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Publication Order of Carlisle Books

Truth and Measure (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Above all Things (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lily and the Crown (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The X Ingredient (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

After Happily Ever After(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Roslyn Sinclair is an American author of lesbian romance books. She is the author of Carlisle series which debut in 2022 and two standalone novels The X Ingredient and The Lily and the Crown. Roslyn was born in the southern USA and now resides in the Northeast. She began her writing career writing fanfiction under the pseudonym Telanu. Since then, she’s successfully managed to transition to professional publishing. Some of her favorite and popular themes include ice queens, age-gap romance. Her stories feature characters that fight their attraction to each other until they can’t anymore. Roslyn lives in the greater Philadelphia are with her wife.

Roslyn Sinclair published two books that marked the start of Carlisle series; Truth and Measure and Above all Things in 2022. There seem to be two types of readers for ‘Truth and Measure’ and ‘Above All Things.’ One group reads and loves them. The other group does the same but also tries not to compare them to the original fanfic. They look to see if the updates blend well with the story. And guess what? They do.

For the first group of readers, the novels take inspiration from “The Devil Wears Prada,” the movie with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. They explore a “What if?” scenario. The main character is Vivian Carlisle. She runs the famous fashion magazine Du Jour. Vivian is tough, strict, and very intimidating. She’s also fascinating. She finds herself with unexpected pregnancy, a complicated divorce, and feelings for her personal assistant. All in all, she’s tough and strict.

The second main character is Jules Moretti. Jules is Vivian’s skilled personal assistant (PA). She understands Vivian perfectly. Jules turns Vivian’s brief commands into detailed plans and ensures tasks are done flawlessly. Jules dreams of being a writer. She doesn’t enjoy working for Vivian but sees it as a step to get her work published. Because Vivian’s life is structured, so is Jules’s. Her schedule mirrors Vivian’s. Essentially, Jules lives for her job, not for herself. Yet, she discovers a strange joy in this ordered chaos, in the controlled madness of Vivian’s world. But when her emotions take control, Jules realizes she’s falling for Vivian. This was never part of her plan.

The novels stand out because they are carefully revised versions of an original fanfiction. Roslyn Sinclair took special care to update her story, made it modern and removed any characters that no longer fit. At the same time, she introduced new characters in a subtle way. What makes these novels even more enjoyable is the added humor. Sinclair brilliantly captures moments of tension at Du Jour, where employees do everything, they can to avoid drawing Vivian’s attention. Those who try too hard often end up losing their jobs.
From Jules’s perspective, we get glimpses of Vivian’s vulnerabilities. Vivian struggles to maintain control and that’s an indicator her life is spiraling. This viewpoint allows readers to see a different side of Vivian, one that’s not apparent from her own thoughts. Sinclair skillfully presents both Jules and Vivian as fully developed, complex characters. Their growth throughout the story is clear.

The portrayal of their relationship is spot-on, especially the sexual tension and encounters. These moments are perfectly timed with the development of Jules and Vivian’s relationship. But it’s not just about the sex. It’s the flirting, the charged looks, and the deep longing that underline their interactions. This chaos of emotions and desire is what they both seek from each other and reflect their strong and passionate natures. The way they give in to their feelings adds a rich layer to their dynamic.

These novels go beyond just detailing various sex positions across different locations. They also weave a narrative about the complex journey of love. The intimate scenes between Jules and Vivian are more than just physical. They serve as moments where both characters confront and tear away their emotional defenses. This process allows them to truly discover each other and themselves and find a deep connection that transcends physical attraction. The story emphasizes the importance of noticing the small things amidst life’s broader strokes. Roslyn Sinclair skillfully illustrates that if you focus too much on the grand can cause you to overlook crucial details. She portrays the relationship between the main characters as something precious and highlights the importance of nurturing it to prevent it from fading due to shallowness.
Most of the relationship development unfolds in “Above All Things,” surprisingly the second book in the series. This sequencing reflects the unpredictable nature of love. The first book, “Truth and Measure,” captures the initial surge of passion and desire, where logic seems to take a backseat. Following this, “Above All Things” explores the growth of their bond, tackles the deeper questions of their relationship. It’s in this second installment that the foundation for their love is solidified. It also answers the critical questions of their future together. This structure mirrors the real progression of relationships.

In 2019, Roslyn Sinclair published a standalone, The X Ingredient. We are introduced to the main character Laurie Holcombe. She finds herself in a tough spot with no job and little hope. Her luck seems to change when she lands a position as an assistant at a renowned law firm where she works as working for Diana. Laurie’s main task is to handle Diana’s difficult.

Diana Parker is known as the best lawyer in Atlanta. She’s hardworking, strict, and her professional life is a success story. However, her personal life, especially her marriage, is in trouble. Diana is used to having control, but managing her personal issues proves to be challenging.
Enter Laurie, with her cheerful Southern drawl and distinctive pink hair. She seems entirely unsuitable for the job in Diana’s eyes. Despite initial doubts, an unexpected attraction grows between them and resulting is a risky and secret relationship that challenges the boundaries of their professional roles.

They attempt to set boundaries to manage their attraction and try as possible to keep their relationship professional. But resisting each other becomes more difficult than they anticipated.

The X Ingredient is engaging and boast a well-crafted storyline and dynamic characters. Although the plot might feel familiar, it’s the delivery that makes it unique. The romance is intense and the erotic scenes are described with a freshness that keeps them exciting. The narrative flows smoothly while the characters are relatable and their development throughout the story adds depth to their romance.

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