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Publication Order of Ruins of the Galaxy Books

By: J.N. Chaney, Christopher Hopper
Ruins of the Galaxy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Galactic Breach (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gateway to War (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Void Horizon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Labyrinth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imminent Failure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Terminal Fallout (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quantum Assault (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise of the Gladias (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Ruins of the Galaxy” is a series of novels written by the collaborative team of Christopher Hopper and JN Chaney. Hopper is best known as the author of the military science fiction titles such as “Ruins of the Earth” and award-winning series such as “The Berinfell Prophecies,” “Resonant Sun,” “The White Lion Chronicles,” and “The Sky Riders.” Hopper was born to be a writer though it took him a long time to accept his calling. While he was a slow reader in elementary school, he never let it keep him away from creative writing, a subject in which he excelled. Despite his lack of college education, he had written his first novel titled “Rise of Dibor” while he was in his twenties. He went on to write six more novels over the next decade but still kept his day job. It was not until 2019 under the pressure of his wife that he decided to jump in with both feet. In six months, he had written three novels that would later become the “Ruins of the Galaxy” series that he wrote alongside JN Chaney. He now has more than nineteen novels published which add up to more than two million words in print. When he is not writing his novels, he may be found spending time with his wife and children in northern New York, traveling to distant fictional and physical worlds, performing music with his wife, and flying RC planes.

JN Chaney is a GameLit and Science Fiction author best known for his bestselling novels and collaborations with several well-known authors. As a young man, he served in the US Air Force before he quit to become a full-time author. His debut novel was “The Amber Project” the first of the “Variant Saga” series of novels that is one of his most popular. He has since published more than ninety fiction novels over more than twenty series. Unlike Hoper that does not have any form of creative writing training, Chaney has a creative writing master which he has said has been instrumental in his career. When he is not writing his novels he may be found gaming and is a huge fan of the Super Mario Bros. He also spends some of his time catching up on TV series and movies on Netflix when he is not reading. Chaney lives all over the place but his last reported residence was Avon Park, Florida.

The “Ruins of the Galaxy” series of novels tells the story of the war between galaxies that leaves utter destruction in its wake. Standing almost alone to try to stop the destruction is Lieutenant Magnus of the Special Forces who brokers peace and sometimes war. He is the modern equivalent of recon marine and is part of a special unit of warriors that is feared and respected for its effectiveness and discipline. In the first novel of the series “Ruins of the Galaxy,” he is charged with escorting an emissary of his republic who is going for peace talks with the Jujari Empire. In “Galactic Breach,” the second novel of the series, Magnus wakes up to find that his team had been attacked and nearly wiped out by an orbital attack. He now needs to rescue members of his team that has been kidnapped by some warlords. The third novel of the “Ruins of the Galaxy” series “Gateway to War” opens with Magnus charged with treason by the military that he had sworn loyalty to. He also needs to form a new team after many of their colleagues were wiped out in previous missions.

The “Ruins of the Galaxy,” the first novel of the series introduces Lieutenant Magnus. He has been sent on a simple mission of escorting an emissary who is going to a peace summit attended by representatives from the entire galaxy. For the highly experienced Magnus and his highly trained team of Special Forces warriors, this would be an easy mission having tackled several times more dangerous and complex missions. But then there is an explosion in the tower and Magnus and the emissary are cut off from the other members of the team. Moreover, a priceless piece of intel had been handed over to them by an alien chieftain and this makes them an instant target. Magnus’s most important mission is to escape the tower and protect the ambassador. With no chance of getting back up from back him, failure is not an option. They have to survive as the fate of the entire galaxy may depend on it.

“Galactic Breach” the second novel of the “Ruins of the Galaxy” series of novels follows the lieutenant who has somehow come through unscathed from the vents on the tower. He had also managed to keep the ambassador alive and with the help of Abimbola the warlord, they had escaped. He had found someone to help with Awen’s escape back to Worru while he went back to Ooraje to find the rest of his team. Despite earlier reports, he had learned that most of his team was still intact but he will also need the help of Abimbola to get the team back to full efficiency. When Abimbola teams up with Magnus, they become a force of nature that nothing can stop. What follows is a series of action sequences unlike any found in contemporary urban fantasy novels. Chaney and Hopper write a riveting novel that will have their reader glued to the page as they soldier on towards their goals.

JN Chaney and Christopher Hopper write a fascinating story in “Gateway to War” the third novel of the “Ruins of the Galaxy” series of novels. They introduce a world with cool new weaponry and tech and new dimensions, Awen the ambassador, and Magnus team up once again as he has been charged with educating a young man named Piper on the ways of the Unity of the Galaxy. Magnus recruits a motley crew that includes humanoids from other Galaxies, humans from Earth, and Jujari and together they head to a meta-galaxy. Once there, they are to deal with the threat of reconnaissance forces that Kane had left at Ithnor Ithelia. They travel to a second planet named Nieth Tierness, where they intend to set up training facilities. Piper and Awen go into training but soon realize that it is tougher than they thought it would be.

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