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Royce Wilson is an accomplished published author.

Royce has a lot of experience from his career that he has put into his books. He spent over 40 years working in law enforcement forensics in Tampa, Florida with the sheriff’s office. He worked in every capacity and in many fields from working as a crime scene investigator to being a fingerprint expert and director of forensics. He has also taught criminal forensics and death investigations at the University of North Georgia as an assistant professor.

He has worked on all types of cases, working on crime scenes, covering robberies, burglaries, homicides, and more, including serial murder investigations (he has worked on at least seven). He has used his time in the field to write his own detective mysteries that have characters and plots that are interesting but also realistic. He makes sure to make the dialogue authentic and the work and investigations all authentic too. He also likes to throw in twists that will have readers constantly guessing until they reach the end.

The author is also a huge fan of college football and doesn’t miss a chance to root for the Gators or the USF Bulls. He loves relaxing at home, which is somewhere close to west and central Florida. He is married and enjoys spending time there with Linda and their cat as well as friends and family. Royce loves relaxing there and it is the perfect place to sit down and write or just enjoy life.

Besides writing, Royce has also been a presenter. He gave two presentations in July of 2022 at Sleuthfest 2022, which is a conference held for mystery authors and fans of their work. The presentations focused on matters of forensics for mystery writers.

Royce prides himself on writing original stories that are captivating, compelling, and entertaining as they make the reader want to turn the page to find out what happens next! As mentioned, he is a stickler when it comes to authenticity and likes to translate that realistic nature of everything from crime scene descriptions to dialogue into the book so that it’s that much more entertaining and true to life. Taking the reader on a journey full of twists and tension is what he wants to do and have it all end in something that was totally unexpected.

Atropos: A Murder Mystery is a 2011 novel from Royce Wilson and the first in the Riley Scott Detective series. If you have been looking for a good detective mystery to sink your teeth into, look no further than this exciting debut!

Main character Detective Riley Scott knows that when it comes to murder, there’s no such thing as one that’s routine. But when it comes to the latest killer that he’s caught, he was kind of hoping it would be. Unfortunately for him, this case is going to be anything but that.

Detective Riley starts examining the facts and quickly finds that this murder is actually connected to a line of murders that has been happening all through Tampa. The only thing that all of them have in common is that the killings have all been without a doubt senseless and brutal.

Scott begins getting closer to this investigation, but it also starts getting closer to him in the process. Little does he know this case is about to get pretty close to home in ways he could have never pictured. Before the case is over, the detective will be suspended from work, in a haste to find his girlfriend, and at the scene where fellow officers have been killed.

Now the Chief has threatened to take his investigation away. It’s just a matter of a few days before it’s given to a Task Force to handle, and Scott can’t let that happen. He’s in a race against time to find out the truth– whether his own girlfriend is actually the killer.

Can this Detective handle the result if his girlfriend really is the culprit? Or is there another killer out there still free? Read this gripping crime mystery novel to find out!

The Cameo: A Murder Mystery is a novel by author Royce Wilson and the second in the Riley Scott Detective series. It first came out for audiences to enjoy in 2021. If you liked the Alex Cross books, then you will definitely want to check this book out.

Pick up this book and get ready for a literary thrill ride like you haven’t experienced in some time! Lowell Huffman is the type of evil that is so bad that if there were a book on it, he might have an entire chapter all to himself. This is the type of dark and evil man who has a darkness inside of him that never ends.

Main character Detective Riley Scott has spent some time working as a homicide detective and has seen plenty of murders. But he’s never looked into a man’s eyes so deeply and seen a person who truly enjoyed killing. Someone who lives on it and drinks and breathes it. But once he looks into this man’s eyes, he knows that he’s dealing with evil itself.

Now he’s racing against the clock to try and find the killer’s latest captive and save them. The killer managed to get away from the police and now is busy terrorizing the city of Tampa, all while taunting Scott from afar.

Scott thinks that he might be close to Huffman, but then he finds out that he’s much closer than he thought. However, he’s still technically behind. Then a call to 911 brings police to find a dead body with a screwdriver stuck in the neck.

The victim is the same man that Scott has been after, and one of the living survivors of the killer made the call. It seems like it should be a simple case of open and shut. But when Scott wakes up out of a deep sleep, his gut is telling him that Hoffman is still out there. Can he catch this killer before it’s too late? Or will he find that his gut is wrong and he’s chasing after a ghost? Read this thrilling book to find out!

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