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Publication Order of Club Sanguine Books

with J.L. Madore
Moonstone Maelstrom (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunstone Sacrifice (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Exemplar Hall Books

Death of a Magi Knight (With: Auburn Tempest) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drafted by the Magi (With: Auburn Tempest) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured by the Magi (With: J.L. Madore) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jesse and the Magi Vault (With: J.L. Madore) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Makings of a Magi Knight (With: J.L. Madore) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clash with the Magi Council (With: J.L. Madore) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unstoppable Storme (With: J.L. Madore) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruby Knight is a bestselling paranormal, young adult, and fantasy fiction author that is best known for the “Exemplar Hall” series of novels. She went to York University where she got a double major in professional writing and creative writing.
The author has said that she always had a fascination with the supernatural, the curious, and everything in between. This is what drives her to pen her blockbuster novels which have become very popular over the years.

Following her graduation from college, she penned “Death of a Magi Knight,” the debut novel of the “Exemplar Hall” series of novels. The series of novels became very popular and Ruby kicked on from there. Ruby now has at least six novels to her name in the popular Exemplar Hall series.

Ruby currently makes her home in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario where she lives with Ripley her roguish cat that is often a huge distraction when she is writing.

“Captured by the Magi” by Ruby Knight is an intriguing novel that follows two twins. When their father went missing a decade earlier, they had soldiered on and done their best to keep the family pub going.

Initially, recruiters from the Exemplar Hall academy came for Wyatt who is Jesse Storme’s twin. Wyatt refused to join the academy as he prefers to stay at home and have fun moments with his sister.

The recruiters had not targeted Jesse given that women are not that powerful in the magi world. However, they will soon find out that they have been very wrong. While she is a woman that was left behind by the recruiters, she is a very good rock climber and bartender.
One minute, she is calling her favorite rock peaks with her twin brother Wyatt and enjoying some good moments, and the next, they are attacked and her brother is gone. She believes it has to do with the recruiter from the academy only to find it is much worse.
Jesse soon finds herself in a Harry Potter meets Hunger Games-type event as she tries to rescue her brother. While she was never expected to be there, she is determined to find her brother no matter the cost.

Ruby Knight’s novel “Jesse and the Magi Vault” continues to follow Jesse and Wyatt who was first introduced in the debut novel of the “Exemplar Hall” series of novels. The twins never planned on being drafted into the all-male and elite academy of mercenary men, monsters, and magic.

After Wyatt was recruited into the academy, Jesse goes through the Vault and manages to get herself accepted to the academy too. However, the council informs her that the only way she is going to stay is if she continues to portray herself as a man.
The trial that made it possible for her to get in was tough but living as an Exemplar is even tougher. Wyatt and Jesse are strangers in the magik world and things are only further complicated by the fact that they also have many secrets.

They have been chipped and made trackable if they ever think of escaping and as such, remain trapped by the school wardens. Deep in a sea of testosterone, Jesse finds her call to the wild has been awakened.

Full of magic and cocaine every page is worth annotating with sexy and steamy scenes to get one fired up.

Ruby Knight’s novel “The Makings of a Magi Knight” opens with Jesse having survived the first semester at the academy. This is despite the Celestial Council’s misogynistic views on women as incapable of controlling their power and the agenda that Dean Belmont had.
She had succeeded in showing everyone that they could not have been more wrong. She is no longer dealing with Plus One taunts but instead, she is being disdained and is the subject of some dark looks that have been making her confused and wary.

However, she does not pay much attention to her detractors since she had been responsible for an explosion while taking a skills test at the end of the semester and believes that could get her expelled.

While she will never show it to anyone, getting expelled would kill her. To prevent the catastrophe, she needs to learn how to harness her powers so that she can save her friends Brody, River, and Maverick.

Brody is her vampire, River is her loyal and lovable bear, and Maverick is her broody and distant wolf. All three call to the wildness in her but she does not intend to answer the call.

It is an emotional work that will get its readers laughing and tearing up all in the span of just a few pages that showcase Ruby’s talent.

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