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Publication Order of Sebastien Grey Books

The Comfort of Distance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Where the Blood is Made (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ryburn Dobbs was initially a teacher of biological and forensic anthropology in several colleges in San Francisco. He later spent ten years working as a forensic anthropologist working multiple murder investigations.

The author also worked as an investigative analyst specializing in homicides. He has written the Sebastian Grey Series, and his debut novel is The Comfort of Distance.

The Comfort of Distance
The novel starts as skeletons and different body parts are found in various parts of South Dakota. At that time, scientists were trying to track a GPS installed lion as they suspected that it might be killing humans around the area.

They hope to reduce the panic over the likely human eating lion and research more on the remains. County Sherriff Sergeant Hank LeGris has already received approval to seek help from his estranged brother, forensic scientist, and anthropologist, Dr. Sebastian Grey.

Grey has issues of his own; one being disorder doesn’t like staying near people since it makes him more peaceful than having a close relationship. He gives in to the request and soon finds himself in an environment with wise people that are ready to test his abilities.

Human remains are found in the deep forest of the Black Hills. The bodies belonging to the remains have not yet been recovered and are only found a piece at a time. Circulating rumors have it that there is a rogue man-eating lion, and the panic is intensifying.

Sgt. Hank feels there is a need to solve the puzzle before things get worse, and he is sure that there is something strange going on. To solve the murder mystery, he has to get help from his brother Sebastian whose skills take the story on a forensic thinking mission. In the process, he starts rediscovering himself as he tackles new experiences.

The story rotates around human bones being recovered near a camping site, and as more investigation is done, more remains are found, and the police believe the remains belong to people who’ve been killed. Sebastian succumbs to the pressure to do well in solving the mystery as he leads the team on a wild chase full of critical thinking, good reasoning, and attention to every detail.

The first part found was a head, then the second was a lower jaw, but the head had its lower jaw meaning that this is the second victim.
The mysterious murders in Dakota force Sgt. Hank looks for assistance from his brother Sebastian since he has fine skills that his people don’t own. The story is narrated from different point of views for a better understanding, and the storyline is enough to carry the reader through.

Sebastian is a delightful character with believable insecurities and eccentricities. The untangling of the forensic evidence and relationships of Hank, Tifanny, and Sebastian were enjoyable even though Sebastian struggled with anxiety. It’s evident how he begins to settle as the story develops.

Sebastian is an interesting character and carried the book with his knowledge of forensics anthropology and his unique personality and growth throughout the novel.
It’s a fast-paced, gripping crime story that fans of crime fiction genres will enjoy more. The author appears to be sure of what she was writing as the anthropology sections were so detailed and brought a fascinating aspect to the novel.

It starts with an eerie and chilling prologue before diving right into the action. From there, the story twists as the author introduces Sebastian to the readers. His social phobia is well addressed in the novel, and the minor details that the author infuses in the story are incredibly presented.
He is intellectually passionate about his field of work and he was put together with a socially awkward and anxious man. Both sides of Sebastian are well weaved in the book to understand him better.

Hank, Sebastian’s brother, was the opposite with contrasting personalities and later learned to work together, making the story more interesting. The author balances personal life and professional so well that any reader will enjoy the novel.

Secondary characters have believable details that flesh out the story and bring something important. They are well developed right from the beginning to the end. Even though the book was a mystery and police investigation, it was more of a human story because of the characters.
The situations in which the characters find themselves are so believable. The scientific terms are easy to understand, giving more depth of gravity and truth to add more layers to the solid read. This is an enjoyable police procedural and mystery book.

The Boxwood Torso
As the story unfolds, Tiffany is dealing with cold cases that have accumulated and become out of control. Hank requests Sebastian to use his skills to help Tiffany solve the cases. The first case they investigate is of some rich and influential people. Now Dr. Grey and Detective Reece are back to the mystery-solving in South Dakota, and this time there chemistry is excellent.

The two are caught up in a case where a skull is found in one place, then later a torso is found; the investigators cannot help but wonder whether they are connected. Thirty years ago, authorities never thought it that way, but Dr. Sebastian is on the case, and he thinks the two belong to one victim.
The victim appears to be an unidentified man who was shot, dismantled, scattered in two different places, and later burned. It’s only a matter of time before they find out the truth but professional enemies, a spy in sheriff’s office, and a family with dark secrets are the barriers to connecting the dots.
Sebastian thinks Reece is the love of her life and the only person who can take him out of his social isolation.

The mystery is enough to keep the reader engaged, and the police procedures and the blooming relationship continues to have with his brother, tiffany, and his brother’s family and with him is refreshing.

The characters are relatable and believable, making the story easy to follow and understand. The main character is intelligent and doesn’t have too much ego like most male protagonists. The Boxwood Torso is filled with twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the end.

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