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Publication Order of Rose Trevelyan Books

Snapped in Cornwall (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Framed in Cornwall (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried in Cornwall (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayed in Cornwall (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plotted in Cornwall (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killed in Cornwall (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caught Out in Cornwall (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Rose Trevelyan series is one of the highly successful novel series based on the mystery, crime fiction, and suspense genres. It is written by one of highly renowned authors from The United Kingdom named Janie Bolitho. This series is comprised of 7 books altogether, which were released between the years 1997 and 2003. In all the books of the series, the main character introduced by author Bolitho is Rose Trevelyan. She is described as a painter and photographer living in the Cornwall countryside. Due to the typical setting of the series, it is also known by the name The Cornish Novels. Apart from Rose Trevelyan, the other important characters depicted in the stories include David Trevelyan, Gabrielle Milton, Barry Rowe, Maggie Anderson, Eileen Penrose, Doreen Clarke, Dennis Milton, Paul Milton, Jim Penrose, Laura, Dr. Mike Phillips, Cyril Clarke, Trevor, DI Jack Pearce, Barbara Phillips, Maureen, Anna, etc. All these characters help in the development of the mysteries, which Rose Trevelyan eventually goes on to solve as the series progresses.

The debut novel of the Rose Trevelyan series written by Janie Bolitho is entitled ‘Snapped In Cornwall’. It was released in 2001 by the Allison and Busby publishers after it was initially released in 1997. In this book, author Bolitho has mentioned about the interaction of Rose Trevelyan and Gabrielle Milton. When she met her for the first time, she had the feeling that they might turn into good friends. Rose was even excited to attend the party where she was invited by the Miltons. But, things take a shocking turn when the dead body of Gabrielle is discovered under a balcony. The story of the novel opens by introducing the life of Rose Trevelyan as a local photographer cum painter. She came to Cornwall after completing her graduation in order to try her hand at painting as a career. It is in Cornwall that Rose meets the love of her life, David Trevelyan, and married him. But to her bad luck, David dies soon after indulging a long fight with cancer. In the next 5 years, widowed Trevelyn establishes herself a local photographer so as to earn her living. She makes frequent visits to the countryside of Cornwall and captures sceneries in the form of paintings. Rose sells all her paintings at a local stationary shop owned by one of her friends named Barry. She even gets commissions for doing photography at the local events of birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. The first mystery that Rose Trevelyan comes across is when the wealthy Gabrielle Milton moves to Cornwall recently. Gabrielle’s husband lives in London for work and only visits her during the weekends.

After renovating her mansion, Gabrielle decides to host a party on the occasion of Christmas. She commissions Rose to take the photograph of her with her beloved cat for the Christmas cards. Gabrielle begins to like Rose and decides to invite her to the party as a means to share her lonely time as well as getting acquainted with the community. At the party, Rose discovers the murdered body of Gabrielle and this is when she begins to use her deductive skills to unfold the mystery. Firstly, she makes a list of suspects and then starts talking to them to gather clues. Because of her involvement in the case, Rose Trevelyan is harassed by a local detective. And as seen in every other mystery novel, it is only at the end that the killer is revealed, whom Rose ends up catching by working with the detective. Rose’s description by author Bolitho in the novel is that of a simple woman who is widowed and earns her livelihood by working as a photographer in Cornwall. After the death of her recent friend Gabrielle, she tried to lend her support to her loved ones. It is when she learns that the number of people who wished the death of Gabrielle were many. Overall, the plot’s characters, their, behavior, their relationship, etc., help to carry the story further. The book appears to be a traditional mystery novel, which easy to understand given its simple structure and easy language. Author Bolitho has also done a great job in capturing the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall in the plot. The success of this book helped set the stage for the next mystery books of the series.

One of the other popular books written in the series is titled as ‘Killed In Cornwall’. The Allison & Busby publication published it in 2003. Author Bolitho has described the primary characters in this story as Rose Trevelyan, Nathan Brown, Barry, Jack Pearce, Doreen, and Eva. In the starting plot, it is shown that Rose Trevelyan always tries to find time in spite of being busy with her new exhibition to support her friends whenever the needs arises. After doing so for some time, she begins to feel that everyone has some or the other problem to tell her. One of her friends is Doreen who seems to be worried about how Nathan Brown, her next door neighbor, is coping following the death of her mother. There is another friend named Eva, who looks suspicious about the whereabouts her boyfriend. Also, the shop owner friend of Rose Trevelyan, Barry, seems concerned about the new employee that has joined his shop. The most difficult problem that Rose hears about is from her star pupil named Joyce, who looks worried about the teenage daughter of hers because of spending more time with her friends. Rose Trevelyan learns that her short time boyfriend, Detective Jack Pearce, is investigating about several burglaries and vicious attacks done on younger women in and around the area. Now, as more and more secrets continue to get shared with Rose with the increasing seriousness of the crimes, Rose wonders whether she should take the step of betraying the confidences of her friends or get accused by Jack Pearce of interfering in his investigation. As the story nears its climax, Rose Trevelyan and Jack Pearce go on to take extreme steps to stop the criminal activities and prevent the attacks on women. They are finally able to solve the mystery behind the vicious attacks and become successful in catching the culprit. The overall plot of the mystery book appears both emotional and intriguing at the same time. The description of the beautiful countryside of Cornwall also makes the book an interesting read. Many critics appreciated the combination of the mystery set up and beautiful location of the plot, which added to its popularity and helped it to become even more successful across the globe.

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