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Ruby Lang
Ruby Lang is a romance writer best known for her Uptown and Practice Perfect series. Her romance stories star Chinese characters and delve a bit into the culture. The author’s alter ego, Essay writer Mindy Hung has worked with several publications, including The Toast, The New York Times, and Salon, to mention but a few. The pint-sized bespectacled author enjoys reading, running, and taking copious amounts of ice cream. Lang currently lives in New York together with her husband and their small child.

Playing House
Playing House is the first book in the Uptown series. The book stars Oliver Huang and Fay Liu, two smart individuals working in New York City urban planning. Oliver has just lost his job, and the pressure from his family is getting to him. Fay is smart and successful, qualities she has learned that society doesn’t like in a woman. After a divorce that leaves a dent in her self-confidence, Fay wants nothing else but to forget the past and speak the only language she understands-architecture. She is going about her business when acquittance Oliver shows up right in time to save her from an awkward situation.
Oliver decides to take a tour in the historic Mount Morris home only to bump into Fay. When Fay kisses him hello, he is a little taken aback, but when he hears about the pushy admirer, Oliver is all too happy to play a happy couple. If he is honest with himself, Oliver has always had a thing for Fay, and this little game leaves him more than pleased. The faux couple geek over architectural details, and they continue touring other pricey houses across Upper Manhattan as Darling and Olly. Oliver starts looking forward to his days with Fay. Similarly, Fay cannot help but smile every time she thinks of Oliver, and it doesn’t take long for the lines between fake and real romance to start blurring.

Oliver and Fay are lovely and thoughtful characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Their shared sense of humor and mutual attraction marks the start of their relationship, and things only get more intense as the story progresses. You will also fall in love with Oliver’s brother Nat and the rest of the family. The author successfully captures the relationship dynamics in Chinese Parent-children relationships. Manhattan is also well described, and it is easy to picture all the magnificent houses and the details that make them unique. There is no unnecessary drama in this story, and the action starts right from the first chapter.

If you are in the mood for a fun and fluffy read, Playing House is a perfect choice. The storyline is intriguing, the characters are excellent, and the flawless narration will keep you glued to the pages to the end. This book perfectly combines sweet and steamy, and it is great that things end so well for these two urban planners. The author also highlights issues concerning divorce, stigma, low self-esteem, and the positive effect true love brings in all these situations. This is more of a novella, making it perfect when you want a quick read. The book is slightly over one hundred pages, and you can gobble it all in one sitting.

Acute Reactions
Acute Reactions is the first book in the Practice Perfect series. The book features Ian Zamora, a busy restaurant owner, and allergist Petra Lale. Ian knows all too well that allergies can get in the way of romance, and given his busy schedule, he has little, if any, time to look for a perfect mate. While his current girlfriend’s cat triggers his allergies, Ian thinks that dealing with his sensitivities is much better than getting back to the dating scene. As things are, his girlfriend seems tolerant of his schedule and the fact that the two rarely see each other. This is the reason he finds himself in allergist Petra Lale’s office.

Petra is straight out of medical school and desperate to land her first client. While her colleagues chose to join large practices and established clinics, Petra decided to use her father’s money to start her practice. Petra is a great doctor, but her marketing is so weak that business hasn’t been doing well for a while. She is excited when Ian walks to her door. However, his sexy body and quiet strength keep on distracting her the more she tries to listen to him. Ian feels at home in the sparse but clean lobby, but the thoughts of getting jabbed make him a little nervous. This changes when he sets his eyes on his doctor.
There is no denying that Petra is acutely attracted to Ian. While Ian feels the same about her, Petra knows that starting a romantic relationship with a patient can cost her license. All the effort she put in school can go all up in smoke, and what will become of her life now that she has been struggling with finance? Determined to maintain their professional relationship, Petra tries to stay away from Ian, but somehow fate keeps bringing him back to her. Can these two career-oriented characters find the right remedy for love without losing the jobs they also love? What will become of Petra and her career if she decides to maintain Ian as a patient and still have a relationship with him?

Acute Reactions is a cute love story that will leave you feeling all warm inside. Petra and Ian are lovable, and once you get to know them, you can’t help but wish them the best in their endeavors. The theme of doctor/patient relationship is prominent here, and you will get to read about Petra’s struggle with her conscience the more things get serious between her and Ian. Petra’s friends also weigh on the issue, and while they may sound harsh, they are realistic. The friendships here feel real, the romance is on another level, and the characters are outstanding. Does love win in the end, or will these two lovebirds give up on each other? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

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