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Publication Order of Ruth Fielding Books

Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch (1913)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm (1915)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island (1915)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies (1916)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures (1916)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie (1916)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding At College (1917)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding in the Saddle (1917)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding of the Red Cross (1918)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding At the War Front (1918)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound (1919)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding Down East (1920)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest (1921)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence (1922)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting (1923)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding In The Far North (1924)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass (1925)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding in Alaska (1926)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and Her Great Scenario (1927)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall (1928)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name (1929)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures (1930)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and Baby June (1931)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and Her Double (1932)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph (1933)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory (1934)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruth Fielding series by Alice B. Emerson
The “Ruth Fielding” series of kids novels were each signed as Alice B. Emerson, which is a pen name used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Not all of the writers that took up the pen of Alice B. Emerson are known. The first nineteen of the books, however were written by W. Bert Foster, 20-22 were penned by Elizabeth M. Duffield Ward, and 23-30 Mildred A. Wirt wrote.

The series was published by Cupples and Leon from 1913 until 1934, and featured thirty books. It was created by Edward Stratemeyer, who also wrote plot outlines for each book.

Ruth Fielding starts the series as an orphan that comes to live with her miserly uncle. In later titles, goes from boarding school and onto college, then into adulthood. She also marries, something that is unusual for a main character in a Stratemeyer Syndicate series.

Ruth is also the prototype for the girl sleuths that came later, which includes the Dana Girls, Nancy Drew, and Beverly Gray.

“Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill; or, Jasper Parloe’s Secret” is the first novel in the “Ruth Fielding” series and was released in the year 1913. Ruth Fielding, who has just recently been orphaned, shows up in Cheslow, New York so she can live with Jabez Potter, her uncle, at the Red Mill with Aunt Alvirah Boggs, his housekeeper. Ruth is incredibly disappointed in the rather cold reception that she gets. Uncle Jabez doesn’t seem to care all that much for her, and all that he says to her is that she will have to earn her keep. Uncle Jabez grows even tougher after his precious cash box vanishes during a flood.

She makes two friends, in Tom and Helen Cameron, who are a wealthy merchant’s kids. Ruth also goes to visit a lame girl named Mercy Curtis while at home. She is an incredibly disagreeable girl that resents her disability and she takes it out on everybody. Ruth kindly tolerates her taunts, and promises that Mercy can someday come and stay with her back at Red Mill.

Over time, Ruth’s cheery disposition softens Mercy’s tough attitude, and she visits the Red Mill. Quickly, a doctor examines Mercy, and it is determined that she might have some hope of recovery after an operation is performed. Uncle Jabez’ cash box is located, thanks to Ruth, and Uncle Jabez slowly softens towards Ruth, too.

This book is a fun and sweet story, and makes for a solid first book for this series that readers cannot wait to read more of. Ruth has some nuance to her character and is fully fleshed out, making her more than the run of the mill plucky orphan that she otherwise would be. She is also a great role model of hard work, humility, compassion, and endurance for girls.

“Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall; or, Solving the Campus Mystery” is the second novel in the “Ruth Fielding” series and was released in the year 1913. Ruth’s greatest desire, to attend Briarwood Hall with Helen Cameron, has come true. Just as soon as the girls show up, they get accosted by Mary Cox, who is known as the Fox for how clever she is. Mary wishes the girls could join the Up and Doing Club that she runs. Helen is especially enraptured by Mary’s description of her club. Not too long after Mary Cox approaches the two girls, Madge Steele informs the girls on her club, known as the Forward Club.

Helen and Ruth’s discussion of the clubs starts to drive a wedge in between both of them. Ruth feels that they should be a little more cautious about the friendships they make and should make absolutely certain that they know exactly how things are before they join any of these clubs. During their very first night at Briarwood Hall, the Up and Doing Club frightens Helen and Ruth by informing them the tale about the haunted Marble Fountain and forcing these girls to leave a goblet at the fountain.

Over time, Ruth chooses to form the Sweetbriars, a new club of her very own. Helen refuses to have anything at all do with this new club, and the two girls grow even more distant. In time, the mystery about the fountain is solved, and a nearly fatal accident serves to pull Helen to her buddy.

Ruth is able to maintain her integrity while attempting to remain loyal to her friend as she attempts avoiding the petty fighting of the two campus clubs. Once again, Ruth is a likable character, as she is courageous and makes for a positive role model for girls.

“Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp; or, Lost in the Backwoods” is the third novel in the “Ruth Fielding” series and was released in the year 1913. Mr. Cameron’s bought a winter camp deep in the wilderness close to Scarboro, New York. Tom and Helen have gotten permission to take Ruth all of their other friends to Snow Camp for the end of their winter break. Before the friends leave, they cross paths with a sullen and odd boy called Fred Hatfield, that comes from Scarboro. Mr. Cameron has got a suspicion that the kid is a runaway and chooses to take him back to his family in Scarboro.

The Cameron party leaves for Snow Camp with Fred Hatfield being an unwilling passenger. On a short stop close to Scarboro, Fred leaps off the train, and Ruth follows on impulse. Fred steals a wagon which was parked right in front of a store, and Ruth gets on board. The harrowing adventure that follows in which these two nearly get attacked by one panther and later get rescued by a crazy hermit.

The sharp explosion and the panther’s shriek seemed to be simultaneous. The hermit takes the two youngsters to Snow Camp, however Fred vanishes right before they arrive. Ruth, as fate would have it, encounters Fred many more times during their time at Snow Camp. By the end, he gets reunited with his family and Ruth and her buddies come back from quite an enjoyable vacation.

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