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The Roommate (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Intimacy Experiment (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Do Your Worst (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Rosie Danan
The American writer Rosie Danan has fast become well known for her intelligently paced romance novels filled with heart and warmth. Giving readers well written characters, she’s a witty and entertaining writer, providing plenty of compelling and funny stories. Taking the romance novel, she’s managed to elevate it, making it her own in the process, saying something different and unique. Her voice is singular, allowing it to shine out from the page in a manner that’s quite unlike any other currently out there.

Not only that, but Danan has also become highly regarded for the underlying messages to each of her novels, as there’s always a heart there. Depicting strong characters that also have flaws, her writing works on multiple levels, allowing it to essentially speak to her following of readers worldwide. Resonating with readers regardless of where they’re from, she really understands her audience and how to speak to them in a real and authentic way. Looking at modern love in an honest and open manner, she’s direct and to the point, not leaving anything out from her work.

Creating interesting characters that really stand out as well, each of protagonists feel fully three-dimensional and genuine. From her debut novel critics would be praising her work, marking her out as a writer to watch, as her audience continued to grow. With readers from all over finding her books, she would resonate with an international audience, attracting a diverse readership. There’s a lot more to come too, with plenty of titles planned for release in the near future, as she continues to write regularly.

Early and Personal Life
Interested in reading and writing from an early age, Rosie Danan always held a strong passion for the written word. This would develop throughout her life, as she would build upon it through the years, finding her style and her voice. Focusing on her craft, she would work to establish an approach that was entirely unique to her, allowing her to find an audience.

Continually drawing in inspiration from the world around her, she managed to bring her books to an even wider readership. In 2018 she would participate in the ‘Pitch Wars’ mentorship program, then again in both 2019 and 2020, becoming a regular participant there. Currently living in London in the United Kingdom, she continues to write regularly with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career
In 2020 Rosie Danan would write her first novel, which would be a stand-alone romance book titled ‘The Roommate.’ Later she would follow this up with another stand-alone title called ‘The Intimacy Experiment,’ releasing it in 2021. Both of these would attract scores of readers around the world, as she would come a long way as a writer in a relatively short amount of time.

She would gain critical acclaim from the outset, with publications such as ‘The New York Times’ praising her book in their reviews. Her debut would also be optioned for a film, as it would potentially go on to become adapted for the big-screen. She’s a writer with a lot more to offer, maintaining a strong presence both online and off, as there’s plenty more to follow.

The Roommate
Initially published through the Berkley publishing label, this would first come out on the 15th of September in 2020. Marking the first debut release from Rosie Danan as an author, it would be a stand-alone title introducing her for the first time. Establishing her style, it’s a romantic comedy that takes the genre and really turns it on its head, playing with the formula in the process.

This is a fun and witty novel filled with a lot of heart, creating an interesting and narrative that manages to fully draw the reader in. Wasting no time in getting straight to the heart of the story, Rosie Danan really makes the most of the intriguing premise. The characters are extremely likeable too, while not being without flaws making them feel genuine and wholly authentic.

Known mainly for being an impulsive family, the Wheatons are an east coast elite, but the daughter Clara deviates from this in that she’s calm and well-mannered. Her high-achieving ways are soon to be put to the test though, after she travels across country following her childhood crush, before finding herself sharing lease with a handsome stranger. That’s when she discovers this individual has another life working in the entertainment industry, and it could potentially be the scandal to end all scandals for Clara. How will they find and learn from each other? Can they overcome their differences? What will become of the roommate?

The Intimacy Experiment
Once again published through the Berkley Books publishing outlet, this would come out in 2021 on the 6th of April. Providing another stand-alone novel, this would offer more of what Danan had now become well known for, with its fun and engaging story. As another romantic comedy, it uses the character of Naomi from Danan’s previous novel ‘The Roommate,’ although it’s its own self-contained story.

It’s a vibrant and witty story told with a lot of personality, as it moves along at a brisk and light-hearted pace, being a fun and casual read. There’s plenty brimming under the surface too, giving the reader plenty of deeper ideas to invest themselves in. The world it creates is also rich and rewarding, feeling fully realized on the page, allowing the reader to explore it completely, getting lost in it.

Coming from previously working in the adult entertainment industry, Naomi Grant has now set up a sex-education platform. Meanwhile, becoming the rabbi of his own synagogue, Ethan Cohen is one of the city’s hottest bachelors, and he’s been hired in order to turn the synagogue around and attract more people. Working together, Ethan and Naomi will host a series of seminars on ‘Modern Intimacy,’ but it seems that they’re increasingly growing attracted to one another. Will they manage to become an item? Can they overcome the obstacles in their path? What will happen as they both undertake the intimacy experiment?

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