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Publication Order of Magical Kitten Murder Mysteries Books

with Corrine Winters
An Apawling Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shrouded In Mewstery (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unfurtunate Death (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Mountain Home Magic & Mystery Books

with Corrine Winters
Lend A Helping Paw (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sleight Of Paw (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Have the Upper Paw (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruby Diamond was a big city witch who turned into a small town detective. During her middle years, she returned to her hometown of Fiddler’s Cove, Connecticut, where she keeps people safe while gracefully navigating the journey of aging.

She got a suggestion from a friend to try writing cozy mysteries, and she never knew that it could turn out to be so amazing. Her work includes the Mountain Home Magic mysteries series, among others.

Lend a Helping Paw

Lend a Helping Paw is the first novel in the Mountain Home Magic series. Angelica Parker spends most of her time playing the fiddle with her band, Blue Mountain Baby. she also operates an organic grocery store called Greenleaf.

During her free time, she offers healing to her neighbors and friends. Her best company is a Russian blue kitten named Vladimir, and her close friend is Willa Kent, an employee in Greenleaf who keeps the operations running smoothly.

The mayor Kippy had stopped to ask Angelica about the weather due to the full bus of tourists visiting the town. Suddenly, Dag Ulster, one of the band members, comes running in the parking space and enters.

The local police sergeant Cary Stewart broke the door behind him to inform them that her friend and bandmate, Maisie Prine was dead. Laine offered Dag a ride home while Cray remained to give Angelica more details.

Maisie was wrapped in a trap, tied with a clothesline, and had a big wound on the back of her head. Later her body was covered and thrown into the river. The last call on her cellphone was from Dag, informing her that she didn’t want to do ‘this’ and would regret it.

Dag becomes the first suspect, and while they talked, someone else came in, Clary Needleman, with more details about a fight Maisie had with Loy Stash the previous weekend. He had threatened her, and Cary and Angelica had to look for the killer as soon as possible.

There are also rumors that ghouls from the mountain’s shadowy dells are the killers, but with no evidence, they can’t make the rule out yet. Vladimir and Angelica will have to lend the helping hand and paw and assist sergeant Cary Stewart in the investigations to catch the killer and solve the mystery.
However, the problem is that the suspect list is becoming longer than they expected. Will they get to the mystery’s bottom and catch the murderer? Will they get answers to other strange things going on around them?

Lend a Helping Paw is an enjoyable mystery story with lots of interactions among the characters. Ruby Diamond did a fantastic job creating an entertaining, intriguing, fast-paced storyline filled with new adventures.

Angelica is intelligent and outgoing, and each of her friends has a wonderful and unique personality. The story’s mystery is well thought out, and the author did a superb job of delivering it perfectly to keep the reader on their toes.

Lending a Helping Paw is a fast-paced storyline that keeps the reader entertained as they try to figure out who the murderer is and why he did what he did.
A Sleight of Pawy

A Sleight of Pawy is the second novel in Mountain Home Magic & Mystery series. Angelica Parker dashes with a new business, not that she has proven herself as a detective. It appears all the mountain folks want to meet their favorite witch.

Angelica and her friend Willa make the most out of it by sponsoring cooking demos and food drives as familiar Vladimir entertains patrons with his superficial wit. When the unpopular whitewater rafting guide, Ethan Greene, is drugged and meant to drown in a waterfall, many people turn out to be the suspects.
Angelina Parker, owner of Greenleaf organic store, and her Russian Blue Kitten, Vladimir, will have to come together and work with sergeant Cary Stewart in the investigations and hunt down the killer. After solving the previous case, she had begun having feelings for Cary, so she was taken in as a consultant to the task force.

Willa’s best cousin also goes missing in the darkest valley of all, Foggy Hollow, and no one can trace her. The many surprises they come along the way keep the investigators on the alert, and soon Angelica loses track of her cousin in foggy Hollow.

Everything starts pointing to Angelica’s favorite cousin, Anna Mae, so there is nothing else she can do apart from helping the sheriff to prove Anna’s innocence. Everything becomes complicated when Anna disappears, which makes her look guilty.

Might the rumors about ghouls from the mountain’s shadowy dells be true? Who might have killed the rafting guide?

The story has suspense, mystery, humor, paranormal, and romance with unique and delightful characters. The plot is filled with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader entertained as they figure out the mystery and hunt the killer down.

The characters are humorous and will keep you laughing. Even though the mystery will not be easy to solve, it’s engaging enough to keep the reader following the story keenly while racing along with Angelica Parker and Sergeant Cary to catch the suspect.

The twists and turns make it complex for the reader to guess who the murderer is, but in the end, he is revealed. The writing is excellent, with great world-building and character development to make a fast-paced mystery novel.

An Apawling murder
An Apawling Murder is the debut in the Magical Kitten Murder Mysteries. The story is set on Small Island in Lake Superior, also home to Darcy Settle and other 36 witches. Her coven of witches uses nature magic to shape and change it to their advantage and many magical beings.

Now it’s an annual 6 months event for the witches to take on apprentices, and Darcy is the Radix of the Settle Island coven, so it’s her duty to take care and nurture all the apprentices. She was already mentoring her twin apprentices, Fiona and Fix, and when they find a dead body lying in the trash piles at the town dump site, they realize that the victim is no other than Kerry Black, the coven’s sanitation leader. Can they find the killer, and can Darcy keep her coven safe during the investigations?

Who could have murdered the town’s raccoon witch and why? It’s the responsibility of Darcy and the handsome Ranger Cutter Stillman to work within the clock and catch the killer before it’s too late.

The novel’s storyline is great, with delightful characters filled with action, paranormal mystery, romance, adventure, and humor.

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