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Rose Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Rose Trilogy Books

Beverly Lewis is an author of fiction. She was born in 1949 in Pennsylvania and grew up in the heart of Amish country. Lewis is known for writing such novels and series as the Cul de Sac Kids series, the Heritage of Lancaster county series, the Summerhill Secrets series, and more. Several of her novels have made it to bestselling status.

She used to teach before becoming a writer full-time. Now she is thrilled to write her novels for publication and on top of it, is a practiced and accomplished musician. Now that she is an officially published author, Lewis has not only put out dozens of fictional novels but has received awards for her writing. Her romance stories also led to her being nominated for a Quill Book Award.

Beverly Lewis has had three of her novels adapted into movies for television– The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning.

Lewis frequently writes series that are romantic in focus. The characters frequently come up against obstacles or hardships in their lives due to outside forces. They must try to do their best to work to overcome them and by the end usually have succeeded and can enjoy happiness and peace of mind in a true ‘happily ever after’ fashion. She resides with her husband in Colorado.

Beverly Lewis is the author of the Rose Trilogy. This series kicked off in 2010 with the release of the debut novel in the trilogy, titled The Thorn. The sequel came out shortly after in 2011 and is titled The Judgment. The third book in the series came out in the same year and is titled The Mercy.

The Thorn is the first book in the Rose Trilogy. When it comes to the idyllic meadows and byways of Lancaster County, this place could not seem more perfect. But then again, they say that every rose has its thorns. Such is the case with Lancaster County.

We get introduced to the story of two Amish sisters who are right now on the fringes of their church. Will new discoveries eventually end up changing their lives completely? Rose is known for being spirited and is a beautiful young woman. She also is good friends with Nick.

Nick is the son of the bishop, his foster son. While he works hard and dresses what they call ‘Plain’, Nick is constantly stirring up trouble and finding ways to rebel or do something that’s going to land him in hot water. Rose’s sister thinks that she should do what it takes to stay away from him, but Rose thinks that she knows what is best for her.

She knows that Nick is a good man and decides to write off the warnings. At the same time, she is busy keeping an English widower’s house. She does her best to tidy up but did not expect him to demand that she never go upstairs. Rose is confused and is beginning to think that the man might be hiding some secrets. That or he’s just really particular about no one going upstairs for some reason.

Meanwhile, her sister Hen is having love life problems. She knows all too well that sometimes you just want the one that you want. Hen is Rose’s older sister and has gotten into a marriage with her husband. The only problem is that he is modern and she grew up Amish. It’s an entire life that has been instilled into her and the Amish ways of her upbringing have been hard to break.

The inability to grow or move on from the way of the Amish spells trouble for their relationship, and soon Hen is separated from her husband without knowing if they will be together again. Their young daughter goes back and forth between them. Her husband does not wish her to wear Amish attire and speak in Pennsylvania Dutch, but that’s what Hen wants.

Hen is trying to get back to her people that she left behind so long ago. She feels that she has learned that she wants her old life back, but does she really? What will happen to her family, husband and daughter? Hen has a huge decision in front of her and is also trying to convince Rose to just leave the Nick thing alone. What will happen? Read this debut novel to find out!

The Judgment is the second novel in the Rose Trilogy by author Beverly Lewis. Rose Kauffman is back once more in a romance novel that will have you intrigued! When we last left Rose, she was engaged to an Amish man name Silas Good.

He’s well liked in the community and should be the perfect beau. So why does it seem to feel like she’s falling for Nick? Nick Franco has left the community suddenly after a huge tragedy. The bishop’s born son has passed away and there are doubts in the community as to whether he did it. Rose is engaged to Silas, even though she isn’t sure that she can walk down the aisle.

She has strong feelings for Nick that she is trying desperately to come to terms with. She’s not the only one dealing with her feelings and changes in life. Hen has some big decisions to make too and really needs to sort out her life. She’s come back with her daughter to live at her parents’ farm and her husband Brandon is not coming back anytime soon. The two have made a mutual decision to separate.

It’s not all as simple as it seems though for Hen as her soon to be ex husband is threatening to go legal and sue her in order to get what he wants. If Hen doesn’t come back he is saying that he will sue to try and get full custody, and Hen is worried that he will go through with it and the judge will side with Brandon since he’s more modern.

Can Hen return to her People without giving up her family in the process? Will her husband sue? Read this book to find out and see if the sisters can make it work without giving up too much in the process.

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