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Publication Order of Ryder Creed Books

The “Ryder Creed” series is a spin off from best selling author Alex Kava’s other series about FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell. Maggie is a supporting character in these books.

It began publication in the year 2014, “Breaking Creed” was published. The series is from the suspense, mystery, and thriller genres.

The series stars Ryder Creed, who is a former marine, and the search and rescue dogs he trains. His company is called K9 Crimescents. He trains dogs who have the most difficult job of all: finding injured, lost, possibly even deceased people.

“Breaking Creed” is the first novel in the “Ryder Creed” series, which was released in the year 2014. Ryder Creed and the dogs he’s trained have been making the national headlines lately. They are the ones that intercepted several huge stashes of drugs that are being smuggled through the airport in Atlanta. Their new found celebrity has gotten some unwanted attention.

Creed and his dog get called in to search aboard a commercial fishing vessel, and find a secret compartment. These Colombians aren’t hauling drugs this time around. It is human cargo. Making things worse, Creed helps a fourteen year old girl escape, as she reminds him of his missing sister who went missing fifteen years ago.

Maggie O’Dell is working a case involving a series of murders where the victims got tortured and killed before being dumped in the Potomac River. She thinks it is being done by a clever and brutal assassin, however her politically minded boss keeps setting up roadblocks for her.

By the time Maggie O’Dell is able to find a hit list that has Creed’s name on it, it could be too late. The cartel has just sent somebody to destroy Creed and all those that he holds dear.

Creed and his canines have some surprises ready and waiting on their compound in Florida. Is it going to be enough to thwart a cartel’s attempt that is determined to take the thorn from its side once and for all?

Fans of the novel found Ryder to be a likable guy, who is pretty damaged after his time in Afghanistan, and his interactions with the dogs he saves are is wonderful. He is someone that is easy to like, and makes some want to keep on reading these books. Also lovable is Hannah, Ryder’s good friend, as she is an incredible and amazing woman.

“Silent Creed” is the second novel in the “Ryder Creed” series, which was released in the year 2015. Creed and one of his canines respond to a mudslide in North Carolina. Without any thought for the dangers, Ryder and Bolo (his best search and rescue dog) sift through the debris, chunks of cement, and twisted tree limbs, when a second slide hits. He winds up buried alive.

Bolo is able to make it out, and lead the rescue of his master. They get more than they bargained for, however, when they pull Ryder out from the mud. There are deep secrets in the mud that run deep. They point to a potential serial killer and bring up hushed up and painful secrets from Ryder’s past.

These mysteries are going to bring him face to face with some past loyalties, and a figure of great power in his past, and some deep embedded survivor’s guilt.

Fans of the novel were able to read this one in close to one sitting, as they just didn’t want to put the book down for very long. The pacing of the story is well done and keeps the book moving solidly. Readers enjoyed the dogs in the story and the strong role they had in it.

“Reckless Creed” is the third novel in the “Ryder Creed” series, which was released in the year 2016. A hunter and his son are near the Missouri river and find a lake whose surface has a bunch of dead snow geese littered over it and a young guy jumps from his thirtieth story hotel room in Chicago.

Ryder Creed and Grace (a search and rescue dog) are in southern Alabama, where they find a young woman. It appears this missing woman filled her pockets with a bunch of rocks before walking into the river. She had gone missing in the Conecuh National Forest.

Maggie and Ryder are going to find out the ominous connection that links these mysterious deaths together. What they are going to find could be the most prolific serial killer America has ever known.

Fans of the novel found this to be another great book from a spectacular author. This one was tough for some to put down for very long. Part of the fun of the book comes from figuring out how things would come together by the end. Important parts of the story are told from different perspectives, which adds quite a lot to the story.

“Lost Creed” is the fourth novel in the “Ryder Creed” series, which was released in the year 2018. Brodie (Ryder’s sister) disappeared at an interstate rest stop fifteen years back. This happened when Ryder was fourteen and she was eleven. Her vanishing has haunted him since, so much so, that Ryder has dedicated his entire life to the K9 business he has. He rescues dogs that have been abandoned and then trains them to detect scents. They hunt for the missing and the loss together.

A thousand miles away the police is performing a raid, and Maggie O’Dell finds a clue that could explain what happened to Brodie Creed back then. The hunt and scavenger hunt that ensues is going to be just as gut wrenching for Ryder as the answers he gets.

This is another great book from an incredible writer. Fans of the novel found this to be a great and fast read. Upon finishing the novel, readers wanted to get their hands on the next story, and hope this series continues for a long time. Maggie and Ryder have some great chemistry in these books. The book features some obvious clues early on, and even that does not detract from the stellar suspense present in the book.

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