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Publication Order of Rutshire Chronicles Books

Rutshire Chronicles Series

Jilly Cooper is a well-known English author who originally worked as a journalist and also wrote non-fiction before she started writing romance novels, with her first one released in 1975. She’s especially famous for the Rutshire Chronicles series. Her writing stands out because she creates characters that readers find real and memorable. Plus, she knows how to mix humor, drama, and meaningful themes in her stories, making them fun but significant at the same time.

Cooper’s knack for storytelling extends to her ability to keep readers hooked. Her protagonists are not just characters; they feel like friends, and the plotlines are both entertaining and thought-provoking. This combination has made her series a favorite among readers, who keep coming back for her unique blend of storytelling. In essence, it’s her engaging narrative style packed with relatable characters and intriguing plots that defines her appeal.

Her Rutshire Chronicles series is a particularly captivating collection of romance novels, spanning over eleven books and continues to grow. This series pulls readers into the extravagant and intricate love lives of Britain’s upper-class families, with stories set in the fictional county of Rutshire. One of the hallmarks of this series is the return of familiar faces, like the charismatic Rupert Campbell-Black, whose romantic entanglements carry readers along from one book to the next.

Designed with an adult audience in mind, the Rutshire Chronicles doesn’t shy away from delving into intense and passionate scenarios. Cooper’s skillful storytelling interweaves the lives of her characters across the series, creating a rich tapestry of relationships that evolve over time.

Fans are drawn to the blend of drama, romance, and the luxurious backdrop that Cooper so vividly paints. Her ability to craft deeply engaging narratives against the setting of high society makes this series a thrilling read for those who enjoy romance with a touch of sophistication and a lot of heart.

The Rutshire Chronicles began in 1985 with the debut novel ‘Riders,’ which quickly captivated readers and even made its way onto television screens with an ITV adaptation in 1993. Since then, the series has expanded to include eleven books, each providing a standalone romance story nestled within the interconnected world of Rutshire.

This format allows readers new and old to dive into any book without feeling lost, while also enjoying the thrill of recognizing characters and settings as they progress through the series. The endurance and evolving nature of the Rutshire Chronicles showcase Jilly Cooper’s skill in creating a vibrant, ever-expanding universe that continues to engage readers’ imaginations.


Authored by Jilly Cooper and published in 1985 by Arlington Books Ltd., this novel marked the beginning of The Rutshire Chronicles series. This inaugural book lays the groundwork, introducing the universe and its inhabitants, alongside setting the series’ distinctive tone. It serves as the gateway into Cooper’s sprawling saga of romance and drama.

Jake Lovell, a talented equestrian with a Roma background, seeks vengeance against his old foe, the aristocratic Rupert Campbell-Black, who bullied him in the past. With financial support from his wealthy wife, Tory Maxwell, Jake establishes a successful show-jumping yard. On the other hand, Rupert enjoys a hedonistic lifestyle of parties, relationships with multiple women, and neglects his marriage to Helen Macaulay, continuing his pattern of promiscuity.

A riveting rivalry reignites when Jake and Rupert cross paths again, competing not only in equestrian prowess but also in romantic conquests, leading up to a decisive confrontation at the Los Angeles Olympics.

Cooper’s storytelling seamlessly combines the competitive equestrian world with intricate personal relationships, making it an engaging read. It’s a compelling start to a series that invites readers into a captivating saga filled with passion and ambition.


Published in 1988 by Corgi, ‘Rivals,’ also known as ‘Players,’ is the second entry in Jilly Cooper’s Rutshire Chronicles series. It presents a new standalone romance set within the familiar and beloved world of Rutshire.

Declan O’Hara, a television superstar known for his glamour and integrity, enters the competitive world of Corinium television, bringing along his charismatic family. Opposite him, Rupert Campbell-Black, now a divorced Tory Minister for Sport, lives a life of dissolution. Soon, Declan uncovers that Corinium’s Managing Director, Lord Baddingham, has hired him under false pretenses to secure the franchise, engaging a talented but challenging executive, Cameron Cook, to produce Declan’s show.

Amidst corporate scheming, personal vendettas, and intense romantic entanglements, the battle for the Cotswold Crown unfolds, blending professional rivalries with private passions.

Here Jilly Cooper expertly mixes professional ambitions with private desires, crafting a story that’s as much about love as it is about power. This novel, a gem in the Rutshire Chronicles, promises to delight both new readers and longtime fans of Cooper’s work.


The third book in the Rutshire Chronicles series by Jilly Cooper, ‘Polo’ was published in 1991 by LGF. Continuing the tradition of standalone romances within the interconnected Rutshire world, this installment offers readers another engaging narrative. It solidifies Cooper’s ability to blend romance with the dynamic settings of Rutshire.

Ricky France-Lynch, who is known for his brooding personality and exceptional skill in polo, struggles with his tumultuous life, including a large, deteriorating estate and a volatile marriage, all under the watchful eye of young Perdita MacLeod, a teen with aspirations of becoming a polo star. Entranced by the opulent and reckless polo community, Perdita believes she will fit right in, but life throws a curveball with Ricky’s sudden plunge into disaster, changing both their lives.

As Ricky fights to reclaim his wife and Perdita strives for success in polo and Ricky’s affection, their ambitions lead them on an international adventure. From the lush fields of Argentina to the prestigious polo matches in California, their journey is not just about the sport but a deeper quest for redemption and triumph in the face of adversity.

The Rutshire Chronicles

It’s a series that stands as a testament to Jilly Cooper’s prowess in weaving captivating tales of romance and drama. Each book invites readers into a world where love, ambition, and high society intertwine beautifully. Fans of the series appreciate the richly drawn characters and the intricate plots that, together, create an immersive reading experience. As Cooper continues to expand this enchanting universe, the series promises to remain a favorite among readers seeking stories with heart, humor, and a touch of British flair.

With its enduring appeal, the Rutshire Chronicles is set to captivate readers for generations to come, solidifying its place as a cherished collection in the realm of romance literature.

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