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Rosslyn Elliot is a writer, editor, and researcher that sometimes dabbles in photography.

The author was brought up in a military family and as a military brat, she lived in two foreign four states in the US and two foreign countries before she graduated from high school.
As a young adult, she went to Yale where she got her degree majoring in theater. Afterward, she went to Emory University where she got an English master’s degree.

Elliot would then become a professional writer working primarily for the Central Arkansas Library System.

Over the years, she has worked in different genres of writing. She has been involved in writing social media campaigns, historical novels, corporate communications, journalistic features, radio copy, stage plays, and feasibility studies.
For her historical fiction, she has won critical acclaim and many awards for her prose style, depth of research, and humanity. Given that she is passionate about all things Shakespeare, she has performed with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.
As a lifelong nature and animal lover that grew up riding bareback and singing to horses, she never tires of looking for unicorns when she is out in the woods.

As for how she came to be a published author, Rosslyn has asserted that it took her years. Still, it does seem that she always intended to become a fiction author given that she took undergraduate and undergraduate degrees in writing-related fields.
When she was done with her doctoral dissertation, she thought it would be a good time to try her hand at penning her debut historical fiction work. At that time she was a resident of Westerville, Ohio.

She visited the small local house museum as she intended to do some research on farm tools and kitchen artifacts.

Prior to the tour, she was taken to an outbuilding by a guide and shown a video about a family that used to live in the house known as the Hanbys. Half an hour later, she was convinced that she needed to tell the Hanby family story.
She found that the family loved action filled and romantic lives punctuated by courage, even as they served their community out of love and faith.

“Fairer Than Morning,” her debut novel was first published in 2011 and she has never looked back since. She now has at least three titles to her name.

It does seem like most people in Rosslyn Elliot’s family are very creative. She is married to a talented and very creative salesman that also happens to be a doting father to their kids.

Unlike many authors who spend most of their time hunched over their computers, she loves to spend her time outdoors. Elliot spends most of her time working with horses and having fun. When she is indoors she loves cooking and listening to music.
She is also passionate about teaching especially if she is called upon to teach young people. She usually teaches drama classes and offers riding lessons for a homeschool group and another for her church.
She can sometimes be found playing Settlers of Catan, the light strategy board game.

“Fairer Than Morning” is the story of Ann Miller, a farmer’s daughter and Will Hanby an indentured apprentice.

When Ann traveled to Pennsylvania with her younger sisters and her father, she never expected to find so much excitement shopping in the big city and going on a boat.

When Ann and her siblings head out intending to visit an associate of their father in Pittsburgh, she realizes that there is someone tailing them. But just who would be interested in what a traveling preacher and saddlemaker was doing?
Things get interesting when she sees her dad arguing with the mystery man. Ann wonders if maybe her father has been engaging in something other than preaching when he has been going on his frequent trips away from the farm.
Upon arriving in Pittsburgh, Ann encounters the saddler’s apprentice and this meeting will be what will take her mind off of what her father is doing.

The apprentice is a man dealing with emotional and physical turmoil at the hands of a ruthless master. She vows to help Will get away from the miserable life of maltreatment and neglect.

Rosslyn Elliot’s novel “Sweeter Than Birdsong” tells the story of Kate Winter and Ben Hanby. Music has often been a welcome escape for Kate but she finds real freedom to be even better.

The work opens in 1855 in Westerville where Kate believes that she is just about to achieve her dreams. She will make history as the first-ever woman in her family to graduate from college.
This means she will be able to escape from her family and the dark secret that has haunted them for years. However, her father will do everything to get her married to a wealthy man.

She hatches a secret plan to escape by joining a musical performance which she uses in masking her flight.

Ben Hanby is a musical genius at Otterbein College who believes in the painfully shy and beautiful Kate Winter. He is moved when he hears her singing and wants to cast her in his musical.
By doing so he can kill two birds with one stone as he can also get to learn more about the mysterious woman. But he is also a man with secrets as he has been secretly helping fugitives heading to the Underground Railroad.

“Lovelier Than Daylight” by Rosslyn Elliot is the story of Susanna Hanby whose nephews and nieces fell victim to the alcoholic mistakes of their father.

The work is set in 1875 where the lead is traveling to a farm in Ohio that is owned by her sister. But upon arriving there, she finds only her alcoholic husband who tells her that her sister dumped their half a dozen kids at the local orphanage and ran off.
Susanna seeks the help of Will, her uncle who lives in Westerville. While she is in Westerville, a new saloon owned by a man named Johann opens.

She has very strong feelings about alcoholism and this causes her to cross swords with the Columbus-based German brewer Johann Giere.

He wants to help her rescue the Hanby children and she comes to admire him, even though she hates that he is a brewer. With each passing day, they have to make a difficult decision between principle and passion.

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