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Rye Brewer is an author of supernatural genre books famously known for League of Vampires, Under Realm Academy, and Divine Deities series.

Unstable is the first book in Under Realm Academy by Rye Brewer. It introduces us to Moira Bloodworth, a witch in a school of Witches undergoing schooling to become one of the best in the world. She is in her senior year at the Under Realm Academy, and something strange is happening to her that she doesn’t seem to comprehend. For example, during one of her favorite classes of the year, the Advanced Placement Potions, she instantly feels hot, dizzy, and almost faints.
On the other hand, she also feels heated when Calder Darkmore comes over, but even though he is the most seductive man in the school, it might have nothing to do with what she experienced. Then after, she also experiences a terrible itch between her should blades which magnify into a burning and then intense pain, which she also can’t comprehend. She rushes to the bathroom to look at her ailing shoulder but is shocked to find out there’s nothing wrong with her shoulder but her eyes. The eyes are all black orbs for a minute, then turn to normal colors- but what does this mean?

Rye Brewer’s debut novel is a great recommended read for young teen readers. The world-building is fantastic, while the character interaction is on point, capturing readers’ attention right from the first page to the last. Under the Realm Academy is home to every magical creature you could imagine. The academy allows them to grow up safe, far from normal humans enabling them to study their crafts in peace just like other students from normal people. Like most of the other pupils at the school, Moira has no family.

Every witch born into this world possesses the power to control one of the four elements, but their powers do not immediately manifest until puberty. Until puberty, the witches have black demonic eyes, and their eye colors determine their powers. However, something is entirely wrong with Moira. After performing a fainting spell, her eyes turn black, and no one around her has any idea of what could be wrong with her. Only one person can provide her with real answers, her dead mother. What type of solution is that? How can she talk to dead people unless she finds a necromancer? Well, unless she consults with Aidan Grimsbane. But there’s a problem, Grimsbane is an all-round jerk and bully. On the one hand, it is a real problem. On the other, he is the only person with the ability to decipher what’s wrong with her by communicating with Moira’s dead mother.

Redemption is the first novel in the League of Vampires series by Rye Brewer. Meet Anissa Garnet, a vampire and also a vampire slayer. She is no stranger to eliminating the adversaries of her clan leader. The mission is relatively straightforward- Jonah Bourke must not attend the League of Vampires at all costs. This mission sounds easy, like a walk in the park, something that should have been one and done. It would have been an easy job only if Jonah hadn’t saved her life.

For Anisa, this is an assignment like no other. Meet Jonah Bourke, the vampire clan leader. He never planned to be a hero and never wanted to save the life of a vampire slayer sent to assasinate him. Maybe he would not have saved her if he had known, but it’s too late now. Anissa just worsened Jonah’s problems, not that he didn’t have any issues. A rebellious evil twin wants to claim the clan leadership, and a group of supernatural also wants him dead. So, what will he do when he saves the life of a girl sent to assassinate him?

Redemption is an epic story that will remind you of the good old days in the early 2000s when most books were about werewolves and vampires in which instant love was a must. Rye Brewer’s writing style is fantastic, with a series of events that will keep the reader hooked and guessing from the first page to the last. The alternating point of view in the books are brilliantly done, allowing the reader to understand better the different characters presented in the novel.

The heroine, Anissa, is likable and easy to connect with the character. She is a white blonde, and the love she has towards her sister is something that every reader will appreciate. Although a vampire slayer, she has affection and emotions like any other woman. She’s heads over heels in love with Jonah. Her motivation is due to the fact that she hopes she will one day free her sister from prison. The two were in a situation the society wouldn’t let them grow, so they had to do whatever it took to survive. Anissa’s sister was imprisoned for selling her blood to make ends meet.

On the other hand, Jonah, the vampire leader, has an instant attraction to Anissa. Additionally, world-building is brilliant. We get to glimpse the clans, the war, their truces, accords, the true meaning of coursing, and its effects on vampires.
In Retribution, the fourth book in the League of Vampires series by Rye Brewer, Anissa finds herself entangled in a new dilemma to save her blood sister Sara from a series of elemental skills considered death sentences to a vampire. Sara finds herself caught up in a witch stronghold, in the midst of an evil sorcerer making her forget her boyfriend, as sparks fly between them, but she needs help to discover her elemental skills.

Meet the interim clan leader Philippa who’s torn between spending her time protecting the body of an Ancient who possessed her former fiancé Vance and also at the same time trailing Vance to save him from the Ancient. But Gage can’t seem to forget about the blond human who once saved his life. And the real problem comes in when she, too, can’t get him out of hers, which puts her in danger. If you enjoy reading books featuring supernatural and vampires, then it’s highly recommended that you grab any of Rye Brewer’s books.

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