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Roy Johansen is one of the acclaimed authors from The United States, who likes to write mystery and suspense novels. He is particularly famous for collaborating with his mother named Iris Johansen, who is also a well established author herself. Author Johansen is also popular as a screenwriter. Under this profession, he is known to have worked on projects for MGM, Universal, Disney, Warner Bros, and United Artists. The screenplay, written by him for Murder 101 was used for cable television production. It went on to win the Focus and Edgar Awards. He started his writing career in the year 1999 with the release of his debut book titled The Answer Man. Since then, he has written several books in his career, mostly as a co-author. Recently, he started writing independently. Author Johansen has achieved the status of a New York Times bestselling author. He had started writing the screenplay of Murder 101 while he was studying in college. And entered into a competition organized by George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg. Johansen’s screenplay emerged victorious in the competition and won the Focus Award. Later, the screenplay was produced for a television show that featured Pierce Bosnan. It also became highly successful and was awarded with the Edgar Award from the MWA in the category of the Best Movie or Television Miniseries. Following this success, Johansen teamed up with the legend of comic books named Stan Lee for creating the superhero character The Accuser. This character appeared in an animated adventure series produced by the Stan Lee Media. After this collaboration, author Johansen started getting more offers and eventually got the chance to work with major production houses like Universal Pictures, MGM, Warner Bros, Disney, etc. Author Johansen is happily married and lives along with his wife in California. He is currently busy writing the next book of his independent novel series called the Joe Bailey, Spirit Basher. He is expected to publish his next novel in the coming days.

The Joe Bailey Spirit Basher series written by Roy Johansen is comprised of a total of two books so far, which were released between the years 2001 and 2003. Both the books feature Joe Bailey as a magician and police detective, popularly known as the Spirit Basher. The first book of this series is entitled ‘Beyond Belief’. It was released by the Bantam publication in the year 2001. In this book, author Johansen has described a thrilling story in which a professional level skeptic pits against an undeniably lethal and inexplicable thing. At the start of the novel, Joe Bailey is introduced as a former professional magician, who has now become a police detective. Working in Atlanta, Joe debunks the phony spiritualists and psychics who try to prey on gullible. After being involved in solving petty crimes for many years, he has now landed his first suspenseful murder case. As he begins to investigate, Joe learns that he knew the victim, Dr. Robert Nelson. He used to teach at the Landwyn University and was parapsychology program’s head. Dr. Nelson’s dead body was recovered from his own house. A sculpture with spikes was stabbed through the body and into the wall.

The sculpture was very heavy and could not have been lifted by a single person. To this, Nelson’s girfriend claims that the murderer is an 8 year old boy named Jesse Randall, which makes the case even more shocking. Many people believe that Jesse not a normal child. It is said that he possesses the ability to move things with just his will. Jesse was under the study of Dr. Nelson and his anger was increasing day by day in the form of shadow storms. And as per Nelson’s girlfriend, one of these shadows was responsible for the brutal death of Nelson. However, Joe does not seem convinced of her claims at all. He believes that everything is just a hoax and that the killer is someone who has a mastery in deceiving people. As the case moves ahead, Joe becomes even more curious to find out the truth. He knows that he cannot rely on anyone and anything except his wits. Also, the time is running out quickly, so he must separate illusion and reality, and must establish the truth. Soon, a number of mysterious activities begin to take place as Joe draws Jesse’s anger on himself. Joe wonders whether whatever is believed about Jesse is true or the killer is trying to deceive him too. When his daughter’s life also falls in danger, Joe Baily realizes that he must put an end to this case once and for all and make the person playing the deadly tricks pay for his crime.

The next exciting book written in the series was released under the title of ‘Deadly Visions’. It was published in 2003 by the Bantam publishers. Author Johansen has depicted the central characters in this book as Joe Bailey, Monica Gaines, and Nikki Bailey. At the beginning of the plot, it is shown that Joe Bailey, the Spirit Basher, who has now turned into an ace detective by leaving his former profession as an ace magician, comes in contact with the psychic investigator named Monica Gaines. They are teamed up to crack down a series of series murders and Joe Bailey needs all his expertise put to use for this purpose. Each of the murders that have taken place involve strange circumstances and stranger voices. Monica Gaines believes that the murders have been committed by supernatural powers that are targeting real innocent people. Soon, the supernatural happenings hit Joe’s home, posing a danger to the life of his daughter, Nikki. Monica Gaines also becomes a victim of a near-fatal, grisly attack. Following these incidents, Joe Bailey becomes even more determined to unravel the truth behind the suspsenseful phenomena. As his search for answers to the inexplicable questions continues, Joe discovers that politics and paranormal activities are related to each other, which are causing all the deaths. He feels that he must use all his skills as an escape artist to find clues related to the killer and hunt him down. But, for this purpose Joe Bailey must be ready to face the deadly situation on his own, so as to bring the brutal killer out in the open. The novel was appreciated by the readers and critics throughout the world, who lauded author Johansen’s efforts and motivated him to create many more such interesting plots.

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