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Ryan Gattis is an American published author of fiction.

Ryan Gattis was born in 1978 in Illinois. He would grow up in Colorado in Colorado Springs While he did not always have the desire to be a writer, today he is known for being the author of several books and a few series! He says that he would not be able to write fiction the way that he does without first having been an active listener and going to many different places. He has lived in California, England, Australia, and Japan. He refers to the city of Los Angeles as being the most misunderstood and the greatest city on the planet.

He is the author of Kung Fu High School and the Big Drop and All Involved series. He has also penned several novels that are stand alones, from the book Roo Kickkick and the Big Bad Blimp to his 2020 novel The System. The Kung Fu High School film rights was bought by The Weinstein Company, but a film adaptation was ultimately never made. It was also noted as a Discover Selection by Barnes & Noble. The book was also re-released in 2016 in the United Kingdom and in 2017 in the United States. His novel Safe was awarded the McIntyre’s Beltie Award in the United States in 2018 in the category of crime fiction.

His novel All Involved won the Alex Award from the American Library Association and also was awarded the French Lire Award for Noir of the Year. His books All Involved and Safe were set close to the area of South Los Angeles. He did a lot of research to write them and interviewed with former members of Latino gangs in the South Central area. He talked about starting this process in 2015 while delivering a Ted Talk. The books were praised for the authenticity and attention to detail thanks to the extensive research done by Gattis. They have since been translated into several languages.

The author graduated with a BFA from Chapman University in creative writing and then attended the University of East Anglia to study creative writing and prose in England, graduating with his Master’s. While there, Gattis studied under Andrew Motion, then the Poet Laureate.

Ryan resides in south Los Angeles and belongs to “UGLARworks”, a street art collective where he is a Creative Director. He participates in the arts non-profit known as “Heritage Future” and is a founding board member. He also serves as a PEN America prison-writing mentor. He credits UGLARworks with changing his life as well as his career. The collective works on everything from painting murals as approved mural artists for Los Angeles, host museum shows, put on shows in Beverly Hills at United Talent Agency, hosted in the London PanMacmillan lobby, and have put on an art show held for one night for the book All Involved, also coming up with a mural that was linked thematically and hosted in Paris.

Ryan says that since he has written All Involved he has been lucky to have the opportunity to go all around the world traveling and raising support for his books. He has also been a guest at such literary ventures as the International Literature Festival Dublin, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in 2015 and then again in 2017, and at Mexico’s Hay Festival Querétaro and Peru’s Hay Festival Arequipa. Ryan has also given talks at Scotland’s Greenock Prison and the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in LA County.

Ryan has been employed as a lecturer in Orange, California at Chapman University, where he taught creative writing in many different genres for nearly a decade. It was with this background that he came up with his idea “5 Essentials for Immersive Storytelling” that zeroes in on coming up with a narrative that is effective in any media format. He also came up with his own course about writing for video games that bears the same title. Ryan co-founded Black Hill Press, a publishing collective that has its own specialization in the genre of contemporary American novellas.

Ryan Gattis is the creator and the author of the Big Drop series of fictional novels. This series first became available to readers in 2012 with the release of the exciting debut novel, which is titled Homecoming. The second novel would come out not too much longer after with the publication of the second installment of the series, Impermanence, in 2013.

Homecoming is the dramatic story of a main character that must get out of a sticky situation and try to make his life balanced again. It is the first novel in the Big Drop series by Ryan Gattis, also known as the Johnny Ban series.

The man character in this tale is Johnny Ban, a former military translator. When he attempts to defend himself from a yakuza and kills the gangster in the process, things are serious. They now owe a debt and the only way to pay it back is to replace the dead man. He must go on a quest to find a woman that has gone missing in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, California.

The story combines action with the world of the yakuza as well as noir elements involved in a city where anything is possible. Can Johnny Ban repay his debt and get the missing woman home safely? Or will he find that he cannot complete the task and must make a payment in some other way? Read this gritty and intriguing mystery to find out.

The second novel in the Big Drop or Johnny Ban series is Impermanence. The second installment of the series picks up with the main character once more and follows Johnny Ban through new adventures.

He managed to finally track down Emi Sato, but the only issue is that now he has lost her again. Just like that, she’s gone. He’s picking up the pieces and deciding to try again, but when new surprises come his way he may find out that he’s in over his head once more and doesn’t know who to trust. Can he come out on top? Read this book to find out!

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