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Publication Order of Ruthless Villains Books

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Ruthless Villains (Series by Marion Blackwood)
Marion Blackwood writes the “Ruthless Villains” series of paranormal romance novels.

The series is spicy fantasy romance where two villains are the lead characters. You can expect a ton of fighting, tension, and enemies with benefits over the course of this enemies to lovers romance.

These books contain sexual content and violence, and the main characters do immoral things both to one another and others. If you’re looking for main characters that would sacrifice themselves in order to save the world, you won’t find em here. In this series, you’ll find villains that would sacrifice the world in order to get what they want. Still not deterred? Well, excellent. Then, welcome to the dark side.

“Ruthless Villains” is the first novel in the “Ruthless Villains” series and was released in 2022. “The enemy of my enemy is not actually my friend. It’s the person whose heart I want to rip out.” In a world where magic has been distributed equally, there are some people that refuse to share any of their powers. Dark mages are selfish and lethal. And totally without morals.

Audrey Sable is one of them. Given that she’s a poison mage, she is able to bring men to their knees with just a flick of her wrist. However the man that she really wants to murder is not going down that easily. Callan Blackwell is also a pretty powerful dark mage, and he’d like nothing more than to see Audrey beg for mercy at his feet. However their hatred for each other is going to have to wait.

After the heroic champions of equality prepare to launch this attack which will wipe the remaining dark mages out, Callan and Audrey are stuck to put their war on hold and work together instead. They just have the one chance to thwart the self-righteous heroes before it’s too late, however their mutual animosity is bound to get in the way of this mission. And the issue with blazing feelings like hatred is that it just takes a single spark to turn it all into burning passion.

Callan and Audrey’s temporary union is undoubtedly a dangerous one. To the rest of the world. But most of all, to their own ruthless hearts.

Readers loved the story building, pacing, and plot. The twists and turns and constant action make it exciting and easy to read. But also that both the male and female leads are villains and stay that way throughout the entire novel.

“Wicked Villains” is the second novel in the “Ruthless Villains” series and was released in 2022. After completing their mission together, Audrey and Callan each find themselves in a position that they never expected. Their feelings for toward one another have changed. So has the power balance. As they’re trapped in a totally new situation, each of them are going to have to sort through their tangled emotions and figure out just how to handle this complex relationship.

Meanwhile, the other dark mages are currently on the warpath. Some may be open to negotiating some sort of deal, however others are getting ready for an outright fight. In order to avoid any sort of direct confrontation, Callan and Audrey must work together in order to broker a tenuous peace. At least up until the couple is ready to make moves of their own.

Enemies have begun circling around them like wolves, just waiting for them to slip up. However the biggest danger that they face is not the enraged heroes or any of the other dark mages, it’s actually their feelings for one another.

This book is great for any readers that love a dark fantasy read with plenty of twists and steam. These two, even if they’re fighting, still have one another’s back in different ways and protect each other from trouble.

“Heartless Villains” is the third novel in the “Ruthless Villains” series and was released in 2022. The war between the dark mages has been settled and there’s a new power hierarchy is now in place, however the people of Eldar have figured out finally that their great hero isn’t in the city anymore. Determined to take him back, they’re mustering the entire city for battle as Lance’s friends race to reclaim this artifact which would leave the dark mages at a total disadvantage.

To prevent this from happening, Callan and Audrey have to get this item first. But the road leading to it is filled with danger, and they cannot afford any distractions if they’re to survive it. However that’s easier said than done when each of them are harboring secrets from one another which would turn their world upside down.

If Audrey and Callan are really to succeed in their mission, they’ll have to depend on one another more than ever before. However after all the betrayal and blood, can these two heartless villains really learn to trust each other?

“Vicious Villains” is the fourth novel in the “Ruthless Villains” series and was released in 2023. The people of Eldar have been stepping their efforts up in order to rid their beloved city state of dark mages, and they’re bringing this fight into the hills. Calamity strikes, and Callan and Audrey are unable to deal with this situation all on their own. Forced to admit they need help, they go to Malgrave in order to track down the single person that could possibly provide it.

However the city of Malgrave isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a lethal dark mage ruling half of the city with an iron fist, and he’s got no reason to help anybody with their problems. Instead, he enjoys wielding his power selfishly from atop his metal throne. Making matters worse, he’s also got a history with Callan which ended pretty badly.

Audrey and Callan, in order to win this war against Eldar, will need to persuade him to help them. However the deck’s been stacked against them from the start. Can they navigate through the sinful streets of Malgrave together and secure the assistance that they need without getting swept away by Callan’s blood-soaked past?

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