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Rosie Walsh is an author of fiction. She currently resides in Bristol along with her male partner. She has not been a part of the published author writing scene for long, as her debut novel was released in 2018. However, that is not exactly true as Walsh has written under the pen name of Lucy Robinson.

Under the name of Lucy Robinson, Rosie not only wrote four U.K. novels but also wrote online for the magazine Marie Claire when it comes to all things love and dating. She is not only a writer and journalist but a former producer of documentaries for television and has worked extensively in theater in the past.

Her blog for Marie Claire online was a regular column much like Carrie Bradshaw had in sex and the city. She featured stories about her unsuccessful and often comic forays into the dating world; specifically, the world of online dating. While she failed to meet a man that she wanted to marry during this time, it did provide her the time to write and become a novelist. So not all lack of dating successes work against you, as Walsh has found out!

Walsh did find a version of happily ever after eventually, though. She met her partner when she took off on a whirlwind trip to Buenos Aires for the purpose of becoming a bohemian writer. Even though she is a published author now, she continues to work in television when she can and also manages to get walks in as well as surprise her partner and social media viewers with her healthy and sometimes very odd cooking. The recipes may not always turn out how you think they will, but that’s okay.

Walsh is very happy to have met a man that actually did want to call, unlike the characters in her book (and the men of the past). Now they live happily together in the U.K. in Bristol. They have a child together, a son.She also has many hobbies and did have many things that she did in her previous life before having her son; she played the violin in an orchestra, did running, dancing, and yoga, volunteered at a literacy charity, loved cooking, coastal walking, television and theater. Now she just would love to take a nap or have a clean kitchen!

The pen name Rosie Walsh has been used for one book to date that goes by different titles depending on the country. The U.K. title for this 2018 novel is The Man Who Didn’t Call. The United States release featured the titled Ghosted (a term that refers to someone that disappears out of your life like a ghost).

Walsh says that there are many pieces of her life in Ghosted, She has written about the valleys where she grew up surrounding Stroud as well as the noises and the groans of cities that she has worked and lived in. Walsh also managed to capitalize on her former love life, when she met someone that she thought she could really fall for and believed they had great chemistry– only to find out that the phone never rang again. Apparently he did not feel the same way!

Ghosted is Rosie Walsh’s first novel. It was released in 2018. If you’ve ever been unlucky in love or been on dates where you thought that everything was going great, only to find that the second date is never going to happen when the individual you went out with never contacts you again.

Sarah is looking for the love of her life and all that she wants is someone to share her chemistry with. So when she meets a guy named Eddie, she thinks this could have real potential. She’s not just making that up either– once she lays eyes on Eddie, all she can think about is what seems like an instant connection. Just like that, the two are on their way to falling in love.

Sarah feels like that for the first time in her life, something has finally started. It seems that the feeling is mutual; Eddie seems like he has been waiting for someone like her to come along, too. Sarah and Eddie spend a week together, and hang out over the course of seven days. Every day is perfect, and Sarah starts to believe that she really is falling in love with someone special.

Sarah is so excited for the development of this new relationship. Eddie seems like a great guy, and she’s never been so sure about a connection with someone in her life. After a few great days together, Eddie has to leave her side to go on a vacation that has been booked for a while now. He promises that he will call Sarah at the airport and will be in touch.

Sarah has no reason to doubt this, but when her phone refuses to ring, she starts to wonder. The hours go by and then the hours turn into days, and then weeks. Sarah is confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. Did he meet someone new while on vacation? Did he just not care about her that much? Did his mood change about her?

Sarah is worried and frustrated and sad. What is going on? She tells herself that something must have happened. Her friends see it as just another guy ghosting a girl, and tell her that she is better off if she forgets him. Even though Sarah would love to forget Eddie and that the whole thing ever happened now that the junction is going south.

She has no idea why Eddie isn’t getting in touch with her and spins any number of reasons through her head. But as time ticks on, Sarah is going to gradually find out the exact reason why Eddie disappeared. And it might just have something to do with the truth.

What will happen in this thrilling fictional romance story gone wrong? Find out for yourself! Pick up Rosie Walsh’s Ghosted online or in stores or your local library, or find it by the U.K. title, The Man Who Didn’t Call.

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  1. Joseph Snyder: 5 years ago

    Just read Ghosted. Very unsatisfactory story. The story line is based on a completely false premise. The seminal event in the story–the event which drives all the rest–is “the accident.” Sarah is considered responsible for the death of Alex. She is vilified to the extent that she is driven to move to America and her sister Hannah refuses to speak to her for almost 20 years. The trouble is that Sarah is not at fault at all. The fault, other than the boy driver, belongs to Hannah.

    Sarah is in charge of Hannah and Alex. Hannan and Alex know this. They are obligated to do what Sarah says. Instead, Hannah runs off and gets in the car with the boy. She is being a total brat. Any adverse consequences of her action belongs to her.

    Sarah, on the other hand, has only had her drivers license for several weeks. What is she to do when one of her charges runs off? What would you do? One answer: grab your phone and call 911. But she didn’t have a mobile phone.

    Now, if the fault had not been improperly placed on Sarah, the rest of the story falls apart.


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