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Russell Cooper is a bestselling spy thriller author that is best known for his “Florence Fairweather” series of novels.

The author was brought up on a very rich diet of Sunday afternoon television dramas and spy novels, which perhaps informs his love for storytelling.
As an adult, Cooper worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry before he had a stint with GCHQ and NATO.

The author now makes her home in Surrey in the United Kingdom. When he is not editing or writing his novels, he can be found reading and spending time with his toy poodle.

“Milton Park” by Russell Cooper is the entertaining debut novel of the “Florence Fairweather” series. It comes with witty and feisty heroines, politically driven power plays, and wartime spy adventures.

The lead in this novel is Florence who gets into a high-stakes chase against her fellow spy. It is a brutal chase as she cannot seem capable of ever outsmarting one of the most brutal agents out of Germany.

The work is set at the height of World War II on New Year’s Day when all of Europe is covered in deep winter snow.

A German spy who is still recovering from reconstructive surgery has convinced his superiors to let him parachute into England. He is there to impersonate the man who is instrumental in British efforts towards winning the war.

The only person that can stop the spy is Florence but since he still has the bandages from the surgery she cannot see her deadly rival. She leads an all-female team that is playing a deadly game of chase with their spy through Germany and France.

Will her gamble over the discovery of a dead body on the beach put Britain and the entire future of the western world in jeopardy?

The novel “Aubrey Hall” by Russell Cooper sees two twins in a conundrum -for Britain to get an upper hand in the war, one of them needs to die. The man that can save the country from being annihilated by the Nazis is cooling his heels in a prisoner of war camp.

Thousands of miles away, a small island is dealing with a strain of the plague enhanced with some chemicals made in the lab. It does seem the Nazis have been experimenting with chemical weapons.

The leading virologist in Britain is a man named Archibald that has been taken by the Germans. Florence and her team now need to find the prison break him out and fly him home so that he can find the antidote.

Meanwhile, a Nazi chemist named Ballack has a list of twenty-one names of people he wants to be killed by chemical weapons he has prepared.

Florence and her team had been on the verge of being disbanded after they failed in their mission. But now they have to embark on their most dangerous mission yet.

They will need the utmost sacrifice, bravery, and intricate planning if they are to save their country from extinction.

Russell Cooper’s novel “Red Cottage” is the story of Lily a German assassin. She is an exceptional assassin that has been charged with taking out a Special Operations team. The team is full of radar engineers that have been instrumental in keeping Britain in the war.

Florence her counterpart now needs to identify and take out the German threat that they have been reliably informed is heading to the United Kingdom.

Will she be able to stop the assassin before it is too late?

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