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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Hot Copy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Romance Recipe (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Friendship Study (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 9(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruby Barrett is a romance writer focusing on women who want to be loved like they are and the good men who win their hearts. She does a lot of reading when not writing, and you can also find her running after her daughter, drinking tea, doing digital marketing, and visiting museums, among others.

Hot Copy

Corinne Blunt knows that people see her as an unapproachable executive, which is the price she was forced to pay to reach the top. However, Corinne knows people don’t like her in the office, especially after hearing a intern laugh when someone calls her an unsuitable name in the elevator on her first day there.

Two years ago, Wesley got a job at the company where Richard, his father’s close friend is the CEO. Now he is 25 and is doing all he can to adjust to an intern position where he’s looking forward to working with this amazing lady who is making big steps in digital marketing.

He knows her for doing great work and is very happy and eager to get an opportunity to work for her. However, his ride is interrupted when his fellow interns start making harassing comments about his new boss at the elevator; he finds himself laughing out inappropriately.

Unluckily he realizes that the new boss is already in the elevator and hears the humiliation. She was standing behind them, looking at her phone as she eavesdropped on their conversation.
Corinne had heard good things about Wesley and hoped she could have an excellent working relationship with him as an intern. She assumes that he is worth her attention when he hears him laugh at the offensive nickname.

Corinne might be classy and a workaholic, but she isn’t as ruthless as people say and think of her. She is used to dealing with sexual harassment daily and has come to accept it as a part of a job but doesn’t want to hear it from any of the employees.

She only cares too much after her reputation had already been damaged because of her previous intern’s sneaky attitudes who tried to exploit her to get on the top of the corporate ladder.
Wesley is so sorry for making a terrible first impression, and the ruthless and perfectionist boss is adamant about seeing him tense. She does everything she can to make Wesley’s job miserable, but once Corinne realizes what a good guy he is, their relationship turns different. On the other hand, Richard, who has always tried to act fatherly around Wesley, begins giving terrible Weinstein vibes around Corinne.

She has always hoped to find an ally in Wesley, but she doesn’t want to let him off too easily for joining the office boy’s club. Corrine takes refuge in the professional boundaries as she relegates Wes to assistant work. She knows that it would do the magic if he weren’t anxious to prove he’s a decent human being.

Wes is apologetic, saying it was a misunderstanding, and surprisingly, Corinne believes him. The two being forced to work together is one thing. Still, the many hours they spend at the office with what appears to be a kind, the thoughtful man soon changes their business relationship into personal, and things become complicated.

Could it be something more serious than either hoped for? Might their relationship be a play into the harmful power dynamics Corinne’s had to endure her entire career?

All she needs right now is to cover her ears and ignore the malicious comments people make of her, and focus on her job. However, when her mother gets ill, and her intern is kind to help, she is confused about her feelings.

She cries out in front of him after hearing about her mother’s illness suffering from painful migraine attacks; he helps her get through a challenging presentation that she had prepared. Corinne feels that she can no longer hold her feelings after their first kiss, and things between them become more intense and complicated.

The chemistry between Corinne and Wesley made the story more engaging. The chemistry was intense, mind-blowing steamy, and hot. For fans of office romance, boss heroine, an intern hero, and forbidden attraction, Hot Copy is your kind of book.

The characters are well developed from the beginning to add more flesh to the story. Wesley is a kind-hearted and honest boy caring for his ill mother and after her death, he struggles to return to his old life, making friends and not giving in to selling a house where she resides with his twin sister.

Corinne and Wes find themselves in a complicated situation with the forbidden affair at work, where the stakes are far too high. The two characters are dealing with grief in their ways. Watching Corinne open up about her feelings and vulnerabilities and maintaining her values without abiding by anyone’s negativities is inspiring.

Roman Recipe
It’s a story about a fierce restaurant owner who falls for her enigmatic head chef. Amy Chambers was a restaurant owner before she was thirty, a micromanager, and unfortunately, her business isn’t doing as well as she hoped. She’ll do anything to resurrect her failing restaurant, which includes employing a former reality show winner with great connections.

Amy is also a controlling person, and her head chef, a reality show star Sophie Brunet is interested in much more freedom in her kitchen, which might help lift her restaurant.

Sophie has just broken up with her fiancée after revealing to herself and him that she is bisexual. She has had some crushes in the past, but she has more on Amy, and she is everything beyond what she had experienced before.

However, her hopes that Sophie’s skills and popularity would revive the restaurant at the edge of failure are starting to diminish. Sophie is bright in the streets and grump in the kitchen, and it took around thirty years to know that she is queer.

All she wants is to cook and doesn’t want to keep on social media about her reality TV. Sophie doesn’t also want to deal with Amy’s take on changing her personality and doesn’t want to think about what her attraction to her boss might mean.

Her mutual and hidden attraction makes things more complicated after Sophie comes to accept she is bisexual.

She sees that the opportunity of a new TV food show might give her the exposure and visibility they really want. Some uneasy truce will be good for starters, but to make the dreams come true will mean making personal and hard sacrifices, and soon more than the restaurant will be at stake.

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