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Royd Tolkien is a popular English writer of memoirs, biographies, and nonfiction stories. He is the great-grandson of well-known writer J.R.R. Tolkien, the original writer of the Lord of the Rings series, and is famous for writing the book called There Is A Hole In My Bucket.

Royd was born in London on July 16, 1969, to Hugh Baker and Joan Tolkien. His birth name was Royd Baker, but he chose to change his last name to Tolkien when he became an adult. At the age of three, Royd’s family relocated to a farm situated in Wales and he too had to accompany them.

During summers, Royd used to witness enthusiasts coming together at the farm to enact popular scenes from the storylines of his great-grandfather. Royd was so much passionate about the works of his great-grandfather that he began familiarizing himself with the creator of the LOTR movies, Peter Jackson.

Eventually, he ended up playing a small role in the final installment of the LOTR trilogy. It was Peter Jackson who requested Royd to play the part of one of Gondor’s soldiers, passing arms to other soldiers while they make preparations for defending Osgiliath in the last film adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s popular fantasy series.

In addition to acting and writing an autobiographical memoir, Royd has produced a movie called Pimp in which he has portrayed himself. There is a production company known as R & R Films that Royd established in 2010 along with Robert Cavanah. Under the banner of this production company, he has co-produced one mockumentary video movie titled Tontine.

Royd’s sister, Mandy Doyle, is two years elder than him, having been born in 1967. His younger brother, Michael Baker, was suffering from motor neuron disease and breath his last in 2015. Royd’s memoir is based on the time he spent his Michael (Mike).

In the book, he has described how much he misses him and stated that he will hold a special place in his heart forever. In 2012, Royd had made a small appearance in a safety video of Air New Zealand along with Peter Jackson and Mike Baker. This video was a section of a huge global promotional event associated with the film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Royd has even played a small part in the extended version of the sequel, The Desolation of Smaug. He is seen in the sequence where Gandalf and Beorn are talking about the catacombs where the burial of Nazgul had taken place.

While growing up, Royd was virtually fed a diet of entertainment and storytelling that entrenched the characters of Tolkien’s The Hobbit into his imagination. After taking up a couple of roles in The Hobbit franchise, Royd became highly enthusiastic to establish himself as a producer. He even produced a couple of movies and was preparing to produce more when Mike Baker got diagnosed with the deadly disease in 2012.

Subsequently, Royd decided to put all his indulgences on hold to look after his brother. He was deeply shattered when Mike’s death occurred on January 28, 2015. Later, he recollected the memories and experiences with Mike in the form of a feature-length documentary and labeled it as his best creation to date.

The documentary consists of Royd’s journey around the beautiful country of New Zealand, where he fulfilled the bucket list tasks challenged to him by his brother Mike. Out of all the fantasy Middle-earth stories penned by his great-grandfather, The Hobbit is his favorite as it is the first one that he had his hands on as soon as he grew old enough to read.

When he goes through the book today, it takes him to down memory lane and right into his childhood days. Royd’s favorite character from the series is Bard the Bowman. He thinks that Luke Evans has played the character very well and has done full justice with it.

As a reader, Royd does not like to stick to one particular genre. He is a fan of multiple authors and so, enjoys reading different genres of books. Among all the places Royd has visited so far, New Zealand is his most favorite. He also likes Wales and Norway for their beautiful weather and eye-soothing sceneries.

As of today, Royd resides in Wales with his family. He looks forward to writing more stories in the times to come. He intends to prove his worth as a Tolkien and add to the legacy of his great-grandfather. Royd also wishes to write The Hobbit stories through his own imagination and publish them in the future.

Currently, he is at work on that part and is expected to come up with a volume soon. Royd is grateful for the support he has received so far and wants his fans across the globe to continue liking his work and supporting through their kind words.

The debut book written by author Royd Tolkien is entitled ‘There’s a Hole in my Bucket’. It was released in August 2021. This book is a life-affirming, inspirational memoir of the two brothers, Mike and Royd, as they grew up and cherished many moments together.

At the start, Royd says that he and Mike enjoyed many adventures together because of growing up on the stories of their great-grandfather. Their happiness and joy take an unexpectedly shocking turn when Royd’s younger brother is diagnosed with MND.

In spite of wasting time and fighting with the Almighty about why he chose Mike to get this deadly disease, the Tolkien brothers decide to make a bucket list and tick off challenges from it one at a time.

Subsequently, they indulge in activities such as remote camping and traveling throughout New Zealand and Norway. Following the demise of Mike, Royd discovers that his brother had prepared another bucket list and had challenges specifically for him.

The new list contained fifty items that Royd was supposed to complete after the death of Mike. In the very first challenge, Mike asks Royd to trip and fall purposely while going up to deliver the eulogy for him. Following that challenge, Royd is tasked with several emotionally charged challenges that tend to push him out of his comfort zone.

The story portrays a journey undertaken by Royd to accomplish a humorous, challenging, heart-breaking, and emotional list of unique tasks that canvas the lives of the brothers from the time they were small to when they became adults. Above all, the story is about sibling bond, grief, and treasuring and cherishing every moment.

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