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Ross Armstrong is a well known screen and stage actor from The United Kingdom, who is known to have given performances in London’s West End. He has also performed in a number of theatres across the UK and on Broadway. Among the other achievements of author Armstrong include getting the chance to act along with Jude Law in Hamlet, Joseph Fiennes in Cyrano de Bergerac, Maxine Peake in Deep Blue Sea, and Kim Cattrall. The television appearances of author Armstrong include Jonathan Creek, Ripper Street, Foyles War, DCI Banks, and Mr. Selfridge. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of Theatre and English Literature from the Warwick University, author Armstrong enrolled himself at the National Youth Theater. There, Armstrong’s contemporaries included Rafe Spall and Matt Smith. Following his stint in the acting field, author Armstrong went on to pursue a 3 year course at the RADA. It was at RADA that Armstrong won the Poetry Writing Prize of RADA. His writing career is known to comprise only book, The Watcher. It is believed that author Armstrong got the idea for writing the story of this book after moving into a newly bought apartment block.

While he was watching the moon in the night sky with the help of his binoculars, he discovered that he could easily look into the homes of his neighbors. However, he did not make any misuse of this opportunity. Thankfully for the neighbors of author Armstrong, he decided to put down the binoculars and picked up the pen for developing the mind blowing story. In addition to his interest in acting and writing, author Armstrong is also a hardcore fan of cricket. Armstrong contributes to the cricket magazine called All Out on regular occasions. Besides this, author Armstrong also writes a column every month in the magazine known as You & Your Wedding. Currently, Armstrong is busy in the preparations of his own marriage, which is about to take place very soon in 2017. As for the other accomplishments of author Armstrong in acting are concerned, he is known to have given stage performances with RSC for several shows like Oppenheimer in West End and alos with the Donmar for Hamlet.

The debut novel written by Ross Armstrong is entitled ‘The Watcher’. This book was released by the Mira publication in the year 2016. The book appears to be absolutely addictive. Its a trending commercial and psychological suspense book, having a captivating and unreliable narrator. Author Armstrong has provided numerous powerful twists in the narration of the plot. The chief characters described in this book’s story include Lily Gullick, Aiden Gullick, and Jean. At the start of the story, it is shown that Lily Gullick resides with her loving husband named Aiden. Recently, they have changed their place of residence and moved into a new flat located opposite a huge estate that is about to undergo demolition. Being a keen watcher of birds, Lily Gullick is always equipped with her binoculars. And while she is watching the birds, she indulges in watching into the houses of her neighbors occasionally. When her husband asks her why she ends up doing this, she says that she cannot help herself and goes on to spy on the neighbors. One fine day, Lily Gullick is busy with her bird watching activities as usual. Suddenly, she witnesses something suspicious through the lens of her binoculars. Soon after, the elderly neighbor of Lily Gullick, named Jean, is discovered dead. Lily wants to help find out who killed Jean, but she is highly intrigued by her localities social divide. And as the time passes by, the situation becomes more and more gentrified. However, Lily knows that she must not care such things and must act to help in the investigation of Jean’s death. Later, Lily Gullick comes to know that her interference in the case is getting noticed by someone, who is keeping a close watch on the activities of Lily Armstrong. And as Lily begins to closer to the reality, her own life falls under a great risk. Now, she has to decide how she will go ahead in the investigation of Jean’s murder case. The book’s plot appears to be somewhat different.

Author Armstrong’s writing style and plot look very different. However, the readers felt intrigued to the story right from the first page. Author Armstrong has written the prose in first person. Even though it looks like the format of journals, it is more free flowing than the diary entries. The twists and turns of the book thrilled and shocked a number of readers, who felt that the author Armstrong has described the clever moments in a beautiful way. He has given an insight into the mind of Lily Gullick in a easy way, which made the book easily understandable to all the readers. Especially, the last part of the novel seems very interesting because it is in this part that the entire plot comes together in entertaining ways. The plot has got a dark and suspenseful tone undertone. Its pace begins to pick up towards the end, after being slightly on the slow side from the beginning. The character of Lily Gullick is liked by many readers. And as the book nears its end, they developed millions of feelings towards Lily. Lily Gullick’s character looks more memorable than many other recently created characters by other writers. The critics recommend that this book should be read without any expectations. Only this way it can be enjoyed to its fullest. Many other critics say that the book’s words should be allowed to flow. Several readers said after reading the story that they loved where they were taken by the book’s ending. Right from its beginning, the book appears to be totally different. The fact that it is written in the style of first person, that is, from the point of view of the chief protagonist, makes it give out her feelings and thoughts as and when she experiences them. On the whole, the book is highly interesting to read. The psychological thriller described by Armstrong has everything in it that makes it a worthy read. There are certain things in the book that seem highly addictive and intriguing. All these factors helped the book to become extremely successful. Subsequently, author Armstrong gained a lot of popularity. The appreciation and praise from the critics, motivated him to develop several other intriguing thriller novels in his future career. The tremendous success also brought a lot of name and fame in the life of author Armstrong.

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