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Publication Order of Courtney Archer Books

Cobblered to Death (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finished Off in Fondant (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Candy Corpse (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rosemarie Ross is the pen name used by a renowned multi-genre and multi-published American writer named Rose Ross Zediker. She likes to write contemporary romance, cozy mystery, historical, romance, and inspirational novels. There are more than a hundred publishing credits to her name in the genre of adult and children’s fiction in the Christian magazine. Rosemarie’s books have featured in the bestseller lists of the ECPA and have been finalists for the National Reader’s Choice, Book Buyers Best, Booksellers Best, and RITA award contests. Under the pseudonym, Rosemarie has recently started a new series of mystery books called the Courtney Archer Mystery series. She has successfully published the first book of this series and has begun working on the next installment. Before writing this series, Rosemarie used to write standalone romance novels under her original name.

Some of the popular titles published by her include The Widow’s Suitor, Lily of the Field, Wedding on the Rocks, Job’s Tears, Rose of Sharon, Sweet on the Cowgirl, etc. All her single novels describe a romantic journey filled with the angst of weddings founded upon coercion and practical choices. Author Rosemarie began her publishing journey in 1991 when she joined a correspondence course at the Children’s Literature Institute. She was a responsible mother, a loyal wife, and a full-time worker at that time. Rosemarie’s earlier focus was on writing articles and short stories and improving them as best as she can. Her dream of publishing a book of her own came true in 1994. It was a short story titled Someone is Watching.

Nowadays, Rosemarie works to write and publish in both secular and Christian adult and children’s magazines. Her dedicated efforts have earned her more than 200 publishing credits to date. Rosemarie’s first full-length book, Wealth in Biblical Times, gave her the opportunity to hold a book in her hand just like every other writer. It also allowed her to hone her research skills and provided her the experience of working alongside a book packager. Rosemarie claims that the book solidified her determination to devote all her time to writing short stories and books. She was lucky that blogs were beginning to gain popularity at the time when she had just started her writing career.

Rosemarie used to spend long hours following the blogs of editors and going through posts about book releases. Later, Rosemarie came up with the starting idea, wrote the first draft in a month, rewrote it with certain corrections and editing of the chapters, and submitted it to a publisher. While desperately waiting for a reply from the editor, Rosemarie revised her entire manuscript and prepared herself well to be ready of the editor asked her for describing the full story. To her surprise, she did and there was no turning back for her after that. After six months, Rosemarie was offered a contract from Barbour Publishing for the release of her book, Lily of the Field. Although many of her earlier books are not available in the print format anymore, they can be found online to read and enjoy her excellent writing skills.

Rosemarie has penned 10 contemporary romance and historical inspirational books for the line of Heartsong Presents. They were first released by Barbour Publisher and later by Harlequin Romance. A couple of those romance became finalists of popular awards such as the RITA and Book Buyers Best. Author Rosemarie added another genre to her writing credits when she was recently offered a contract from Kensington to write cozy mysteries. She did not take much time to announce the series and releasing its first novel. Rosemarie feels that the best part of her job as a writer is to be able to connect with her fans. She also tries to meet them in person by organizing book-signing events and chapter reading sessions. Rosemarie is grateful for the tremendous amount of love and support she has received from readers across the globe. She wishes to keep getting the support for all her future novels and become much more successful than she already is. Rosemarie expects her fans to read her already published romance and mystery books until she comes up with a new book.

The debut book of the Courtney Archer series written by author Rosemarie Ross is entitled ‘Cobblered to Death’. It was released by the Kensington Publishing Corporation in 2019. Rosemarie has depicted the main protagonist in this novel as Courtney Archer. She hails from the Pocono Mountains and ends up indulging in murder investigations to find culprits and prevent other innocent people from getting killed. Initially, Courtney Archer is introduced as the host of the popular cooking show called Cooking with the Farmer’s Daughter. She is the daughter of a pediatrician, but has a particular interest in cooking.

When another role comes her way to act in a show called American Baking Battle, Courtney grabs it with both hands. She looks forward to the reality show to develop an authentic image. However, she is not aware that there is going to be genuine drama on this show along with the usual manufactured drama and backstabbing. At the time of a film shoot on the Pocono Mountains, Courtney is required to take care of more than career commitments. To add to her stress, a contestant named Mick comes to know about her the fake farm-girl story that she cooked on the previous show. Courtney fears that Mick might reveal her secret, which would lead to her disqualification from the show.

With the determination of succeeding at the new gig, Courtney Archer prepares cherry cobbler one evening in a hot fry-pan and keeps it open to cool down. The next morning, Mick is found dead near the frying pan and as the pan belonged to Courtney Archer, she is seen as the prime suspect in Mick’s murder. The frying pan gets confiscated as a murder tool and Courtney is ordered to prove her innocence or face trial as a murder suspect. She begins by finding out everything about Mick’s personal life and making the list of people who had the motive to kill him. In the end, Courtney succeeds in clearing her name and catching the real murderer.

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