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The Keeper of Lost Things (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Moon, the Stars, and Madam Burova (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phoenix Ballroom (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruth Hogan is a published author.

She was born in Bedford in the United Kingdom. She says that her parents continue to live in the house where she was born. She would read anything when she was a child. She would even read gravestones and the backs of the cereal boxes! She also was really interested in horses and dogs, but never liked spiders.

She attended Goldsmiths College, where she studied drama and English. She then returned home and decided to get her first official job. She worked in a position in senior local government for a decade. It wasn’t the best fit for her personally but it was able to help her pay the mortgage and her bills.

Tragedy struck when she was involved in a car accident. It was so bad that she could no longer work in her career on the same full time basis that she used to. Even though it was a tough thing to go through, she was finally able to try writing.

That was derailed a bit when she got cancer in 2012. That was an inconvenient thing to go through, but says that it did allow her to go on a hair journey that was quite exciting. She went from being bald to having a short blonde crop hairstyle. She says that when the chemo treatments would keep her up at night, she would make the time pass by turning her attention to writing. The result would be her first novel.

Ruth Hogan first became a published author in print in 2017 with the release of her first full length fictional novel. It would be a book club pick from Richard & Judy as a well as a selection for fresh talent from WHSmith Travel. The book was very popular and became number one on many charts thanks to positive word of mouth. A best seller listed on the Sunday Times, it has sold over a half million copies and counting. It is on the shelves in over thirty countries world wide and has done very well.

She says that she resides in a Victorian house that is full of her rescue dogs and chaos. She manages it all with the help of her husband. She likes to collect treasures and is a big fan of John Betjeman. She says that she still enjoys reading gravestones.

The Keeper of Lost Things is the first full length novel from author Ruth Hogan. If you are looking for a clever and charming book to pick up or are just interested in checking out the debut work of fiction from this writer, then be sure to check it out!

The possibilities that we have access to our lives can be endless. In this debut novel that has been praised as ‘quietly moving’, Hogan explores everything about life. This is everything from joyful discovery to exploring promises that are made (and broken) to magical objects, losing ourselves and finding ourselves again, what holds meaning for us, as well as the connections that tie us all together.

Here readers get to meet the main character of Anthony Peardew. He is someone that likes to track down and find lost things, holding onto them for safe keeping. It all started a long time ago when he lost something that was very dear to him.

It was four decades ago when he lost something given to him by Therese. They were engaged to be married and he lost the keepsake that meant so much to both of him. He was devastated when she ended up dying unexpectedly that same day that he lost it.

With a broken heart, Anthony did not know what to do. As a result, he would look for consolation in finding lost objects and rescuing them. Anthony would find things that others misplaced, dropped, or left behind by accident and would care for them and write stories inspired by them.

He is now in the later ages of his life and is worried that he hasn’t completed his mission to get the lost objects back in touch with the owners. The end is coming near, and he cannot move on knowing that he has all of these objects looking to be returned. His assistant Laura becomes the inheritor of the mission of his life. He leaves his house to her along with all of its treasures. This may or may not include an annoyed ghost.

Laura was also like a lost object in Anthony’s life. She has been trying to get over a divorce gone bad, and when she moves into his house, she finds that her life unexpectedly starts to change for the better. She makes a friend in Sunshine, the quirky daughter of the neighbor. She also finds distraction in the gardener, Freddy.

Laura finds that the cloud that has been hanging over her head is beginning to lift. The assistant is left with her mission intact, and is intent on fulfilling the last desire of her boss to reunite the objects with the people that they belong to. At the same time, a woman named Eunice is holding onto a trinket she found on the street in London.

With the end of her life coming upon her, she has now lost something dear to her. The loss means that she must ultimately break an old promise she made. Laura may end up being the key to the redemption of Eunice and Anthony.

Can she break through the secrets of the past, unlocking connections that can allow their souls to rest? You’ve got to pick up this book to find out!

Ruth Hogan’s second fictional novel is titled The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes. Main character Masha is going through a tough point in her life.

She was once independent and spirited with a touch of rebellion. That was, until a tragedy changed her life 12 years ago. Full of grief that she cannot release, Masha finds refuge in the Victorian cemetery and underwater at the lido in town.

When she meets Kitty Muriel and Sally, will they show her the way? Can Masha learn to live again? Read this book to the very last page to find out!

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5 Responses to “Ruth Hogan”

  1. Lyn Hannon: 12 months ago

    I first read “The keeper of lost things” in 2018 and enjoyed it so much and I laughed and cried all the way through.In the last year I have nursed my partner in the last stages of his terminal cancer and couldn’t seem to immerse my self in any books although I’m normally an avid reader.He passed away in February this year and I haven’t been able to focus on much, I decided to re-read this for some reason and enjoyed it more than the first time.
    It seemed to help,thank you.

  2. Melanie walker: 12 months ago

    I have just finished reading your book the keeper of lost things with great interest well written it keeps you wanting to read more. I shall be reading your other books in the series thank you for such an enjoyable read.

  3. June: 1 year ago

    Thank you for the Lost things book. I listened on audio last nite when I couldn’t sleep. I will be reading or listening to your other books. This one is delightful.

  4. Derek: 1 year ago

    Truly wonderful story from Ruth Hogan Sunshine a magical character.
    This would make a great movie or maybe a
    mini series for t.v.

  5. jeff hoogendyk: 2 years ago

    greetings ms.hogan, finished reading my wife’s book before her book club met. I got hooked with the entrance of Sunshine.
    great job and much success going forward. All the best.
    Jeff Hoogendyk-Salinas,Cal–93908


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