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The Girls from Corona del Mar (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dear Fang, With Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Knockout Queen (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Margo's Got Money Troubles (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rufi is from Corona del Mar, California. Her mother was a single mother and she was the only child. She went to Phillips Exeter Academy for some time. When she was sixteen years old, she moved to New York so she could go to the New School’s Eugene Lang College. There she majored in creative writing as well as literature.

Rufi would also go on to attend the University of Virginia, where she graduated with her MFA. She would then go back to the state of California, which proved lucky because that as where she was able to meet the man who would become her husband. She also started teaching at the time.

She is married to her husband and they have children together. Her family has lived in Washington, D.C. and California.

The Girls from Corona Del Mar is her first novel and it was published in 2014. It would gain a lot of recognition. It made the long list in 2014 for the International Dylan Thomas Prize and also for the Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize in 2014. Her second novel would be published in 2016 and is titled Dear Fang, With Love. Her third novel came out in 2020 and is titled The Knockout Queen.

The Girls from Corona Del Mar is the first novel to come out from Rufi Thorpe. This debut story focuses on the power of friendships that are made when you’re young and how those ties can either dissolve or stand the test of time while being challenged by things such as distance, sickness, loss, and becoming a parent.

This story features the two main characters of Lorrie Ann and Mia. They have been friends for life, even though they are fairly different. Lorrie Ann is beautiful and nice, while Mia has a tougher front.

Mia has had a tough time of it thanks to the circumstances of her life. Her mother has a drinking problem, and Mia’s interior world only gets more difficult when she has to contend with a pregnancy at fifteen years old. She also has younger brothers in her family who she cares about but has a tough time showing them it thanks to the hardness in her heart.

Lorrie Ann’s life could not be more different. She’s a beautiful young woman and her family is warm and they’re all close. It could not be more different from the existence that Mia leads. She has a bubble around her and doesn’t have to live the same life with the same problems, remaining blissfully ignorant.

However, Lorrie Ann gets a taste of what that is like when a loss puts her life into a tragic downward spiral. Things begin to fall apart, and continue to fall apart. The worst part is that Mia has to stand by because she can’t do anything to help her friend out. She’s also used to Lorrie Ann being nice and good, but as tragedy hits, Lorrie Ann starts embodying these qualities less and less.

Mia’s wondering who this new emerging person is and starts to wonder who they both are in the process. There may be no such thing as a perfect friendship, but can these two girls find a way to keep their relationship going despite everything that has happened? Or will time and the little things that happen in life end up tearing them apart?

Read this compelling novel all the way to the end to find out for yourself!

Dear Fang, With Love is the second novel to come out from Rufi Thorpe. This novel is about a father that decides to go to Europe with his teen daughter to see the world and hoping that getting involved in history and culture might allow them to move on from the past and to help her not focus on how uncertain the future might be for her.

Lucas was a senior at boarding school, which he attended along with Katya. They were both seniors and in a relationship, fully in love. The two of them decided that it would be the right choice for them to have a baby together, both very young at the time.

Fast forward to seventeen years in the future. Lucas has been absent in his daughter’s life for years but now has made a choice to try and get involved in her life again. Now he’s a weekend dad, trying to get to know his daughter for the first time.

The last thing that he expected was for something serious to come up. However, Vera is at a high school party when she goes through a psychotic break. After that, she gets a diagnosis that says she is bipolar.

Lucas wants to do something to help his daughter. He decides that the best thing to do would to be to go on a trip to Lithuania. This is the homeland of his grandmother and going to Vilnius and getting out of the country might just be the best thing for her. He wants not only to help get her out of the medicated fog that she’s in but also to try and make her feel better.

If they get closer in the process while checking out the new scenery, that would be great too. The plan is to go there for the summer and try to have a new adventure while distracting her from being upset at her diagnosis. But while the father takes his daughter abroad, the last thing he ever expects is to find out a secret that he never knew about his grandmother, who turns out to be a rebel with the Home Army that was able to get out of Stutthof.

Meanwhile, his daughter is on her own quest for understanding. she wants to find out why her father left her and her mother all those years ago, when she was just an infant. She also needs to discover what happened when she had the breakdown that night. Vera is also trying to figure out who she can trust with this information, if anyone at all.

A novel that covers many themes, this is a tale with adventure, love, loss, health, family mythology and more. Check it out and read to the end to get all of the story for yourself!

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