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About Russell Andrews

The American author Peter Gethers is a well known household name in the world of literature, as well as being a prolific screenwriter. Establishing a name for himself alongside the author David Handler, he also would go on to create the name of Russell Andrews. This would become a pseudonym that he would use to publish mostly stand-alone thrillers under, some of which he would write alongside David Handler. Working for the big-screen too, he would have a highly visual sense, one which would flow in an extremely fluid style upon the page. With a clear gift for creating tension and suspense too, he has been able to capture the attention of readers worldwide, gripping them with his enthralling style of storytelling.

Creating five novels so far and counting under the assumed pen-name, they’ve each had something interesting and unique to say. Working in television as well, he knows exactly what his audience are looking for, whilst dealing with contemporary issues of the day. This is something that he will carry on doing for a long time to come, as there’s plenty of room yet to continue building upon the brand.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised to a Jewish family in 1955, Peter Gethers would grow up with a keen passion for storytelling. This would evolve throughout the years, as his father would also be a screenwriter, as Peter would follow in his footsteps, learning from him. Continuing to nurture his craft throughout his education, he would go on to attend the University of California at Berkeley, graduating in 1972. He would also go on to create the Rotisserie Baseball League in 1980, which would see the subsequent craze for fantasy sports developing throughout the eighties. Going on to work in writing himself, he continues to work and write to this very day, working on Broadway, the screen, and the page.

Writing Career

Producing his first book in 1978, Peter Gethers would publish the stand-alone novel ‘The Dandy’, which would see him quickly make a name for himself. He would also later go on to produce his famous ‘Cat Called Norton’ series of books, featuring stories of life with his own cat. After this he would go on and create the pen-name of Russell Andrews, which, alongside writer David Handler, they would create the first novel in 1999 titled ‘Gideon’. Over the next seven years they would produce another four thriller titles, with the last one, ‘Hades’, being published in 2007. David Handler himself is a New York based journalist who has a history of writing crime fiction, something which would serve the two of them well when writing.


First published through the Ballantine Books publishing label, this would originally be brought out in 1999. It would be the first novel to come out under the name of Russell Andrews as well, setting up a collection of thriller novels to follow. Whilst they would all be stand-alone titles, they would each follow on in the thriller mold, with a clear love for the genre throughout.

A fun and entertaining novel, this story really builds upon its thriller premise, playing with it constantly throughout. Drawing the reader, the story itself and the process of writing becomes instrumental in the progress of the novel. Getting to the heart of the character and the action, it really manages to create an air of suspense constantly throughout as well. With secrets lurking around every corner too, it really does create an ambiance quite unlike any other, allowing the reader to really immerse themselves within it.

Holding the key to a highly explosive secret, the mysterious source known only as ‘Gideon’ could possibly change everything. It is the writer Carl Granville who is tasked with compiling all the old letters, articles, diaries and documents, with the aim of turning it all into exciting fiction. Being paid a million dollars for the job, he must never tell a soul what he is doing, as he comes to realize that this is more than just the creation of a bestseller. Exposing a decades old evil that has long been covered up, he must disguise fact with fiction, so as not to alert those with far reaching powers. That’s when a murder takes place close to Granville, and soon he finds himself in over his head in a web of lies and deceit. Will he be able to uncover the truth behind it all before it’s too late? Can he keep his head above water long enough to find out? Just who, exactly, is Gideon?


Initially released in 2007, this would be the last book to come out from Peter Gethers under Russell Andrews pseudonym. Providing another stand-alone mystery thriller, it would be a conspiracy based novel with a conspiracy deep at the heart of it. Released through the Mysterious Press publishing outlet, it would be a must for both fans of the previous novels and fans of the genre alike.

A complex thriller involving lies and deceit, this is a high-concept novel involving the character of Justin Westwood. Really drawing the reader in this time, Gethers makes sure to keep the reader glued to their seats constantly throughout. Well paced with an intelligent narrative, it never once loses itself, moving along with a clear sense of confidence and purpose. The characters are also well designed too, always feeling fully three-dimensional at all times too, allowing the reader to feel as if they really know them.

Looking to escape the bright lights and noise of the big city, the Police Chief Justin Westwood has relocated to the sleepy East End Harbor, in the hope of putting the past behind him. That’s when a Wall Street shark is brutally murdered, all whilst Westwood was in bed with the victim of the wife. This then leads him to find himself in over his head, as he tries to implicate himself from the murder, all whilst financial conspiracy of multinational proportions is under way. To clear his name, though, he must team up with an FBI agent who once shattered his heart, as they dive head-first into a world of corporate scams and complex political shenanigans. Will he be able to clear his own name though? What secrets lie in store for him? Can he find his way out of Hades?

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