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Roz Nay is a popular UK-born Canadian author of psychological thriller, adult fiction, suspense, mystery, crime fiction, and contemporary stories. She has successfully written several standalone books in her career, including The Hunted, Hurry Home, and Our Little Secret. In addition to being an award-winning author, Nay is also a teacher and social worker. She was born in Eastbourne, The United Kingdom, and currently resides in Canada.

Following her marriage and the birth of her two kids, Nay decided to shift base to Canada with her family. Now, she enjoys working on her novels from the comfort of her home. Her husband provides her important input by serving as her first critic. Author Nay began her writing career with the book called Our Little Secret.

This book was initially intended to be a short story but ended up being a full-length novel. Nay started writing the story when she joined a course in creative writing in 2012 at Selkirk College. The initial short story was nominated for a Kobo Emerging Writer Award and an Arthur Ellis Award. It emerged winner of the Douglas Kennedy Prize in the category of the best foreign mystery/thriller book.

During an interview given to Vancouver Sun, Nay claimed that she worked as a teacher of high school students before entering the world of publishing. It was her years of experience in the field of teaching that served as an inspiration for writing her debut novel.

When she left teaching, Nay worked for the British Columbia’s Ministry of Families for some time in the child protection department. The experience she gained in this field motivated her to write her second book, Hurry Home. It is claimed by Boundary Creek Times that it was the worldwide success of her first book that helped Nay to earn a 2-book deal.

The magazine has also written that the author intended to release her second novel in 2018. But, she realized that she still needed to learn a lot of things about the art of writing thrillers. So, the publishing of Hurry Home took more time than Nay expected earlier. Nay’s third book takes place in Africa.

It is said that her extensive travel in the African continent during her early twenties served as the inspiration behind the third book, The Hunted. Nay was able to finish the manuscript of the third book in just 8 months. While living in Africa, Nay was employed as an underwater fish calculator to earn her livelihood.

Nay’s stay in Vermont made her work as a snowboard videographer for some time in the beginning. While Nay grew up, she liked to read the works of authors such as Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan, Karen Joy Fowler, Jonathan Safran Foer, etc. She went through many of the works of these authors and was influenced to write her own stories.

It was Nay’s husband who made her sign up for a creative writing course in 2013. He had found very early that she liked words and motivated her to consider becoming a writer. At first, Nay didn’t seem enthusiastic about the course and pursued it just for the sake of her husband’s happiness.

But as the days went by, she began to lit up. It interested her so much that she has not stopped writing since then. Nay used to keep notes throughout her day as a means of maintaining a writing habit. Her notes often included mannerisms, overheard dialogues, gestures, images, etc. that she came across during her travels.

Though Nay had not written anything until then, she was gearing up to work on a manuscript. She likes to give credit for her success to the writing course and says that it was because of its push that she was able to become confident about her abilities. As Nay writes psychological thrillers, she likes the idea of everyday people finding themselves in everyday muddles.

At times, she cannot help herself from thinking about the scariest thing that can happen to a person. Author Nay feels the best thing about creating thrillers is that she has the liberty to put normal characters in extreme, realistic situations and monitor their behavior. Writing thrillers also allows her to promote the thought that everyone is always hiding something.

It is her opinion that good thrillers require good twists. Another important aspect of well-crafted stories is great villains. So, Nay always tries to give unique voices to her villains and make them look as important as the protagonists. Nay feels grateful for having received great support from readers all over the world. She just hopes that they keep showering their love on all her upcoming works and help her become more successful.

A lovely book written by author Roz Nay is entitled ‘Hurry Home’. It was released by Crooked Lane Books in 2020. This novel revolves around 2 estranged sisters who seem desperate to keep their darkest and deepest secrets hidden in their past. Initially, Alexandra Van Ness is introduced as having a perfect life. She works for child protection services, resides in an idyllic town, and co-owns a designing business with her boyfriend named Chase.

The seemingly perfect life of Alexandra gets upended one day when Ruth, her long-sister younger sister, arrives at her door out of nowhere. Ruth was known to be a troublemaker and often pulled Alexandra in her messes when they were small. \

Alexandra feels this time also she has come to do the same with her. She agrees to help Ruth on the condition that she will speak about their past. However, when a kid from the neighborhood disappears, the sisters are left with no other choice but to confront the haunting secrets that they kept buried for so long.

Another exciting book penned by the author is known as ‘The Hunted’. This book was published in July 2021 and features the central characters in the form of Stevie Erickson, Jacob, Tamsin, and Leo. At first Stevie Erickson is shown as trying to give a fresh beginning to her life.

Because of the sudden demise of her loving grandmother, her life has taken a toll, resulting in the straining of her relationship with Jacob, her boyfriend. Later, Jacob receives a job offer to work as a diver for an ecotourist company on Rafiki Island located near the Tanzanian coast.

Thinking that it will be a great adventure that both of them need badly, he asks Stevie to come with him to the island and she agrees reluctantly. The trip has a rough beginning as Stevie and Jacob encounter a scary incident at the hostel, making Stevie suspect that somebody is watching them. Later, things start smoothening when they come across seasoned backpackers Tamsin and Leo.

As they reach Rafiki Island, the new friendship of Jacob & Stevie with Leo & Tamsin is put to test along with their own relationship. The events that follow reveal that a killer is present in their midst, who has set his eyes on Stevie as his next target.

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