way out of that. Eventually, she made her way to another world where it seemed that everyone played by their own rules, a place called Hollywood.

Rose wrote the forward for the book Backwards and In Heels, which came out in 2018 in May from Mango. She would write her own full length novel in the nonfiction genre, a memoir that talked about her life in the past and up to this current moment.

Rose McGowan is the author of Brave. If you love books that give you an insight into what someone is thinking, then this is a juggernaut of a novel for you to check out. Full of the intensity and anger that McGowan feels in full force, this is the story of one woman who has made it through the fire and back again.

Hollywood is a strange place, and Rose arrived in Los Angeles when she was just fifteen years old with no one to guide her. This was a unique world and as an entertainer, you were always on display. Once she had achieved being a star, it became a strange nightmare where she felt not only constantly exposed but seen as a sexual object as well.

It was all a bit much, so the actress pursued escapism and went into her mind, just like she had done when she was young. Another way to escape was relationships, high profile things with stars like Marilyn Manson. Once she was truly famous, it seemed that every aspect of her personal life was up for public processing.

Soon, Rose found that there were challenges within a sexist industry, and she was finding them in scripts, magazine covers, and public appearance. Marketing her as a bombshell, Rose found that her identity had been in a way hijacked in the name of making money.

A story of the search for one’s true identity and the anger of injustice, these are the memoirs of a woman that refuses to be silent. Pick up Brave by Rose McGowan to read every word for yourself!

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