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RuNyx is a USA Today bestselling author of mystery, romance, and fiction books. She enjoys creating beautiful universes before setting them on fire. Besides writing, RuNyx is an avid traveler who dreams of adopting a dog before 30 and learning different languages to help her creatively write new novels. You will find her traveling, reading, daydreaming, meditating, and procrastinating when not writing. Even though she loves keeping her life private as possible, she has a strong relationship bond with her readers, and what motivates her to keep crafting new books is that she knows that her works somehow change someone’s day in some corner of the earth.

First published in 2021, Gothikana centers on Corvina Clemm, a 21-year-old lady who has always felt a bit different since her ailing mother homeschooled her and because she has unusual purple eyes. She gets an opportunity to enroll in Verenmore University on scholarship when she turns 21. She was unfamiliar with the school’s name before, but she could not pass up this opportunity to attend a genuine school, despite being a bit older than the other students.

Meet Vad Deverell, a temporary professor, doctoral student at Verenmore, and the story’s second primary character. He is captivating and enigmatic. There is a strong bond between him and Corvina, and when he was a young child, an older woman told him he would discover purple eyes.

When Corvina arrives at Verenmore, she discovers that the institution is a massive gothic castle perched atop a mountain mile away from any settlements. Corvina feels at home with other kids who have always had turbulent pasts or who do not have families either. However, there is something eerie about this ancient castle due to its myths, superstitions, and strange occurrences in the castle and surrounding forest that makes you believe it is haunted or doomed. Corvina has constantly heard voices, but she has never known whether they are the beginnings of a mental illness or spirits attempting to connect with her.

Corvina and Vad initiate a covert affair after denying their feelings for one another. Together, they attempt to unravel the mysteries encircling Verenmore and lift the curse, if any.

Gothikana is a tale of instant love between Corvina and Vad. Vad is a doctoral candidate and professor at the University of Verenmore, and Corvina is his student. The University is cloaked in mystery, forcing Corvina to question whether everything she experiences results from the demons from her past or the University itself. She is perilously close to uncovering the truth as her curiosity pulls her closer into a labyrinth of horrifying tales, spirits, and murders. Therefore, Vad has no choice but maintain an eye on her.

Gothikana is an intriguing story, making it a perfect choice for Halloween reading. It’s a novel that’s hard to put down. Additionally, it justifies ALL the excitement surrounding it. There aren’t many books with this level of atmosphere, but this one emulates it so perfectly. You will devour this like the finest catnip due to the mysterious deaths, eerie forest, fog-like atmosphere around the hilltop where the campus is located, and the mystery surrounding the protagonist. Gothikana is a perfect example of the gothic genre.

The actual romance is highly addictive and yet forbidden. The story has a professor-and-student prohibited feel. It also introduces such enthralling characters into the relationship. For instance, the protagonist is relatable and easy to connect with; her personality is different and full of zest. She has a demeanor with a gentler tone. She is more reticent but is not afraid to stand alone when necessary. She radiates an infectious vulnerability, and you are instantly drawn to her. Then there is our hero, whose personality has so many layers that you hold your breath every time he enters the scene. His personality is so enticing that you’ll want to know all his secrets. There is the overall connection between the two main characters that the author indeed emphasizes. This story is captivating from the first page to the last. It is easy to become immersed in the details because the author depicted every moment in such a manner that you will wish it would never end.

In the first book in the Dark Verse series, RuNyx combines the deadly underworld of the mafia, the various aspects of love, and the harsh reality of the consequences of childhood trauma on adults. We are introduced to Morana Vitalio and Tristan Caine, the specter following her entire existence. This novel establishes the Dark Verse, a universe populated by mafia-like monsters and even more horrifying humans who wield power and wealth and acquire everything they need by means of the skin trade. Tristan Caine is searching for his sister, who was taken away from him as a baby, and he harbors an intense loathing for Morana, who does not know why. Morana, an intelligent computer specialist drawn into Tristan’s life once codes of significance are stolen, helps Tristan unravel the mystery.

This narrative is excellent and filled with anguish, staring, loathing, tension, attraction, mystery, and tragic history. This is precisely how Enemies to Lovers stories should be written. The beginning is astounding, with Morana planning to murder Tristan in his own home, and the conclusion was agonizing.

The novel is told in the third person, but you will have no trouble adapting. The story is both fast-paced and full of sizzling romance. The author did a fantastic job in characterization; in doing so, the reader can understand each character’s personality and traits. For example, Tristan spoke so little to everyone due to his years growing up and how others mistreated him as a young boy. He was traumatized, isolating himself from the rest of the world.

And yes, there is much staring as the two main characters couldn’t help but stare at each other. It’s effective because it emphasizes the tension between them. Additionally, the sexual tension between Morana and Tristan is intense right from the moment they set eyes on each other. They have such electrifying chemistry, and they are both so beautiful. Their first meeting was epic as Morana Vitalio tried killing ‘The Predator’ by slashing his jugular with a knife.

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