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Publication Order of Rossmara Family Books

Rossmara Family is a series of erotic romance novels written by Stella Cameron. The books take readers to Regency England were a family fights for love and money.

+The Story

The Rossmara Family series began publication in 1993 with ‘Fascination’. The first book in the series, Fascination introduces readers to Arran Rossmara, a man in desperate need of a wife.

Arran is the Marques of Stonehaven. If he does not want to lose his money and his title to his cousin, he must find a wife and bear an heir before a certain age. When Grace Wren accepts to marry Arran, she believes him to be an ancient and ailing old man.

Grace would have preferred to marry for love. However, circumstances have driven the pretty but penniless woman to find a wealthy older man to whom she can get hitched. Arran had no intention of giving his heart to Grace.

His only goal was to put a baby in her and then separate himself from her company for so long as they were both alive. He had no idea that the woman he had invited into his bed was such a breathtaking beauty.

Grace was equally surprised to find that the ancient fossil she was supposed to marry was a strapping gentleman in his early thirties who knew that she married him for money and intended to expose her for the gold digger he thought her to be.

‘Fascination’ explores the fiery romance of Arran and Grace. It also sets the stage for the rest of the Rossmara Family series. As the name suggests, these books follow the exploits of the men and women of the Rossmara Family.

They are all rich and privileged. Everything they have ever wanted has been handed to them on a silver platter. However, they struggle to find satisfaction when it comes to the area of intimacy.

Arran Rossmara is handsome and rich, and yet he lives such a reclusive lifestyle. His only desire is to land a docile mate that can father him a child. Straun Rossmara, Viscount Hunsingore, spends his days sequestered in the Highlands, hiding from the dark secrets of his past.

Ella Rossmara knows what she wants. She yearns for passion and she believes that the Earl of Avenall has the power to satiate her deepest desires. However, she is matched with a man she detests.

Stella Cameron follows the Rossmara men and women as they essentially escape their lives of misery and loneliness, typically because a man or women they least expected barges into their lives and forces his or her company upon them.

In a way, the love stories in the Rossmara Family series start as relationships of convenience. Arran did not intend to fall for his betrothed. In fact, he set out to seduce her just so he could prove that she was just another fortune hunter. Grace, on her part, only threw herself at Arran because he was rich.

Calum Inness and Lady Philippa Chauncey from the second novel only become acquainted because Calum needs every ally he can get to reclaim his birthright. The idea of falling for his father’s beautiful fiancé never occurred to him.

Lady Justine Girvin only approached Straun Rossmara because she was a spinster trying to write a book about the relationships between men and women and Straun was the one man willing to fill her in on all the intimate details.

As tends to happen in the romance genre, Stella’s heroes and heroines fall in love at first sight. That occurrence does not drive them to pursue one another, though. They are initially distracted by the various purposes that drew them together.

Even when they engage in sexual activity relatively early on, it takes several chapters before they cast aside the objectives that drew them into one another’s company and accept that something significant might be happening between them.

The author’s heroes are not always likable. Many of them are rogues that take great pleasure in lying to the women they claim to love, using and abusing them whenever the opportunity arises.

The women are doormats. Some of them show a fiery spark when the series begins. They show a willingness to go toe to toe with the hero. But they seem completely incapable of resisting his charms.
Even when he thoroughly hurts them, they are quick to welcome him back with open arms.

It should be noted that not every book in the Rossmara Family series follows a member of the Rossmara family. Rather, some of the novels tend to throw the spotlight on the friends of the Rossmara family members.

Generally, every book builds upon the pieces introduced in the previous one. In other words, you can expect the supporting characters of every installment in the Rossmara Family series to become the protagonists of the next book.

+The Author

Stella Cameron is a bestselling author (New York Times and USA Today) that writes romantic fiction. Her books have sold over ten million copies. Stella was born in England. She met her husband at a party in London.

After they got married, she followed him to Washington State where they started their family. As a child, Stella read all types of literature. Later on, she took a liking to historical romance.


When Grace Wren accepts to marry the Marquis of Stonehaven, she doesn’t know what awaits her. Grace believes in love but she’s also dirt poor. So marrying a rich man makes all the sense in the world for her.

Grace thinks that Arran Rossmara is some ailing Lord that will die in a few years and leave all his money to her. She has no idea that he is a relatively young man who wants a docile wife that can bear him children.


Lady Justine Girvin is a spinster. She wants to write a guide that will enlighten women on what they can expect from their partners not only in courtship but also during the marriage.

So she decides to travel to Scotland to gain critical information about the intimate relationships between men and women from Struan Rossmara, a man hiding from his past in the Highlands.

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