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About Rose Szabo
Making a name for themself in a relatively short amount of time, the American author Rose Szabo is definitely a writer with a lot to say. Getting to the heart of their subject matter, they’re a gifted novelist who allows their subjects to effectively come alive off of the page. From short-stories to longer fiction, they’re definitely an author who has found their niche within the industry as a whole. Delivering their stories in an honest and concise manner, they have a way with words quite unlike any other writer currently out there. Aiming their novels at the mainly teenage demographic, they have a Young Adult sensibility, as their voice is wholly singular.

Largely focusing on the horror genre, they make it work for them, with its many codes and conventions, effectively turning them on their head. Drawing from a range of different inspirations, their writers include such authors as Ray Bradbury, along with tabletop games and fashion. This diverse range of inspirations has allowed Szabo to establish their own entirely unique approach and voice. Fantasy has played a big part in their writing output too, with their stories taking on this quality, allowing them to impart a deeper message underneath. Often looking at ideas of identity and belonging, these themes easily transfer to the world of Young Adult coming-of-age fiction.

The world-building is also something to be admired too, with the tone and the ambiance of their writing measured just right. Finding the correct balance, they weigh everything up, giving it far more of an impact in the long-run for the reader. This has found them a sizeable audience from across the world, allowing them to build their own niche essentially. With readers from all over relating to their work, they have an audience that continues to grow with every passing day. Using a number of contemporary themes and issues, they’ve captured a real feeling that’s resonated the world over.

Creating unique and distinctive characters too, they introduced protagonists who really left a lasting impression upon the reader. Keeping the reader hooked constantly turning the page, not only did they have a strong set of underlying themes, but they also managed to entertain too. In the past they’ve also written a number of essays on various different subjects, including on gender, clothes, and sexuality. There’s a lot more to come in the future too, with plenty of titles planned for release on the near horizon, as they’re a writer to watch in the years to come.

Early and Personal Life
Coming from Richmond in Virginia, Rose Szabo would grow up with a strong passion for both reading and writing from an early age. Investing themselves in literature and all that it had to offer, they’d work upon building a style that would very much come to be their own. Working on numerous short stories and fiction, they’d also set about writing a number of different essays over the years too.

They would also work as a teacher too, providing insight into their craft, while also gaining further inspiration and insight. Looking at the Young Adult genre, they’d quickly come adapt their writing to a new and eager audience of young readers. Bringing their work to an even wider audience, they would find their voice, reaching a mass of readers worldwide. Still writing to this very day, there’s definitely a lot more to follow, as they have a lot more to say and write about.

Writing Career
Bringing out their first book in 2021, they’d make their literary debut with the novel ‘What Big Teeth,’ which was a stand-alone Young Adult title. Prior to this they would write a number of different essays, including articles on feminism and clothing in different publications. They would also release some shorter horror fiction too, along with offering a small sample portion of their debut novel before it was fully released to the general public.
Approaching the blank page, they incorporate everything around the subject, getting a complete idea of it as a whole overall. This has seen them go on to win awards for their work, gaining critical acclaim, as well positive feedback from the general public too. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, they continually keep a two-way communication process ongoing with their audience. With their writing career growing from strength-to-strength as well, they not finishing anytime soon either, as more and more discover their work every day.

What Big Teeth
Originally published in 2021, this would initially come out through the FSG publishing imprint on the 2nd of February. Working entirely as a stand-alone novel, it has a self-contained narrative that is not a part of any overall series or arc. Marking the first novel from Rose Szabo as an author, it would introduce them as a fully fledged full-time novelist. Establishing their style and approach to the form, it delivers an in-depth Young Adult title, combining elements of both horror and fantasy.

Drawing heavily upon the Gothic tradition, Szabo has effectively made an interesting hybrid Young Adult horror here. There’s a lot lurking underneath this spine-tingling story, with themes and ideas on identity running all throughout. Bringing together stories like ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’ and ‘The Addam’s Family,’ this really works. Creating a sense of tension and suspense, it definitely manages to create a style of foreboding that is quite unlike any other.

Not having spoken to her family in what seems like years, Eleanor has spent most of her time in Saint Brigid’s boarding school. With only vague memories of her previous life with her family, she has distant visions of their otherworldly nature. Her grandfather with a fanged snout, late night hunting trips in the dark woods, all seemingly distant, but still real. That’s when she returns home to find her family awaiting her return, and, not only that, but it seems there’s been a death in the family too, as she must navigate this new territory. Can Eleanor deal with the monstrosity bubbling deep within herself though? How will she cope with her family? Who will exclaim ‘what big teeth?’

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