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When looking for some adventure and excitement, there are many places and many different books that you can look into. But what better location than in between the pages of a book with an ex-military man that seems to find trouble with every new job that he takes and adventures in the most unlikely of places. No matter adventure Ryan Lock finds himself in, you will never find yourself bored.

Ryan Lock is that ex-military man that is now working as a bodyguard and security specialist. No matter what his current job is, he is always good for some excitement and an excellent journey through the pages of your books. His most trusted partner, Ty Johnson, is retired from the Marines and is working to help Ryan throughout all of his dangerous new jobs. Working with Ty also brings Ryan plenty of adventure as his partner gets Ryan involved in cases and jobs as well. His new career after the military brings a lot of action and adventure into both of their lives. This position as a bodyguard and security specialist takes him into contact with everyone from the pharmaceutical representatives to the government and beyond to the types of individuals most would never dream of meeting.

Understanding Ryan Lock’s past and where he comes from is a huge part of understanding the way he reacts when he deals with situations that most people would not be able to deal with. It also explains why he is so well prepared and able to adapt to the situation when thrown head first into situations that no person would ever expect to have to deal with. Ryan is an American citizen whose father was Scottish. Due to his past with having a Scottish father, Ryan served in the British Royal Military police as opposed to the United States military. During his time with RMP, Ryan learned many of the skills that he constantly uses to solve his many different cases and that he uses to stay alive. It was during his time serving in Iraq that he met Ty Johnson and formed a friendship that would eventually play a huge role in his future as a bodyguard and as a security specialist.

Throughout the series we are also introduced to a reporter by the name of Carrie Delaney. She has an off and on relationship with Ryan Lock but due to the high intensity and pressure of both of their jobs, they have not made a long term commitment. Her involvement with Ryan throughout his series is something that adds depth as well as giving something beyond action and adventure to the books.

We originally meet Ryan Lock when he is representing a pharmaceutical company CEO as a bodyguard. He is recommended to this position by Ty Johnson who knows that Ryan will be up for the task of protecting such a public figure and keeping the man safe and alive. His adventures while protecting the CEO involve murder, failed assassinations, and a major threat to all of those who live in Manhattan. This particular adventure keeps Ryan on his toes and keeps us in suspense as we wait to see how Ryan saves such a hugely populated city.

Our next action packed adventure with Ryan Lock takes us to the infamous prison, Pelican Bay, for an up close look that most people are fortunate enough to never have to see. While everyone thinks that he and Ty Johnson are there to serve out their individual prison sentences, the government knows the truth and had them placed at Pelican Bay on their newest assignment. They are there to keep a man alive and struggle against an entire prison population to keep him that way. This suspense packed adventure gives us a unique look into a prison with some of the most dangerous people in the American prison system.

This particular adventure is not their only one where they work with to assist the government with a major issue. Ryan Lock helps the government when he works as a bounty hunter and attempts to track down an extremely dangerous fugitive that has taken off for Mexico. And while tracking a fugitive is hard enough by itself, he is also having to fight against the drug cartel that fights to keep the criminal free and out of American government hands. The adventure does not end there when a woman goes missing and Ryan has to work against the clock to save her from the very fugitive he is trying to hunt down.

And as if the Mexican drug cartel protecting an American fugitive was not bad enough, Ryan Lock has his share of adventures within Hollywood as well. Being rich and famous may have its many perks but it definitely has its downsides as well. Ryan definitely has his work cut out for him when the person you are looking for can be any one of millions of fans of a Hollywood actress.

While the full length novels keep us on the edge of our seats, there is also a short story that does its part in delivering the high intensity scenes and action packed pages that Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are both known for. Within the pages of the short story, we are pulled along as Ryan attempts to successfully play his part in a ransom exchange for money when nothing that he attempts to do ever goes according to plan or seems as simple as first appears.
No matter where Ryan Lock ends up or what adventure we follow him into, Ryan keeps us entertained and enthralled throughout everything that he does. His unique background and history give a depth to the character that will ensure that you are never bored no matter where Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson may end up. Whatever adventure Ryan ends up on and whatever is still to come for the adventure bound security expert, Ryan will definitely deliver an exciting time that no one will be able to forget or to put down. Forget everything you have read or heard about a sizzling adventure and know that this series is the measure of every adventure any enthusiasitc reader would look for in a book.

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