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Say Her Name (With: Dreda Say Mitchell) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Believe Me (With: Dreda Say Mitchell) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ryan Carter is a thriller and crime fiction author best known for his debut novel “Say Her Name,” which he published alongside his life partner Dreda Mitchell.

Before he became a bestselling author he used to work in the computer industry. Working with Dreda they pen novels across the mystery and crime fiction genres. Their works are known for being fast paced, gritty gangland crime fiction.
Working together, they penned their first psychological thriller Spare Room in 2019 and the work went on to become a bestselling title. Dreda who is the face of the pairing is a passionate speaker and campaigner on the arts and social issues.
She has appeared on television including BBC 2’s Front Row Late, Celebrity Pointless, The Review Show, Celebrity Eggheads, Newsnight, Sunday Morning Live and BBC 1 Breakfast.

The two performed Sky Art 50, the groundbreaking specially commissioned monologue on Sky TV. The first novel in which Ryan Carter is credited with writing alongside Dreda Mitchell is “Say her Name,” which was published in 2022.
Their books have since become very popular with some of them optioned to be made into film and TV adaptations.

“Say Her Name” by Ryan Carter tells the story of a London physician who is biracial but was raised by an adoptive family that was black. When she is on a quest to find her roots, she stumbles into several revelations that hit her like a ton of bricks.
The death of Cherry, her adoptive mother, changes everything for Eva Harris. At that time, she was suspended given that a patient had filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

It does seem that Harris had nearly given the patient a fatal overdose since she was exhausted working and taking care of her mother.

Frustrated, she lashes out at Carlton McNeil, the retired Metropolitan Police detective who is her adopted father when she convinces herself that he has been having an affair with his housekeeper Ronnie.
She is determined to find her birth mother that had given her up when she was little. Her search turns interesting when a company where she had submitted her DNA claims it has found her father.
She is put in touch with Danny Greene, a retired businessman who wants to meet her. The meeting which includes Miriam the man’s daughter is a mixed success.

She is excited about meeting some of her relatives as she believes they might just hold the key to finding herself.

However, the closer Eva gets to learning important information about her past, the more it seems someone is determined to ensure she does not find the truth.
The more she digs, the more she is drawn into a merciless and dark underside there is in her society.

She lives in a place where black women often go missing without a trace as there are no desperate pleas for their return, no search parties as their names are erased from history.

Once, Sugar had tried to save her from all this as he believed she ought to have a better life. However she has torn down the facade and may be too far gone to be spared if things went bad.

Ryan Carter’s novel “Believe Me” is the story of the 39 year old lawyer Gabby who moved back to the English village where she had been raised.

Her sister had been warning her not to fall for her father’s old tricks but when she is called and informed he is sick after being assaulted she rushes back home.

She arrives to find her father being his old demanding salty self who wants her help in a property dispute. While working on the dispute, she finds a name that is very familiar on the title that she believes belongs to her mother.
However her mother is deceased since she died from a strange illness about four decades earlier. This new discovery throws up more questions than answers about the Ocean Haven property.

She is desperate to find the truth about the connection her mother had to the property. The more she digs into the case, the more tension she finds in her distant but very fractured family.
As such, when she begins to uncover the disturbing and dark history of Ocean Haven, who can she turn to?

She is fast approaching her fortieth birthday and recently she has been feeling some of the pains that her mother had complained of all those years in the past.

Could she be just paranoid or maybe she is destined to day in the same way. She has a strong feeling that Ocean Haven may hold some secrets that could be key to her future.

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