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Publication Order of Rosie Gilmour Books

Rosie Gilmour is perhaps the most electrifying book series featuring a talented female journalist, whose character befits that of a woman sleuth. Anna Smith was pretty cautious to maintain some bit of consistency for this series with Rosie Gilmour appearing as the main character in all the seven books in this series. All the seven works can be abridged as pieces containing a blend of Cozy mystery and serious conspiracies. Fortunately, Anna made sure that all books in this series are not as predictable as in other previous works by the writer. There is a good level of modernity in the books, though the writer was very conservative of featuring very sophisticated technologies that in most cases confuses readers.

The fact that the first book in this series, ‘The Dead Won’t Sleep’ was published in 2011, somewhat tells us of what to expect in terms of the technical aspects. Up to the last piece, Rosie Gilmour is portrayed as a journalist with a manly nerve, no situation is too deadly for her. The last piece in this series is known as ‘Kill me twice’ and Anna leaves the reader at a point of hoping for continuity in the series. Although none of the seven books has had a film made from it, most of these books have had some audio books prepared for them. If the writer decides to progress with Rosie Gilmour’s mysterious journey in the world of crime, there is much hope that the series might have a film or TV series prepared in honor of it.

Here is a short recap of what to expect in four of the first books in the seven-book series. Notably, as the tales succession progresses, things become graver for Rosie Gilmour. By the time we are getting at the last book in the series (Kill me Twice), she is a completely different person from what we knew of her in ‘The Dead Won’t Sleep’.

Book 1- The Dead Won’t Sleep

This Book is set in Glasgow and Rosie is sent to cover a story of a young girl whose dead body was found at the shores of the sea. Luckily she finds some helpful information from Mag’s, a friend of the deceased. Despite having some promising leads on what really happened to the dead girl, the evidences she has so far hold no water before a court nor is it authentic enough to get published.

Later on she strikes gold on the case, but she is now in more danger than ever. She now fears for her life and she might not even be alive to feature her story. Her brawls in past painful relationships further compel her to yearn for a new life if she finds someone worth taking the risk for. TJ shows interest in taking her back, but by this time Rosie is too deep in the murder case, there is no bailing out on it.

Book 2- To tell the Truth

Rosie is yet in another deep scandal while on holiday at the coast of Spain. She is simply cooling off at Costa del Sol when a three year old young girl is abducted in the company of her parents. The abduction happens just a few kilometers from the hotel where Rosie was spending her vacation. The editorial team resolves that Rosie is the best person to cover the case and sends her to investigate the story of three year old Amy.

For one, Rosie cannot turn the job down since she is geographically near the location where the incident happened. Her only hope of information is from a public sex worker and whether she likes it or not she must collaborate with the sex worker, if she is going to get anywhere with the case. Mick McGuire, Rosie’s editor isn’t ready to let Rosie lose from this story despite the many risks that she faces, if she continues with her search for truth.

Book 3- Screams in the Dark

Rosie Gilmour is back at Glasgow where she is supposed to work on a case involving a series of murders. The air is tense after a refugee is found murdered in an inland water way. Worse to that, the body is harvested off some vital body organs like the head and limbs. When she starts working on this case, she discovers that the refugee is not the only person who was murdered in this same manner. A respectable lawyer in the city is said to have committed suicide, but it looks like he had something to do with the refugee’s incident. Could this be a murder case staged to be suicide?

Could the same people who murdered the refugee be responsible for coercing the Lawyer to commit suicide? These are questions that Rosie wants answers for. She tries to connect all these incidences to yet another story that is presented to her by a young refugee lad. The lad talks of how he had been abducted by some unknown people, whose description matches that of the suspected gang that killed the other refugee. Eventually, Rosie finds herself at a tight spot when one of the murder cases she is working on, boomerangs on her.

Book 4- Betrayed

It’s been months since Rosie worked on a life-threatening case. The wounds from her previous investigation are still on the verge of healing. Rosie is a troubled woman. Despite having passed through hell in her previous commission, she feels that she needs to do a search on the missing Wendy Graham. Wendy was a barmaid at one of the local taverns in Glasgow, but went missing after news broke that she might be the crucial lead to a serious investigation on a wanted gang.

Even with the risks that are quite apparent in this case, Rosie isn’t ready to leave this case to another investigative journalist. The fact that she went through hell in her earlier mission, partly inspires her to face the dreaded UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force). When she is about to crack the case, she finds herself in captivity of the UVF. Will she discover the missing lead in Wendy’s case?


All other books in the Rosie Gilmour serious feature way more serious investigative situations. By the time you get to the fourth book, it’s a guarantee that you will be hooked to want to read the remaining three books. Even so, one issue is recurring in all Rosie Gilmour mysteries, and this is that all the mysteries feature women in trouble, who are saved by a woman (Rosie). The author of this series probably wanted to portray the power hidden beneath the heart of a woman and that gender parity in all domains, including journalism is vital.

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