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Publication Order of Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop Books

Sweetshop of Dreams (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christmas Surprise (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rosie Hopkins is a series of novels written by Jenny Colgan. It is also the name of the primary protagonist of the series.

+The Story

The Rosie Hopkins series has a lot of fans. Falling strictly within the romance genre, the series has been known to cut across the gender divide to appeal to both men and women. This is despite the fact that the Rosie Hopkins series primarily falls within the Romance genre and can be accurately referred to as Chick-lit.

The story of the Rosie Hopkins series kicks off when Rosie Hopkins leaves her busy life in London to sort out her Elderly Aunt Lillian Hopkins. The series primarily takes place in the small country village of Lipton, and Jenny has received a lot of praise for her descriptions of Lipton, painting the picture of a truly charming and lovely place with a penchant for the unexpected.

Crucial to the Rosie Hopkins Series is Aunt Lillian’s Sweet shop. Aunt Lillian has been running the sweet shop for a very long time. It has survived everything from war to family feuds, and it soon falls upon the shoulders of Rosie Hopkins to oversee the things

Amidst the chaos of Rosie’s efforts to adjust to the world of Lipton, life takes many unexpected turns, testing Rosie’s bonds with friends and family, and even throwing her into surprising encounters with odd love interests.

The Rosie Hopkins series is a Christmas themed collection of novels, with all the stories taking place around this most important of holidays. Along with the Christmas setting, food is a mainstay of the series.

The Rosie Hopkins series is full of recipes that further highlight Jenny Colgan’s interesting in cooking, an interest that also manifested in the author’s Cupcake Café series of novels.

Readers flock to the Rosie Hopkins series because it is fun and lighthearted. There is also quite a lot of humor, this along with a whole host of odd yet interesting characters. Jenny drives the whole ship by using uniquely descriptive terms and sentence structures to thrust her readers into the world of Rosie Hopkins, her fiancée, Aunt and the many people that surround her.

+The Author

Jenny Colgan is a writer born in September 1972. She studied at Edinburgh University before joining the health service. Her passion for the arts eventually won through, seeing her moonlight as a cartoonist and stand-up comic.

Jenny’s first novel was released in 2000. She writes primarily in the Romance genre and has won a couple of accolades as a result of her work. Not many people know that Jenny has written stories within the highly popular Doctor Who Universe.

+Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams

Rosie Hopkins didn’t want to leave her busy London Life, especially since she had a boyfriend in Gerard to think about. However, circumstances didn’t give her much choice. Rosie was compelled to travel to the little country village of Lipton in order to sort out her elderly Aunt Lillian’s Sweet shop.

Rosie was certain that Lipton would prove to be the dullest place she had ever been; however, she was quickly proven wrong. In light of the situation surrounding the sweet shop, an establishment that has survived wartime and family feuds, Rosie struggles with the idea that she might have to finally settle down.

This is as she contends with the secret history behind the jars of colored sweets in Aunt Lillian’s shop.

This book, the first in the Rosie Hopkins series, flows at a gentle pace. The first thing you cannot help but notice is Jenny’s beautifully descriptive writing. The author brilliantly sets the tone for the village of Lipton, painting a vivid picture that easily transports readers to the idyllic location.

Jenny introduces a varied mixture of characters, and while not all of them are unique, often compelling you to roll your eyes at them, there are enough notable individuals here, characters that you really love.

The book brings Rosie to the fro, a character who isn’t happy with the turn of events that brought her to Lipton; she has never wanted to work in a sweet shop, so she is less than pleased when it is thrust upon her.

It is in understanding the back story of the sweet shop and its traditional glory that Rosie slowly comes to appreciate her new situation; and the recipes littering the book are mouthwatering, dragging readers back to childhood moments when they craved sweets more than anything.

+Christmas at Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop

As a thick snow blankets the little Derbyshire village of Lipton, Rosie Hopkins cannot help but look forward to Christmas. Her sweet shop is filled to the brim with an assortment of goodies purposed to tantalize the little children and their parents.

Christmas, this time round, will be spent with Rosie’s boyfriend, Stephan, this alongside her family which is flying in from Australia. Rosie’s anticipation is curtailed by a tragedy which strikes at the heart of the community.

It seems like Rosie’s plans for the future have been blown apart. She must strive to rebuild her life in Lipton even as she tries to determine whether or not the sweet shop fits into her future.

It is easy to become immersed in the charming location of Lipton. This is where the author keeps shining. Jenny’s ability to bring Lipton to life is simply amazing. The second novel in the Rosie Hopkins series, events in the book kick off when a tragedy jars the community of Lipton.

As one might expect from Jenny Colgan, the book is a very fun read. This is despite the fact that it can get a little heartbreaking at times. There is a decent balance between these two aspects.

It is easy to connect with all the characters in the book. Rosie is a sweet protagonist whose interactions with the people around her are sharp, humorous and engaging. Readers are a little divided when it comes to Stephen. Some people preferred the prickly personality he displayed in the first book while others appreciated the fact that his time with Rosie had changed him.

It is difficult to hate a book like this, one that perfectly immerses you into the Christmas spirit.

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