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Publication Order of Chloe's Cream Tea Café Books

Summer Breeze (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Autumn Leaves (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Trees (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Year of Chasing Love (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Katie's Cornish Kitchen (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bella's Little French Bistro (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rosie Chambers is a bestselling romance author that is known for writing feel good and uplifting stories set in sun filled locales across the globe. Her stories are usually full of foodie treats, friendship and fun. The author has said she incorporates these in her novels hoping to bring a smile to her readers. Chambers made her debut in fiction writing with the publishing of “A Year of Chasing Love” A NOVEL that came out in 2020. She has said that quirky stationery is something she is always on the lookout for. There is nothing that makes her happier than having a biscuit in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

Chambers finds her inspiration from almost anything and everything. It could be a conversation she overhears on her daily commute, a story in the local paper, a chance encounter with a stranger, an interest in a period of history or a certain subject, a trip to an art gallery or a museum, or a holiday to an exotic location. She has also said that she loves to watch people and finds a particular fascination with how people meet their partners. Whether it is a blind date that is set up on a dating website, walking in the park, taking a latte at the coffee shop, exercising at the gym, relaxing on a holiday in the Caribbean or taking a cookery course in Italy. However, she is most intrigued when a couple stays together for better or worse, through thick and thin.

In Katie’s “A Year of Chasing Love” we are introduced to Olivia, a woman who believes she has it all. She is a top marital lawyer at a firm she loves working at, a successful marriage, plenty of moments in the sun, solid friendships, and a solid career as a partner. But everything comes at a price as her over attention to clients and work means she has not been watching over her own family, friendships and marriage. Everything comes crashing down when she gets the divorce papers from her husband at the office. Things only get more interesting when her mentor, who is one of the senior partners at the firm, demands that she take a leave of absence for ten months to find a life away from her clients. She is broken and devastated, but she is not one to mope sitting at home. She packs up her apartment and intends to sell it while her husband is in Singapore for work. Olivia has very few options and drinking with her friends becomes old very fast. When a friend from her university days cajole her to work with her on a study on why marriages work, she reluctantly agrees.

In Katie’s “Cornish Kitchen” by Rosie Chambers, Katie Campbell is a woman that is trying to put her life together following a bad breakup with her fiance. She is now in Bali and thanks the stars that she met Agatha, a restaurant owner that had provided a listening ear when she needed one. When Katie tells her that she is apprehensive about going back to the life she left in Europe, Agatha asks if she would be interested in running an old cafe in the picturesque and beautiful village of Perrinby, Cornwall that is far away from London. While it will be tough reopening the cafe and making it make money, Kate is grateful at the chance at a fresh start. She is soon friends with Jay the florist, Talia the waitress and Oscar the handsome neighbor. All she has left to do is make the cafe a welcoming place for the local community. Katie Campbell hosts everything from pizza making nights to floristry workshops and even the natter and knit group.But then the cafe is threatened by local property developers just as she was starting to feel at home and grow closer to Oscar.

Rosie Chambers’ “Bella’s Little French Bistro” is the story of Bella Bradshaw, a struggling actress who is left devastated after some terrible comments. She has just been told that she needs to go back to acting school as her performance was wooden. Even the fact that she still has her waitressing job cannot get her spirits up. She wonders whether she should just quit her job at the French bistro and go back home to Oxford. She works for a handsome French man named Marc Bouvier who is known for collecting shiny culinary appliances. He doesn’t want her to leave as all the clients love her delicious desserts and cakes. He thinks that if she left, most of the clientele will leave and the bistro will have to shut down. But then something happens that changes her life forever.

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