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Ruthless Kings MC: Las Vegas Books In Order

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Publication Order of Ruthless Kings MC: Las Vegas Books

The “Ruthless Kings MC” series is a set of novels by bestselling author K.L. Savage.

While most people do not know it, Savage is a combination of two authors who came together to pen something they would have loved to read.

They had become tired of trying to find some gritty romance fiction they could read only to realize that many of the novels they found were too similar to what they had already read.

With an itch to scratch, it was not so difficult for them to convince themselves that they could pen some blockbuster romance fiction with dark alpha males and the sassy females they love.

K.L. Savage penned “Reaper,” their debut novel in 2020 and has never looked back since. The novel would come to be very popular that they decided to make it into a series that now has at least fifteen titles.

“The Ruthless Kings MC” is a set of novels that follows the members of a clubhouse. These are sexy yet flawed gentlemen who are part of a brotherhood that will often get their hands dirty when their circumstances call for them to do so.
They are action-packed, suspenseful, and intense stories that could be read as standalone even though it is advised to read them in order starting with the requel.
The reason for this is that the lives of the characters and the backstory of the club overlap and continue with each subsequent novel.

An interesting thing about it is that the men just get crazier with each novel making for some delicious unputdownable stories.

In the first novel, we are introduced to the president of the MC club Reaper. He is a man who is protective of those dear and near to him.

While often overbearing, things change when he starts feeling something for the sassy and beautiful Sarah who is the daughter of Hawk his best friend that was killed by a rival.
We then meet Boomer who was Reaper’s ward as a kid since he lost his father. He becomes a troubled man as an adult who leaves everything behind to find himself and meets Scarlett Rose.
Then there is Tool who was brought up by an abusive father and believes himself unlovable until he meets the twenty-five-year-old Juliet.

“Reaper” is the first novel of the “Ruthless Kings MC” series of novels.

The lead in the novel is the president of the Ruthless Kings Motor Cycle Club named Reaper. He could not be any more ruthless as he has a reputation for being a crazy badass like most men in the club.

On the other hand, is Sarah the daughter of his best friend Hawk who had been killed by a rival. While she is not even eighteen, she is a force to be reckoned with. Ever since she was in her mid-teens, she knew that the only man she ever wanted was Reaper.
She is determined and will do anything to make him see her as a woman and not the bruised and broken teenager that stumbled into his club a few years past.

However, she has her work cut out for her since Reaper is a man who lives by a moral code, even if he does not obey the code of the law. He has vowed to himself and in the spirit of his friend that he would never have anything romantic with her.
However, temptation can sometimes be a bitch and he is finding that keeping his vow is more difficult than he ever thought it would be.

The second novel of the “Ruthless Kings MC” series of novels is the story of Boomer who had grown up in the club. He had been raised first by his father and then was under the tutelage of Reaper the club president.
These were the men who taught him the ins and outs of club life. Reaper had done everything to shield and protect his best friend’s son from dangerous people but some things such as love and life are inevitable.

When Reapers falls for Sarah who is the sister Boomer had never before known about, he decides to leave and take a breather. What he does not realize is he has stepped out of a bad situation into something even worse.
Soon enough he meets Scarlett Rose who had her life all planned out. She intended to go to college, then have a great career that would afford her a white picket fence.

But then she is abducted by human traffickers and realizes that maybe she may never achieve her dreams. But then some man sweeps in to save them all and she feels so right when she is with him.
She will do anything including going toe to toe with his many demons just so that they can be together.

“Tool,” the third novel of the “Ruthless Kings MC” series of novels tells the story of Logan McGraw who is the vice president of the club nicknamed Tool.

The novel is told from the perspective of both Tool and twenty-five-year-old Juliette Johnson who works as a singer and sales clerk. When he was fifteen, Logan McGraw in trying to protect his mother ended up killing his father.
The consequence of his crime was that he soon found himself a prospector for the Ruthless Kings MC. In the present day, he met Juliette Johnson whom he is instantly attracted to.

However, Reaper who is the president of the Ruthless Kings MC forbids him from dating her since she is the daughter of Derek Johnson, one of the dirtiest sheriffs in Las Vegas.

Since he just cannot stay away from Juliette, Tool has to be punished for disobeying the leader of the Ruthless Kings MC.

His interest in Juliette puts him directly in the line of fire, particularly when Juliette is made the ultimate prize by a local underground fighting ring.

What ensues is a forbidden relationship and romance between Tool and Juliette and the potentially deadly consequences, since the club and Logan are likely to continue being targeted for their actions in the past.

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