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Frost Station Alpha: The Complete Series (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Trial and Temptation (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Salvation (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ruins of Karzelek (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercenary Courage (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tracker's Dilemma (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ruby Lionsdrake is a rather interesting author. Lionsdrake’s books feature a mix of science fiction with a bit of romance. These stories are about love in some of the most interesting situations and landscapes around. This is a pen name of Lindsay Buroker.

These stories surround the passions that people have for others even at times of war and battle. The stories bring people to many fantastic worlds that are beyond their imaginations. These stories are exciting and worth exploring.

The books that Lionsdrake has written are particularly recommended to those who are fans of space adventures and also those who love good romance stories. Many of Lionsdrake’s works have been compared to the works of famous romance novelist Linnea Sinclair.

Not much is actually known about Ruby Lionsdrake. However, it is clear that Lionsdrake is heavily inspired by classic romance novels and has a strong interest in space and unique situations. The work that Lionsdrake has to offer is especially great for people to look forward to reading.

Ruby Lionsdrake Characters

The most noteworthy characters in Ruby Lionsdrake’s books are characters in the Mandrake Company. This grouping of space mercenaries is prevalent in many of the books that Lionsdrake has written. These feature many great men who are out to conquer and explore different worlds but deep down have plenty of great interests in the women that they find.

The Frost Station Alpha characters are also popular figures that Lionsdrake has created. These characters live on the Frost Station Alpha base where pirate attacks are common as the station operators look to find new resources and lands to conquer. The people out here are always looking for love and aren’t afraid to find new people. Of course, being on a space station for so long leads people into trying to find others to love as romance continues to flow. The stories in the Frost Station Alpha series feature an assortment of characters that are very sensual and ready for love.

Best Ruby Lionsdrake Books

The 2014 book Mercenary Instinct is the first book in the Mandrake Company series. The story focuses on Victor Mandrake, the captain of the company that travels along space. He is looking to capture a bounty hunter who has been trying to find a few samples of archaeological materials for her new projects. But even with Mandrake trying to find her, he knows that his lust for her is going to make his chase after her a little more complicated. Either way, he knows that there’s a chance that her attitude and desire for love might end up being the one thing that keeps Victor from making it through.

The Assassin’s Salvation is another story in the Mandrake Company series to check out. It highlights a new engineer for the company named Jamie Flipkens. She is the target of many advances among the men on the ship but an assassin who visits the ship ends up being the one man that she holds a strong interest in above all else. She becomes very interested in this man but it turns out that the captain of her ship has a bounty on his head. To make things worse, this assassin that Jamie has fallen for just might be the one who is out to take over the ship and collect his bounty.

Hunted is the first part of the Frost Station Alpha book series. This story was introduced in 2015. The story is about Lieutenant Tamryn Pavlenko, a new member of the ship who is surprised to find that there are many genetically engineered warriors who are out to try and capture the ship and everyone on it. Many of these men are after her just as well. What follows is a story of intriguing as Pavlenko looks to defend the ship but it could be her desires for a man who knows her and treats her right that could end up being the key factor that changes everything on the ship.

Honors For Lionsdrake’s Books

Many Ruby Lionsdrake books have been honored by being listed on many great collections. The books that Lionsdrake has have been included in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited series and have been promoted as great romance books for those who are looking for stories that take place in worlds beyond the traditional places that people can find characters in.

Story Bundle has also highlighted Lionsdrake’s work in the past. Story Bundle has put in many past Lionsdrake novels in packages that highlight great romance stories in space. The site has become a trusted name in online literature for offering a number of stories from many top and up and coming authors in all sorts of genres. This is a big honor as it shows just how intriguing and popular the works of Ruby Lionsdrake are.

Other Series of Interest

Fans of the books that Ruby Lionsdrake has written will find plenty of other attractive series that highlight romantic situations in space. The Fallen Empire series from Lindsay Buroker is about people on a large ship known as the Star Nomad. The ship goes all around the universe to find new worlds. Even with this, the people on the ship are tempted in many ways. From a desire for power or a need for love, the people on the Star Nomad are especially looking to find love no matter who shows up on the ship.

The Hell Squad series from Anna Hackett is a popular series about a commando squad that searches for aliens to fight to protect the human race. They travel around the universe but there are always plenty of romantic interests all around as many women are looking to make the men of this squad fall for them. The series is popular for having a variety of great sexy characters but it’s also popular for offering a great deal of action that is certainly unique and fun.

Ruby Lionsdrake books are all great for people to look forward to. These books are thrilling and attractive and deserve to be explored.

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